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After the Gala - twilightsparkle3562

Twilight tries to find out if Celestia has feelings for Discord.

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The Truth Comes Out

Chapter 5

"The Truth Comes Out"

Following her private time with Discord, Celestia walked out of the throne room and towards her private quarters to summon Twilight to Canterlot. In her mind, Celestia knew that Twilight needed to know the truth. Once the letter was written, she used her magic to make it disappear so once it arrived, Spike could belch it out for her to read. Unfortunately, the timing of the letter's arrival had caused Spike to wake up with a sharp pain in his stomach.

"My dearest Twilight," she read while sitting up in bed. "I understand that you have been suspicious about my feelings for Discord. I believe that it is time that you learn a secret that I have kept from those that are closest to me until I felt was necessary to reveal. Please come to Canterlot as soon as you have read this. Yours truly, Princess Celestia."

Rolling up the letter, Twilight got out of bed and stretched her wings out for the late night flight over to Canterlot. Spike was baffled by all this and wanted to know why Twilight would be summoned at this hour.

"It's the middle of the night, Twilight," protested Spike, still reeling from the sharp pain. "Can't Celestia wait until she raises the sun?"

"No, Spike," replied Twilight, sharply. "This is the moment that I have been waiting for and Celestia feels that the time is right. I'll be back in the morning."

Before Spike could say another word, Twilight took off into the air as she saw Luna transmitting herself between dreams of her subjects while they slept. Flying as fast as she could, Twilight arrived in Canterlot and made her way towards her mentor's private quarters. However, as soon as Twilight landed, she was surprised to see that Princess Celestia was nowhere in sight.

"I don't understand," Twilight whispered to herself while walking around her mentor's quarters. "Where is Celestia? Why isn't she here?"

Twilight called out to Celestia in an effort to find her, but there was no reply. Even walking down the halls of Canterlot castle, Twilight was unable to find her mentor. Twilight continued her search until she came across the door to the throne room which was open very slightly.

"You can come in now, Twilight," called a voice and Twilight entered the throne room to see Celestia standing in the throne room looking up at Twilight's coronation window. "I'm sorry to have misled you to where I was, but I wanted to find the right place to tell you everything."

Twilight walked up and joined her mentor at looking up at the window. Twilight was impressed that Celestia had taken a keen interest in her window, but that was not the reason that she was here.

"I think you must know why I am here, Celestia," said Twilight, looking at her mentor. "I've been thinking that you must have had some kind of admiration for Discord, despite all he had done to us."

Celestia closed her eyes and let out a heavy sigh as she walked up towards her throne. It wasn't her time to sit on the throne, as Luna was controlling Equestria at this time, but this was important. It was wrong of ponies to keep secrets from one another and Celestia was not going to bend this rule for her own gain.

"You see, Princess Twilight," she began, talking in a low voice. "Discord and I have gone back a thousand years and we have always not had the animosity we have had for one another."

This was a surprise for Twilight, who let out a small gasp as Celestia activated her magic to produce a round screen similar to the map in Twilight's castle. However, rather than show a map, holographic images of ponies were being shown before her eyes.

"What you are seeing before you happened during the reign of my mother and father, King Apollo and Queen Umbra," explained Celestia, showing Twilight two ponies standing on a balcony. One was a male alicorn that was white like Celestia and had a gold crown on his flowing red mane. The other was a female alicorn that was gray like Luna and had a black crown on her flowing blue mane.

Twilight had never seen anything like this before and was taking a keen interest in what her mentor had to say.

"1,000 years ago, they ruled Equestria with the love and respect that they showed for their subjects," continued Celestia. "Luna and I were being groomed in taking their place as supreme rulers of Equestria. However, there was an enemy that our mother and father despised."

"Who?" asked Twilight. Celestia then strengthened her magic aura and the surge produced a black magic that covered a portion of the map in darkness and the magic revealed to show a black castle that bore a striking resemblance to the Crystal Empire when King Sombra ruled it.

"Two creatures," replied Celestia, showing Twilight two creatures that were similar to Discord's design. "Their names are King Confusio and Queen Confusa, rulers of the chaos world who sought to make Equestria part of their world. My parents forbade me and Luna from ever crossing to the chaos kingdom. At that time, chaos creatures would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. But, there was one creature that I felt was harmless and that he needed a friend."

Twilight looked a little closer and saw what appeared to be a younger creature of chaos with a worried look on his face. Upon closer inspection, the younger creature bore a very striking resemblance to Discord.

"Is that Discord?" gasped Twilight, shocked at what she was seeing before her eyes. "But, he doesn't look so evil."

"He was never evil to begin with," replied Celestia, who then changed the map to show a different scene of her and Discord having fun in an open field. "Discord was a creature that was born to lead a different life and it wasn't a life of causing chaos."

Twilight continued to show attention to what was being displayed before her eyes. She could see her mentor at a younger age, with a pink mane and Discord, playing jokes together on unsuspecting ponies.

"You might as well say that we taught each other to break our bonds that were holding us," laughed Celestia, slightly. "Discord had a dream to travel across Equestria and entertain ponies with his antics. He taught me that there were times that I would have to liven up the parties that my mother and father would host, much to their annoyance."

"I can see why that you enjoy his antics, Princess" remarked Twilight, when Celestia suddenly changed the scenery back to the previous one, showing the armies of ponies and chaotic creatures coming towards one another.

"But it wasn't to last forever, Princess Twilight," she said, sadly. "My father learned of my friendship that I had with Discord and forbade me from ever seeing Discord again. It was during this battle that my father forced me to watch him and his army destroy the chaos empire. Luna and I could only watch as the armies fought one another and killed one another. When it was all over, my father was killed along with the chaos king."

A small tear came from Celestia's eye as the memories of her father's death were still fresh in her mind. But, it was not the only loss she had that day.

"Princess, if you don't want to go any further…" Twilight started to say, only to be stopped when Celestia raised her left front hoof to silence her youngest equal.

"I need to tell you this, Twilight," said Celestia, her voice slightly choked up with emotion. "After the battle, I flew over the sight of death and it was during this flight that I saw something that changed my life forever. I looked in the throne room of the chaos kingdom and I saw Discord being crowned king of chaos and it was that moment that my friendship with Discord came to an end and for the next thousand years, we were enemies."

Twilight could not believe what she had just witnessed and it was at that moment that she had developed a newfound respect for Celestia and what she had to go through.

"You have to understand, Twilight," cried Celestia, looking over at Twilight. "I didn't want to turn Discord to stone. I wanted to reason with him and convince him to abandon what he was doing. But, he wouldn't listen and the more I reasoned with him, the more chaos he had created. I had no other choice but to turn him to stone, Twilight."

The pain in Celestia's voice had greatly affected Twilight and she sat next to Celestia on the throne and rubbed her hoof gently in an effort to calm her down as she lightly cried.

"You did what you had to do, Celestia," said Twilight in a soothing voice. "It's not easy to lock away someone you were friends with for a long time. But that's over and done with now."

"I know it is Twilight," replied Celestia, looking at Twilight with tear filled eyes. "But, after Discord was released from his stone prison, I wanted to test Discord's commitment that he was willing to pledge his alliance to the good of Equestria. If he could capture Tirek without any trouble, then I could give him another chance at our friendship. He failed me when he betrayed us, but you and your friends got him to realize the error of his ways."

Twilight couldn't help but feel better at these words of encouragement from her mentor, who was starting to pull herself together. At the same time, however, she couldn't help but wonder if maybe she was being overprotective.

That was a matter she would have to think about the very next morning…

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