• Published 10th Jun 2015
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After the Gala - twilightsparkle3562

Twilight tries to find out if Celestia has feelings for Discord.

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Only the Beginning

Chapter 6

"Only the Beginning"

When Twilight awoke the next morning, she knew that there was much more than Celestia had told her back in Canterlot. All that she had heard from her mentor was not the full story and in Twilight's mind, was only the beginning of a new journey that she would take as princess.

"I see that Princess Celestia told you the truth about us," said Discord, popping in front of Twilight dressed in a pink bathrobe and a cup of coffee in his eagle claw. "Maybe now you'll leave us alone, eh?"

Twilight decided to ignore the remark that Discord had made and instead focused on what needed to be done. Going down to her throne room, Twilight took one good look at her map and think to herself of the mysteries that she would be unearthing in due time.

"Not quite, Discord," sighed Twilight, as the creature of chaos teleported himself into the throne room. "There is something about you and Celestia that I need to learn more about."

"What do you mean, Twilight?" asked Discord, turning himself into a globe. "Whatever you want to find, I will show it to you. All you have to do is point where."

It became clear to Twilight that Discord didn't want her interfering in his past with Celestia. However, being the all-knowing pony that she was, Twilight had to find the truth whether Discord liked it or not. This was her mentor and mother-figure that was being talked about.

"Discord," said Twilight, looking up at him. "Celestia showed me something from her past that I found to be very shocking. You and her used to be friends. Is that true?"

"Yes, Twilight," replied Discord, turning back into his usual self. "Celestia and I were never the enemies that you and your friends had come to have known."

Discord then walked over to a window and looked out over the Equestrian landscape. In his mind, what Twilight was doing was bringing up old memories, memories he thought that he would forget forever. Even during his two imprisonments in stone, Discord still tried to keep the memories out of his mind.

"It seems now that you need to find out the truth," sighed Discord, suddenly turning into a tour guide and talking in an informative voice. "I can show you everything that went on between us from the time we were young to present day."

When Discord had failed to get Twilight enlightened by his act, he dropped the act and let out a heavy sigh. The look on Twilight's face meant that she was not playing around with this issue.

"Come on, Twilight," groaned Discord. "Lighten up a little. If we are going to take part in this journey through time together, we might as well have a little fun with the idea."

"What I saw last night wasn't fun, Discord," sighed Twilight, who was quickly losing her patience with him. "I know you had a troubled past and are hiding from them with your antics. You have a history that needs to be known for all to see. So, its time for you to face your fears whether you like it or not."

Instead of being moved by this, Discord turned his back on Twilight and the Princess of Friendship let out a sharp groan of frustration.

"You can't hide your feelings anymore, Discord," insisted Twilight, banging her hoof on the table. "You have to face them! I know you had a troubled past and are trying to hide it, but we all have to face the truth sooner or later."

Discord was starting to grow desperate at this point as he continued to hear the insistence coming from Twilight's mouth. He wanted to disappear and return to Fluttershy's cottage, but Twilight was going to make sure that he stayed put.

"Can't I at least tell you about it in a book, Twilight?" pleaded Discord, producing a book and reading glasses. "It's a lot safer this way."

"Discord, the more you are going to hesitate, the more animosity will build up inside of you," replied Twilight, firmly.

Finally, Discord realized that he couldn't keep fighting anymore and finally gave up. He knew now that he was going to be looking at his past and there was nothing he could do about it. Besides that, he was still being hated by several ponies for his betrayal to Tirek's side, despite the fact that it was over and done a long time ago.

"All right, Twilight," he moaned, feeling defeated. "I'll show you my relationship with Celestia and my rough family history. But, can we do it at sunset when everypony is asleep?"

"If that is what you want Discord," replied Twilight. "But, I don't want to be kept waiting any longer. Celestia couldn't tell me the full story and you are the only one I can turn to. We can do this together, Discord."

Twilight placed her hooves on Discord's lion paw and eagle claw in an effort to calm down Discord. Discord could see that he was feeling a sense of relief when he felt Twilight's hooves touch him. In a way, he was already starting to feel a sense of security. This was the princess who had freed him from Tirek's clutches despite his betrayal and Discord finally decided that if Twilight helped him, he would help her.

"There is much more to this pony than meets the eye," he thought to himself. "Perhaps I should learn about my history and teach her that I am not the master of chaos that I claimed to be."

Just then, a loud noise was heard and the sounds of Twilight's throne room doors were opening.

"Meet me at sundown," whispered Discord and he quickly disappeared as the doors opened to reveal Spike with a scroll in his hand.

"Twilight, was that Discord?" asked the baby dragon. "It sure sounded like him."

Twilight didn't say anything for all she knew that she was about to take part in a whole new adventure. An adventure into the past that would finally give her the answers that she had been wanting to find for a long time.


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Comments ( 7 )

"There is much more to this pony than meets the eye," he thought to himself. "Perhaps I should learn about my history and teach her that I am not the master of chaos that I claimed to be."

This line confuses me. It almost sounds like even Discord doesn't remember everything about his own history...

Twilight what!? I don't know about Discord, but i'd be very upset if someone was forcing me to tell them my PERSONAL history! I mean, it may help to talk about your troubled pass, but nobody should ever demand you to do so. I know Twilight cares about Celestia, but that is no excuse to teleport someone out of there home, wake them up and interrogate them, then demand to know of there past! Rude.

Despite my mini rant, I really Do like the story. What Twilight did doesn't make me think the story is bad or anything, it simply shows me how much Twilight cares for Celestia. Enough to throw manners and the feelings of others under the bus.


6154176 That's because he doesn't want to remember it.

replied Twilight. "But, I don't want to be kept waiting any longer.

omg i so hate how twi thinks she needs to know everything
she doesnt have the right to act like that ...
its his past

Çontinue pls!

soooooo.... your gonna tell us when the rest of the story is posted right?:pinkiehappy:

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