• Published 10th Jun 2015
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After the Gala - twilightsparkle3562

Twilight tries to find out if Celestia has feelings for Discord.

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They're On to Us!

Chapter 4

"They're on to us!"

Feeling that Twilight was catching on with his relationship with Celestia, Discord quietly disappeared from the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom and disappeared over to Canterlot castle. He knew that Twilight was going to do whatever it takes to break up his relationship with Celestia and he had to reveal the truth to her at some point.

"Why is Twilight being so adamant on me?" he thought, quickly disguising himself as a pony to avoid suspicion. "Doesn't she see that Celestia and I are just friends? I don't even want to think about married life right now. Besides, I have Fluttershy."

Soon, Discord found himself in the Canterlot throne room where he remained while there was nopony in sight. Letting his guard down, he snapped out of his disguise and let out a deep sigh. Just then, the doors to the throne room opened and Celestia walked in, almost the same way as when Discord tried to repair the stained glass windows. Seeing Discord in the throne room, she let out a small gasp of shock.

"Discord!" gasped Celestia, trotting over to him. "What are, what are you doing here?"

"Twilight is on to me," sighed Discord. "She thinks that you and I are in love and is trying to break us up."

"How can she do that?" cried Celestia, pacing around the throne room. "We're just friends, Discord! She really thinks we are in love because I loved your antics at the gala."

Discord could not believe what he had heard in front of him. Sure, he and Celestia were friends now, but that didn't mean that they should be in love. After all, he was a creature of chaos and she was a princess of Equestria and the two of them marrying would cause conflict in Equestria unlike anything that they had seen before.

"And as another thing," continued Celestia, still pacing around the throne room. "Even Luna has gotten suspicious of us, Discord. What can we do to convince them that we are not in love?"

Discord was playing around as Cupid while Celestia tried to think of a way. Seeing Discord as the angel of love was not helping their situation.

"That's not helping!" barked Celestia. "Did you change into that when Twilight questioned you?"

Discord's silent 'I don't know' only confirmed to Celestia that Discord did indeed assume the cupid role in Twilight's presence.

"I should have known," she said as Discord shedded away the disguise. "Maybe I shouldn't have been so engaging in your antics, Discord. I know you were just trying to liven up the Gala…"

"Don't say another word," interrupted Discord, placing his fingers on Celestia's mouth. "Twilight still doesn't fully trust me after all I have done. But, she needs to understand eventually."

"We need to tell her the truth," said Celestia, walking up to Twilight's fully restored coronation window. "Twilight may be a princess now and being princess means that she needs to protective over those she governs."

Discord silently nodded at what Celestia was saying as she continued to speak.

"But there is a difference between protecting our subjects and getting in on our personal matters," continued Celestia, her voice slightly stern.

Discord then turned into a policeman and swung a baton around, but Celestia gave him a glare and Discord quickly dropped the disguise. She then let out a small sigh and lowered her head down towards the floor.

"I know, I know that I shouldn't be too hard on Twilight," said Discord, walking over to Celestia. "Those flowers I gave you were nothing more than an apology for what I did. Yes, I made a mistake and deferred to Tirek's side. But, we should move on from that period of time."

Discord then dangled a pocket watch in front of Celestia's eyes showing the time the moment Discord joined Tirek's side.

"Some ponies can't move on, Discord," sighed Celestia, walking up to her throne. "I wish both of us could go back and fix what happened with Tirek, but we can't. We have to move on. I tell that to myself since I banished Luna to the moon or when I turned my back on Twilight when she tried to warn us about Chrysalis. We can't turn back time, we have to move on."

"I know," replied Discord, snapping away the pocket watch. "She needs to know the truth, Celestia. Yes, we were enemies. But, that was a long time ago."

He then transformed into a mad hatter and sat down in a large chair, drinking a cup of tea with Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel, in the other side.

"I'm fully reformed now and not the creature that corrupted Twilight Sparkle and her friends when I escaped from my stone prison," said Discord, snapping away the mad hatter disguise and the chair. "If only she could see that for herself."

Discord sighed heavily once again as Celestia walked over to him, nudging her head against his eagle's arm. Discord could see that he was starting to feel comfortable with Celestia around him and felt more relaxed than at any point of his life.

"She makes me feel so relaxed," thought Discord as he stroked her flowing mane. "Yes, we are friends. However, I can't help but think that perhaps Celestia and I…"

He then felt his eyes pop open and look down at Celestia, who was slowly falling asleep. Maybe perhaps that they were falling in love, but he didn't want to believe and Discord knew that Celestia didn't want to believe it either.

"No, no," thought Discord. "I am a creature of chaos, she is an alicorn princess. There is no future as a married couple for us. We are friends and we have to prove it somehow."

The truth about Celestia and Discord's relationship was soon about to come out…

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