• Published 10th Jun 2015
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After the Gala - twilightsparkle3562

Twilight tries to find out if Celestia has feelings for Discord.

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Asking Mr. Chaos

Chapter 3

"Asking Mr. Chaos"

When Twilight and her friends gathered in the throne room of the friendship castle the next morning, none of her friends knew of the thoughts that ran through Twilight's mind. Finding out the truth between Discord and Celestia was her top priority and Twilight was going to stop at nothing to find out the truth.

"Are you sure that you want to dig into Princess Celestia's business?" asked Rarity. "There really are some matters that nopony should even bother looking into."

"Don't you see, Rarity?" cried Twilight, stamping her hoof down on the map. "If Celestia didn't want Discord to cause trouble at the gala, she would have said so. But she didn't and enjoyed his antics."

"It was the same when we came to the gala the first time around," pitched in Rainbow Dash. "I mean think about it, Celestia always found the gala to be boring. She likes it when its livened up."

All the ponies except for Twilight nodded in agreement over that statement. Rainbow Dash was right to say that Celestia enjoyed the gala when it gets screwed up.

"There is a big difference between Discord being a nuisance and living things up," insisted Twilight. "I think that maybe Celestia could have feelings for him."

"Why shouldn't she?" said Pinkie Pie. "If he could make the gala fun, then why not? I sense wedding bells in the future."

Hearing this nearly made Twilight want to throw up. As far as she was concerned, a relationship between Celestia and Discord that would go the way of Shining Armor and Cadence would be a train wreck times three in her mind.

"Don't you think you just might be overreacting to all this, Twilight?" suggested Rarity, kindly. "It's not they are going to even think about being married? Besides, having them together in matrimony would be…interesting, to say the least."

"I agree with Rarity," said Applejack. "There is a difference between being friends and being in love, Twilight. I'm sure that they are just friends and nothing more, sugar cube."

Just then, Twilight's horn glowed and she began to cast a spell to summon Discord to the throne room.

"Let's find out if Discord can tell us himself," she said and produced a spell to bring the creature of chaos to the throne room. When Discord appeared, he was seen lying on a bed with a stuffed animal in Fluttershy's likeness in his lion arm.

"Eww," remarked Spike, taking note of the stuffed plushie. "He's got a Fluttershy toy!"

"What's wrong with that?" said Fluttershy, looking over towards Spike. "If you can have a toy in Rarity's likeness, then what's wrong with him having a toy in my likeness?"

At that moment, Discord opened his eyes and yawned loudly to make Rarity remark in a disgusting noise. He then got out of bed, thinking he was in his home when he found out exactly where he truly was.

"That's funny," he whispered to himself, producing a bathrobe. "This isn't my…"

He then looked over to where Twilight and her friends were looking at him and the creature of chaos let out a pierced scream, acting like his privacy had been violated.

"My goodness!" he cried, stepping back slightly. "Don't you ponies know better than to spy on others?"

"There is a good reason to why I summoned you, Discord," said Twilight, walking over towards him while Discord snapped his fingers, getting rid of the bed and bathrobe. "I have something important to ask you."

"Now, hold on a second, Twilight," replied Discord, looking nervously over to Fluttershy. "If this is about last night and how I nearly sent Fluttershy's friend-."

"Its not that, Discord," she whispered, flying over to him. "Twilight has something that she has been meaning to ask you."

Twilight closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as she looked up at Discord with stern looking eyes. Discord could see that he was about to get chewed by Twilight for his antics, even though she said it wasn't about them.

"Discord," she asked. "Are you in love with Princess Celestia?"

Everypony in the room fell silent when Twilight asked the question. Discord could see that he was blushing red with embarrassment over being asked such a question.

"Answer me," demanded Twilight, quietly, waiting to her an answer from him. "Are you in love with her?"

"Why would you even ask me such a question?" remarked Discord, who unknowingly produced a pair of angel wings and a bow and arrow. "I am not in love with your teacher, Twilight."

"She is not my teacher anymore, but we are very close," replied Twilight. "I know you are in love with her, Discord and I want to know why."

The rest of Twilight's friends wanted to speak up and tell Twilight to stop this interrogation that she was putting Discord through. The more Twilight insisted, the more nervous Discord had become.

"Twilight," said Discord, producing the same bouquet of flowers he gave to Celestia. "Are you saying that we are in love because of these flowers I gave her? I gave these flowers as an apology for what I did and that I am no longer an enemy to Equestria. All I gave her was my friendship, not my romance, you silly goose!"

Discord broke into a laughing fit over Twilight's reaction, but the Princess of Friendship was not amused nor was she convinced. Even though Discord repented for his actions, Twilight could not fully trust him and viewed him as a continual nuisance to her and her friends.

"I'm not convinced," said Twilight, coldly, causing Discord to stop laughing. "You are not telling me the truth, Discord!"

The sound of Twilight's bellow caused the room to shake and cause her friends to back away nervously.

"That's enough, Twilight!" snapped Fluttershy, flying into her face. "If Discord doesn't want to say anything, he doesn't have to say anything!"

"Fluttershy's right, Twilight," added Rarity. "Perhaps maybe you'd better let this go. I mean, you acted like this before at your brother's wedding and we all know what happened then."

Twilight was still not going to let it go and silently allowed Discord to disappear from the throne room.

"Come on, sugarcube," said Applejack, who then walked over to Twilight. "Don't let this get to you. I know how protective you are and I know your protectiveness can get you into trouble."

Feeling a sense of defeat, Twilight sighed and walked back to her throne as her friends followed.

Meanwhile, Discord had teleported himself to Canterlot and made his way towards Canterlot castle…

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