• Published 20th May 2012
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The Fire in Her Eyes - P0nies

Fluttershy longs to be with Rainbow Dash, but she doesn't know if she feels for her as well.

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...just one kiss.

*2 hours prior to the kiss*

Rainbow Dash paced back and fourth in her home, the clouds below her feet making a poomph sound with every step. It was early in the morning, early enough to where the sun had not yet risen over the horizon. If anything, she was supposed to still be asleep until it was at least noon. Her thoughts weighed heavy on her mind, and she just had to tell somepony about what she was feeling. Rainbow Dash wasn't even sure of what she felt. Love? Or was it just liking a mare?

She knew that the feelings that ran around her mind were deep, true emotions. But she just couldn't come to herself and accept the fact that who she had come to love was a mare, and one of her closest friends. Fluttershy was one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever laid her eyes upon. Any time that she was near her Rainbow's heart beats a hundred times faster, and butterflies filled her stomach. Her voice sent shivers down her spine; her sweet, calm, and quiet words echoing through her mind. Rainbow cared so much for Fluttershy, and she knew that Fluttershy cared deeply for her as well. It was just weird, or at least that was what she thought, that she may actually love her with everything in her heart. At times when she and Fluttershy were alone, she wished deeply to embrace her and give her a gentle kiss to tell her of how she felt.

But she was scared. She was scared to give her heart to anypony, ever since her heart was broken during Flight School. She gave everything to him, and he was her life. She thought that he was the one, the one that she may be able to grow old with. She knew at the time it was a silly thought, but she just wanted it to be true. He was her everything, he was what she lived for. He was that, until she caught him one day holding hooves with another mare. She didn't confront him, but she spent days in her room curled up in a ball, tears flowing from her eyes. After that, she gave that colt a swift beating for what he did to her, nothing to major but enough to knock the wind out of him. And ever since he shattered her heart into a million different pieces, she has feared love and attachment. She didn't want to hurt somepony by not caring enough, and she didn't think she could survive another heartbreak.

No matter how much she tried to convince herself to know that her friend would never try to hurt her, she didn't want to feel rejection. She didn't want to be rejected by the one she may actually love.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts as if it was an Etch-a-Sketch. No matter how much she shook her head, she couldn't stop thinking about her. No matter what she did, no matter where she went, she thought about Fluttershy. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing that she was always in her mind, it was knowing that Fluttershy wasn't hers. She wanted Fluttershy to herself.

Rainbow stopped pacing around the room, her head drooping and her ears falling flat on her head. She realized that her and Fluttershy could never be together, even if that was what she wanted. She knew Fluttershy liked colts, it was just something that she 'knew'. A lone tear formed in the corner of her eye, sliding down her cyan cheek and onto the floor where she stood. She felt as lonely as the tear, nopony to hold, only making its way down with nopony to save it. She thought back to the times when her and Fluttershy sat on top of the hill behind her cottage, watching the sun as it fell below the horizon, leaving behind streaks of purple and orange. She remembered those days. The days where they would just sit there, and Fluttershy would talk about her day as Rainbow listened. There would even be days when Fluttershy would break down into tears for no reason, claiming that she was alright no matter how much Rainbow Dash would question whether or not she really was. After every moment of bonding on that hilltop, they would hug; each pony squeezing the other one tight before letting go of each others embrace.

Some of the times, Fluttershy would look at her, eyes glistening from the sunset. The orange and violet hues stemming from the horizon falling perfectly among her face, shrouding her in a radiant glow. She was exceedingly beautiful at these times, and Rainbow Dash often wished she had a camera to capture such images. Rainbow had attempted a kiss with her at one point, slowly leaning into Fluttershy before backing out and turning it into another meaningful embrace. She always wanted to give just one kiss.

She lifted her head, a slight smile sneaking its way onto her face. She would enjoy that kiss, if she ever had the chance to give or receive it. An idea popped into her mind, and she flew towards her desk in a flash. It was covered with magazines, the front pages mostly composed of pictures of the Wonderbolts. With one swipe of her hoof, she pushed all of the magazines off the desk and onto the cloud layer. She searched through her mess of drawers, flinging paperclips and random papers around the room until she found her bottle of ink and a quill. She carefully looked through the piles of paper, looking for a blank piece that had not been crumpled or torn. Her eyes narrowed as Rainbow Dash dipped the tip of her quill in the ink and began to write.

Dear Fluttershy,

She started and continued to write. Within ten minutes, Rainbow had written a full page of her deepest and truest emotions, letting her know of everything she had to say; including the Flight School incident. She re-read what she had written, biting down on her lip knowing she was giving so much information to such a delicate pony as Fluttershy. The tip of the quill hovered over the last paragraph she had written, contemplating on how to end a letter she had put so much of herself into.


Rainbow Dash

P.S. I know you like colts, and that's OK. I just wanted to tell you because you have been my longest and best friend.

She was confident that she had made a fool of herself. One hundred percent sure of it. That didn't matter though, she knew how much this would mean to Fluttershy. Fluttershy always loved it when Rainbow poured out her emotions to her, as she had done a few times before on those hilltop evenings. She always cared about what Rainbow had to say, and she always seemed to know what to say. She always made Rainbow Dash feel like she was accepted in some way, no matter what any other pony thought, and Dash always loved that about her.

She folded the letter in thirds, carefully putting it into a perfectly white envelope, licking the glue seal gingerly and with love. Rainbow took her hoof and ran it along the seal, making sure it was closed to keep anypony else from seeing its top secret contents. She nervously smiled as she turned the envelope over.

To Fluttershy

She titled it, pressing her lips to the word 'Fluttershy'.

The sun had started to show its glow above the horizon, slowly converting the dark night sky to shades of magenta. She took a moment to admire the beauty if the sunrise, and how much it reminded her of the times with Fluttershy watching the sunset. Fluttershy's eyes made their way into her mind, the fire of kindness and love burning deep within her very existence. She hoped that Fluttershy understood how she felt, although she knew that her friend would love her no matter who or what she was. After all, they were the best of friends. Rainbow Dash turned her head to look at her wings, reaching her head back and pulling a single feather from her wings, letting a slight yelp escape her throat. She took a single piece of tape from the dispenser that lay on the floor, taping the feather to the back of the letter.

Rainbow Dash trotted to the door of her house, the letter held in her hoof. She opened the door, a small squeaking noise coming from the hinges. Dash slammed the door closed behind her, jumping into the air and gliding towards the surface of the earth and in the direction of Fluttershy's cottage.

The sun was starting to get closer to coming over the horizon, and she knew Fluttershy would be up soon to feed all of her animals, so she would have to make the drop-off of the letter quick if she could. She glided towards the small cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville, most of her animals still sound asleep in their pens. In an attempt to keep as quiet as she could possibly be, Rainbow Dash stopped at her mailbox, opening it and placing the letter inside. She closed the mailbox, keeping her hoof on the lid. She sighed heavily, not sure if this was the right thing to do. She thought of what she would do if Fluttershy was in this position, and she knew what had to be done.

If Fluttershy was giving Rainbow a letter such as she was, Fluttershy would deliver the letter to the door. She wouldn't leave it in the mailbox, she would make sure it made it to her door. So take it to her door she would.

Rainbow Dash started to walk towards the dimly lit cottage, the cobble stone on the bridge partially damp from the morning dew. She stopped to stare at the steadily flowing stream below the bridge. She looked down over the rail and into her own reflection, her face painted with nervousness.

'Just breathe in... and out... in... and out...' Rainbow muttered to herself in attempt to calm her nerves. 'Fluttershy is probably still asleep, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. It's going to be OK.'

She took a final breath deep into her lungs, exhaling slowly. Rainbow Dash set her eyes straight ahead, meticulously scanning the cottage for any signs that Fluttershy may be awake. Her feet continued to move ahead, step by step, even though her mind was telling her to run away and hide in the safety of her home. But she continued up the pathway to the front door, her hooves making a less that audible clicking with each and every step. Rainbow Dash lifted her first hoof up onto the first step, followed by the rest of her hooves. She felt as if butterflies would come flying out of her mouth if she even dared to open it; her belly was filled with them.

She stopped right in front of the door, looking down at the letter she held in her hoof. She made sure the feather she ripped from her wing was still attached to it. One deep breath later, she extended her hoof to place it though the mail hole, when the door of the cottage flung open.

A bright yellow colored mare came bursting out of the home, colliding with Rainbow Dash. Dash lifted her head just in time to meet Fluttershy, pressing their lips together from the impact. She just stood there as she felt a spark move from Fluttershy's lips, a surging warmth pulsing through her body. She felt Fluttershy's lips slightly part as she fell deeper into the kiss. Dash opened her mouth slightly, some of Fluttershy's sweet breath flowing over her lips.

Fluttershy pulled away, and all that Dash could do was just stand there in awe at what had just happened to her. Had Fluttershy... actually kissed her? The letter fell from her hooves and it fell in a zig zag motion towards the ground. Her breath was gone, all of it taken from her body by the surge of excitement from the kiss.

Rainbow's mind finally came back into reality, processing what had just happened. She glanced towards Fluttershy, who was now slinking back behind her mane, obviously embarrassed. Dash tried to say something to her, something to say that she loved her. Something to let her know how she really felt. She wanted to tell her, but what she had wanted to say was drastically distorted by her mouth.

'I um... Well, I uh, have to, uh, go, bye!' Rainbow said, bolting away towards her home in the clouds, leaving the stunned Fluttershy in front of her cottage.

Rainbow Dash bolted inside her home, slamming the door without hesitation to keep anyone from following her inside her home. She didn't think Fluttershy would follow her up to her home, but she placed her back against the cool, cloud door, spreading her forelegs out to make sure the door would stay shut. She was breathing heavily, a smile planted on her face as she heaved her chest in and out. Her back slid down the door and she sat on the floor, her hooves out in front of her.

She raised a single hoof to her lips, feeling where Fluttershy had kissed her. They were still tingling, and she enjoyed the feeling of this... love. Dash smiled at the thought that they might actually have a chance to be together; she thought Fluttershy had actually moved deeper into the kiss. So that had to mean that she felt the same way towards her, right?

Rainbow Dash reached towards her floor with her other hoof searching for the letter. Not feeling it anywhere around her, she promptly sat up and began a thorough search of the space in front of her door, both inside and out. She searched and searched, even though the letter obviously wasn't there.

'Fluttershy...' she mumbled to herself, opening the door to her home and looking off in the direction of the cottage.