• Published 10th Jun 2015
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After the Gala - twilightsparkle3562

Twilight tries to find out if Celestia has feelings for Discord.

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Back at the Castle

Chapter 2

"Back at the Castle"

After spending her time with Celestia, Twilight returned home from Canterlot and immediately flew into her bedroom. Spike had long been back while she was with Celestia, so Twilight was careful to be quiet as to not wake Spike up. Taking off her blue gala dress, Twilight immediately started to look into the history that Celestia had with Discord.

"There is something that she is not telling me about," thought Twilight, as she scoured through Celestia and Luna's old journal. "Why is it that she likes about Discord? Could it be something that I was never told about?"

Twilight looked through page after page with any mention of a possible friendship or even romance between her mentor and her old enemy. But, much to her surprise, she found nothing and shut the journal, sighing heavily.

"Ugh, there's nothing," groaned Twilight, lowering her head and sighing in frustration. "Why wouldn't Celestia tell me that she likes Discord? I thought she said that we need to be open with one another."

Just then, a set of footsteps came towards her room, followed by a knock at the door and Twilight turned to see a small purple dragon with a blue blanket in one claw and a doll in Rarity's likeness in the other.

"Twilight, it's the middle of the night," yawned Spike, stepping into her bedroom. "What's going on?"

"Oh, sorry Spike," she replied sheepishly. "I didn't mean to wake you up. I certainly wasn't trying to."

Spike then noticed the journal of the two sisters on the table and walked over to see what Twilight was doing with it. In his mind, he thought that Twilight was doing some bedtime reading, which was quite normal for her.

"That's all right," he sighed, rubbing his eyes. "You must be doing some bedtime reading and reacted to something in the journal."

"No, it's not that," sighed Twilight. "It's just that there was something Celestia is hiding from me. Something that she doesn't want me to know."

"What?" asked Spike. "What doesn't Celestia want you to know?"

Twilight closed her eyes and placed the journal on her bed, before walking over to a picture of Celestia and her at her princess coronation. Looking at the picture, Twilight sighed to herself and Spike joined her at her side.

"Spike, did you notice how happy Celestia was with Discord's antics tonight?" asked Twilight, pulling the picture to her face. "I wanted to make things easy for her by helping out in preparing for the gala."

"But, I thought Princess Celestia found the Gala boring," remarked Spike, thinking back to the donut soiree that they had after the last gala. "She said so herself, you know."

"I know what she said," replied Twilight, putting the picture back on the mantel. "But, its just that after what we went through with losing the library and dealing with Tirek, I just wanted tonight to be a night of relaxing and not having any problems at all."

Twilight then sighed heavily again and looked back towards the journal that was sitting on her bed. The more she looked at the journal, the more she wanted to figure out about what Celestia was hiding from her.

"Maybe she wanted to invite Discord because he was sorry for what he did," suggested Spike. "We can't stay mad at Discord forever because of what he did. Sure, what he did was hurtful, but we need to at least give him a chance, Twilight."

"And we have," replied Twilight, sitting down on the bed with Spike at her side. "Discord's not an enemy of Equestria anymore, but he still can be a nuisance as you saw tonight. I thought when he came tonight, he was going to ruin everything I worked for to make this the best night ever for everypony. However, rather than being upset, Celestia was happy he came. There is something about the two of them that I need to find out about."

"What do you propose we do?" asked Spike, getting off of the bed. "Should we ask Discord himself?"

A small smirk came to Twilight's face as those words were spoken. Asking Discord would get him to reveal the truth about his feelings towards Twilight's mentor. However, rather than doing it now, Twilight needed to get some sleep and decided to wait until morning.

"Spike, I think you just gave me an idea," chuckled Twilight, evilly. "Of course I'll ask Discord. He will tell me everything."

Spike could see that Twilight was going to be up to no good and it in a sense, reminded him of when Twilight went crazy over an overdue friendship report to Celestia. Then again, Twilight was crazy over certain things and this was definitely one of them.

"This certainly won't end well," he whispered to himself as he walked out of Twilight's bedroom.

Meanwhile, Twilight went to sleep and looked forward to getting the truth about Discord and Celestia from the ex-master of chaos himself. Little did Twilight know that she was in fact being watched not by Celestia, but by Princess Luna, who had not attended the gala due to her duty as Princess of the Night.

"Why is Princess Twilight so determined to get the truth from you, sister?" she thought to herself. "Perhaps if I go into her mind, I'll find out the truth for myself."

However, before Luna could teleport herself into Twilight's mind, she saw a glimmer of sunlight coming out from over the distance. It meant that her time was done and that she needed to end her patrol.

Returning to Canterlot, Luna saw her older sister raising the sun and starting the day. She knew that Celestia needed to know the truth about what Twilight was doing and quickly.

"Sister," she said, walking over to Celestia. "There is something urgent I need to discuss with you."

"Is it about not coming to the gala?" guessed Celestia. "I've told you that as princess of the night-."

"It's not about that," interrupted Luna, cutting in on her sister's sentence. "Twilight Sparkle wants to find out about your secret with Discord."

A sharp and sickening look came onto Celestia's face, knowing that Twilight was going to find out about her secret affair with her old archenemy.

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