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I need a snappy phrase to lure in readers. Rainbow Dash grows seven butts! Hilarity ensues! Fluttershy gains the confidence to kick Snips and Snails in the face! Rarity eats a dress! But seriously, I'm trying to think of what kind of description would be best for a story like this... And the snappy stuff I just wrote will show up on the main page and attract thousands of readers, so now I'm safe to think up the actual description. I suppose I could do the obvious thing and make excuses, tell the reader that this story is supposed to be stupid and not to be taken seriously, but I think that would be disingenuous as hell, and condescending to boot. The reader doesn't need their hand held. (Actually, they probably do. Readers are flighty and easily confused.) They should (in a perfect world, which this is not,) be able to tell from the content of a story whether or not it is meant to be taken seriously. Driving home the point just makes you seem like you don't have any confidence or initiative as an artist. You have to take risks, sometimes. So I think the best description for a pure meta-fic would be a self-referential description. A transcript of my thoughts while trying to come up with a meta-description for a meta-fic. And this was it. You just read the description for a meta-fic. I hope it excited you and made you want to continue reading the story, because that is the purpose of a description.

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Has anyone tried writing an entire story in the description box.


Probably not. And even if they have, we could always use another one. Go for it, I say.

You forgot to close a parenthesis in the first paragraph.


There's probably a lot of that in a lot of places. Nevertheless, fixed. Thanks.

615999 I'd have to get it past moderation first. sounds like it'd be fun.


Good luck and godspeed


I like it :rainbowkiss:

"My readerbase has zero expectations of me" Quite the contrary, I expect a slow, sensual mindfuck. You have delivered. You spent 2500 words plus I suspect another 500 in the story description, basically saying nothing.

Delicious. You've done it again.

You need to get a story past moderation. Then you can edit it before it gets posted.


616186 That's what I meant. :moustache:

I love OpenOffice.

You totally Pinkie Pie´d on the description.
Edit: After erading I can safely say: Shit was so cash.

100 hours in MS paint, you say? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Octavia_O_O.png

>OpenOffice Writer
Why not LibreOffice? :fluttershysad:

I enjoyed that(the word, that, is referring to your story, "Meta") thoroughly.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

Dammit, ponyfiction! :ajbemused:

Downthumbed, and not ashamed to admit it. Because DAMMIT, ponyfiction! :ajsleepy:

Beggin' ya- PLEEEEASE stop doin' this. Who do we have to blow to get y'all to stop doin' this?

In before featured.

You, sir, are an inspiration for an endless chain of parodies.

Just look at the featured box, two meta fics and I'm not sure about the third one. :ajsleepy:

Dude, it ALREADY IS an endless chain of parodies...


wait, them's parentheses...


I assume you haven't read any of this sir's other brilliant fics.

Go. Now.


Well reread them, fool.
*is making excuses for stupid statement*

MY EYES ARE ON FIRE... From the brilliance of this fic!


A parody of meta fics? Well f:yay:k I was working on the same kind of thing.But considering who this author is,I highly doubt that mine would have been better. Bravo good sir :moustache:

I am not going to vote on this.

It's clever, insightful, a little bit funny. It's art.


I did not like it. It did not make me feel anything. If this hits the featured box i might feel a bit disappointed.


This is one of the best comments I think I've ever gotten. Legitimately.

617694 Makes sense, nothing of substance was created here. This fic is so self referential it literally links back to itself at the end. What we see here may well be the anti-story equation. If this does get featured I think it may kill meta-fics out of sheer defense of everyone else's sanity. I would be okay with that.

One can only hope it does then.

618087 Same, this trend needs to stop. I miss stories.

So I noticed three layers of self-reference. Meta-meta-meta-fiction. Did I miss any?

There were so many parenthetical comments that the entire thing became impossible to follow. But hell, I thumbed up Firstval of Fernship, so who am I kidding?


Best reply I've ever recieved. Positively

I find the whole Twilight ship part.... Highly clopable :pinkiecrazy:

My tongue IS tufts of grass! It's all true!!

I'm tempted to open the damn thing with vim to see if it gets autodetected as LISP.

I'm gonna give you a thumbs up because I read the whole thing with fascination, even if I came out of it with nothing.

I loved the description of horse lips. :rainbowlaugh:

617019 IKR
616412 Finally, someone else who doesn't use popular software! (Oh, wait...)
650893 Yay! I actually know what that is for a change! (Screw you GRUB...)
618165 F:yay: you.

Muahahahaha! Enjoy my unintentional trolling via use of the Reply button!
Now you'll never find which posts I was replying to!
*looks over at him, raises eyebrows, and clicks the numbers*
Well, buck.

"Is what you commented in the comment box the comment-er commented as he or she (most likely a he (I think)) " is what you the comment-er have commented in the comment box.

Author Interviewer

I hope that Barack Obama gets elected to a second term so that we can get married.

Because I freaking love you, man. Where have you been? D:

You missed a close paren.

Wow, I love your fic. In fact I wrote a really in-depth review of it. You can find it here.

When I try to write like this Meeester just gets annoyed.

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