• Published 9th Jun 2015
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A little Cheese Pie story - azularmz06

Cheese is back to ponyville to plan one more party, but he's sure he's gotta stay with the right one.

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The Magic of Chaos

There I was, laying next to Pinkie, her hair smelled like bubblegum and strawberry syrup, and her soft skin was the best feeling, I never thought I could get to those extreemes, but I was hugging her, and she was just there, next to me. I was almost going to sleep when she holded my hand and said.

"Cheese, are you awake?"

"yes Pinks, what is it?" She pulled my arm even more, as if she wanted me to hold her harder.

"Can you tell me... why did you call me sweetheart?" There it goes, I thought she would forget that detail, but maybe I could fix it before it turns worse.

"Well, I've told you I call friends like that, but we both now it is not true" I smelled her hair "The truth is... that it was an accident, but maybe you would... wish to... go out tomorrow?" She carried my hand to her chest, her heart was bumping peacefully.

"Oh Cheesie... I would love to" saying that she fell asleep, and so I did.

The next morning I opened my eyes and I found such a beautiful girl at my side, with a little smile in her face, but her eyes were still closed, everything happened so fast and now I couldn't belve it, the console was there, and so the games we played, I needed to think in some place I could take her today, and maybe the park could be a good idea. She rolled her head to my direction and opened her eyes.

"Good morning beautiful" I said with the intention of making her laugh.

She giggled "Hi skinny boy" Did.. Did she call me skinny boy?

"Uh Pinkie, can you just... not call me like that?" Oh that word brought me to worst memories, of my past in Manhattan. Her smile disappeared, and she asked worried.

"Sorry Cheesie, but what's wrong?" I didn't want to answer, but her eyes... it was imposible to say no, just as yesterday.

"I'll tell you at the park, so we better hurry" She went out of bed and got into the bathroom, so I got out too, and changed my clothes while she was inside. When she got out we, two had clothes so we went downstairs to take brakefast.

There were the Cakes with their son and daughter, wich were just little babies. The breakfast was ready and Pinkie said.

"Mornin' did you sleep well?" Mr. Cakes smiled and said "sure sweetie, and you?"

"Sure we did" She sat in a chair next to Mrs. Cake, and I sat next to Pinkie.

Mrs. Cake handed me a plate with a cheese sandwich in it 'hmn...I think I´m not the only one who thinks this is funny' I giggled, and so Pinkie did "hey Cheesie" she said "you are such a hannibal" Another reason I liked her was her sense of humor.

"So then I will eat as a hannibal eats" saying that we all started to eat peacefully, it was a beautiful morning.

When we finished our sandwiches I said goodbye to the Cakes and took Pinkie to the park, we sat on a chair next to the font and she said.

"Cheese, now can you tell me, why do you act like that when I say skinny boy?" She seemed worried, but maybe it was time to tell her.

"Well, Pinkie, as I told you the last time I was here, I ran from home when I was too young. The reason why I ran is because some other boys called me like that, an well, other problems. The thing is, that I don't like to remember anything about my past in Manhattan, so that's why terrible memories come to me when I hear anyone saying skinny boy" She looked right to my eyes and said.

"oh Cheesie, I had no idea, I'm so sorry" Tears started appearing in her beautiful and sparckling blue eyes.

"b-but Pinkie, dear, don't cry, it's okay, you didn't know, and I really enjoy traveling" Her worried face soon was transformed into a beautiful smile, and she asked me.

"tell me, Cheesie, what is your favorite part of traveling?" Che came closer so me, an I roded her back with one of my arms.

"Well, I've allways said that friends and food are the best thing of traveling" She turned her head again, and now we were face to face "But, I've allways been afraid that some day, any friend could become more than a... Friend. The worst thing now Pinkie... Is that I think my fears are becoming... Reallity"

"what do y..." In that moment, Pinkie was interrupted by the same feeling I had, I felt how a large, thin, and cold hand pushed my head against Pinkie's. Our lips touched and soon that lip-bump turned into a real kiss, a few seconds later (we were still kissing) a misterious and sarcastic voice started talking.

"now, kiss" that was a terrible voice, cold and cruel, at the same time humorous, but sarcastic voice, as if it belong to the mere chaos. He stoped pushing and Pinkie and I stop kissing. I turned my head to see a cruel face that smiled chaoticly, I don't know yet what was what I felt, but it was like if I was in front of a monster, with a huge power. He was dressed like a misterious, but ellegant man, he wore a light brown tuxedo, and gloves, but each of them were of a different color, just as his shoes, he was wearing a hat that had two horns, that were also different, noting in him was correct.

"Discord, what are you doing here?!" Said Pinkie, that seemed as if she had seen him before.

"oh Pinkie, I was just taking a ride with Fluttershy, when suddenly I found one of my friends having a date, so I told Flutter to buy some ice creams while I said hi, nothing more than that."

"Flutters?! You came here with her?!" I had no idea who was this man, but i just let Pinkie deal with him.

"Well, yes of course, she must be in her way now, at least she is the only one who doesn't think I am still a villian" Aha! so he was a villian.

In that moment, i saw how a sweet girl came from the distance with two ice creams, one in each hand, she must be Fluttershy, but, why such a kind girl like her would be dating with someone like Discord?! He also saw her and called so she noticed where he was.

"Flutter, dear, we are here!" she finally arrived to the font and said "Oh hi Pinkie, Hi Cheese, I didn't saw you before" She handed one of the ice creams to Discord and then hugged him with her now free hand.

"Hi Fluttershy! Do you know anything about Apple's party?" Pinkie Pie was the only one who remember why was I there in Ponyville since the begining, or at least, I didn't.

"oh yeah, it is tomorrow, so, I think you Cheese, have enough free time today" In that moment, Discord's smile grew bigger, and said.

"So... Cheese? we did't present ourselves before, please, let me introduce my self" he extended his large hand in my direction "I am Discord, spirit of chaos, nice to meet you" So the he was chaotic after all, I took his hand and shaked it while I said.

"Nice to meet you too, I am Cheese Sandwich, premiere party planner" I didn't feel confortable saying that next to Pinkie, but if he added something like spirit of chaos, why not should I add a title too?

Author's Note:

Sorry by the late chapter, but I had some imagination problems. Anyways, the hiatus is now over and I´ll be writing more often. Also, this is the first chapter in where I introduce discord, but don´t worry, he deserves the tag as a principal character. You´ll notice while I continue... :trixieshiftright:

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