• Published 20th May 2012
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The Fire in Her Eyes - P0nies

Fluttershy longs to be with Rainbow Dash, but she doesn't know if she feels for her as well.

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Just a kiss...

Fluttershy was fast asleep in her cottage, not a single worry flowing through her mind. She was in a land where everything was perfect. The trees swayed in the gentle cooling wind, animals of all species and sizes pranced around happily. Her lips curved to a slight smile as she looked over the plains, seeing how happy all of the animals were. She walked among the field of animals, wishing that she could have this back at home where everything was real. She knew that this was all a dream. Fluttershy had had it many times before, but she always felt as if it was missing something, or rather, somepony.

She continued to walk among the animals, her smile slowly disappearing. She knew who it was that she wanted to have and love, but it was something she never thought would work out. This mare, she was the most beautiful thing Fluttershy had ever seen. She was elegant, yet she had a certain spunk about her that drove her crazy, but she loved it at the same time. She was driven to get what she wanted done, and to say the least, she could get anything done in ten seconds flat. That always amazed Fluttershy, how Rainbow could always do something with such speed and yet with great precision for the task. Rainbow was a one of a kind mare, and she was the somepony she wished she could have. But she knew that it would never work out between them, no matter how much she would have liked it to.

Fluttershy continued to walk to the end of the pasture, where the long blades of grass swayed in the breeze. She looked up to the sky, looking for a rainbow. She saw nothing but blue and various puffs of the white clouds. She sighed and laid down in a tall patch of grass, hoping to hide from the animals that she once had admired and loved. All she wanted now was to be alone. Alone, with her.

She looked down upon her own hooves as if they had let her down in some way. To her, they had. They let Rainbow go and slip through her arms, and even when Fluttershy had wanted to tell her of how she felt, she couldn't help but shy away from it. She didn't even really understand how she felt, but she knew that Rainbow was her love. Fluttershy loved Rainbow Dash, and even though the feelings that swam in her mind at the though of that mare confused her, she enjoyed it. She enjoyed a life she wished she had.

She reached her hooves around her own body, pretending to hug and hold Rainbow Dash. She wanted to be able to look into her beaming eyes, and see the fire that burned deep within. All she ever wanted was a kiss, a single, passionate kiss with the mare that embezzled her thoughts. She didn't care if Rainbow didn't have the same mutual feelings towards her, but all she wanted was that one kiss.

Fluttershy closed her eyes, letting tears flow down her cheek and into the grass. She just laid there, whimpering at how pathetic she was for never taking action and letting her friend know of how she felt. They had no secrets, or at least that was she said. It wasn't like Fluttershy to lie to her best friend ever, but she didn't know what Rainbow Dash would do if she found out about this, or even how to bring it up in any conversation. She started to sniffle, her nose slightly runny from her crying. To make what had seemed to be dreary enough thinking of someone she had wished to live with, someone she wished to love, and to be loved, a light shower of raindrops came across the field as it gradually grew a bit darker.

The dark clouds hovered above her, as if they knew of the sadness that she was experiencing. She gave a slight look up towards the clouds, an expression of 'Why?' temporarily sitting upon her face as she looked back down to her hooves. She curled into a ball to keep warm as the rain became steadily stronger, and the wind became chilled.

She closed her eyes tighter than she had ever before. She wanted to lock out the rain, the cold, and she just wanted this dream to be over. It was once filled with joy and happiness, but now it just led her to depression. Fluttershy strained her mind, trying to end the dream as she heard a slight 'POOMPH' from above her. She looked up, expecting to see somepony kicking at the clouds. All that she was greeted with was more rain to wash the tears from her face. Lowering her head once more, she caught a glimpse if a rainbow out of the corner of her eye. She turned in excitement, hopping up off the ground and into a low hover. The rainbow seemed to be getting closer, and it seemed as if the clouds were steadily parting as the rainbow advanced. It had to be her, it had to be Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow raced past Fluttershy, the clouds tearing at her hoof with a rainbow following close behind. Fluttershy smiled, the mare she had envisioned was finally here to hopefully settle her mind. The clouds were now cleared, destroyed by the pony that flew through them just moments before. Rainbow Dash came back in the direction where Fluttershy was, gliding at a steady pace. She came to a slow stop, hovering just above Fluttershy.

'I kinda, have... uhm, something to tell you... if tha–,' Fluttershy said as rainbow stuck her hoof to the young mares mouth to keep her from talking.

'There's nothing you need to say, I already know.' Rainbow replied, a slight smile on her face as she looked upon the wet pony.

This was the moment that Fluttershy had always waited for, and Rainbow Dash was slowly advancing towards her, closing her eyes and slightly parting her lips. Fluttershy blushed heavily, and moved the hoof from her mouth to embrace the kiss. Her lips were getting close, and she could feel the warm breath on her own lips as –


Fluttershy jumped up in her bed, a cold bead of sweat dripping from her forehead, her wings stuck in an outstretched position. She was expecting Dash to be floating in front of her face, but to her dismay, all that she saw was her room. Nothing out of the ordinary, just her normal cottage. She slowly removed the sheets that covered her body, as she slowly got out of bed to see how dark it still was outside. She parted the tan cloth curtain just a bit so she could see out into the yard, where the sun was just coming over the far horizon; giving the sky a beautiful orange glow.

She turned her head to each side to stretch before sprawling out on the floor in an attempt to loosen any muscles that had tightened overnight. With this stretch, she had also found that it often helped rid her of her wing 'problem', and it did as her yellow wings came to an easy rest at her side once again. She looked out the window again, hoping to see the rainbow mare hovering just outside of her bedroom window. She looked intently out the window, hoping. But what she wanted never came, drowning Fluttershy's hopes once again.


She looked back into her doorway, where a young Angel Bunny stood. He was tapping his foot and pointing downstairs, implying that it was time for Fluttershy to feed him and the rest of the animals.

'Oh, but Angel, it's far too early to eat, you'll get hungry before lunch time,' Fluttershy said, her voice quiet but with some authority.

Angel stomped his foot against the floorboard once again, forcefully pointing downstairs. He was determined to win. He wanted to eat, and he wanted to eat now.

'Oh... OK, I guess if you are hungry I can give you some food now maybe,' Fluttershy said in defeat, hopping off her feet and flapping her wings to glide downstairs with grace.

Angel stood with his chest puffed out, arms crossed and an accomplished smile stuck upon his face. He followed Fluttershy downstairs as she readied him a small bowl of salad for his morning meal. She flew around the room, filling various bowls with their meals as many animals waited patiently to be fed. Fluttershy finished in a decent amount of time, and she stopped next to Angel, admiring all of the animals that she was taking care of. Angel thumped on her leg, giving her a glare.

'Uhm, no... I didn't dream about her again,' Fluttershy told him, before he shot another glare back at her.

'Well... maybe I did, and uhm, I still don't know if I should tell her about how, you know... I feel,' She told him, slightly looking away, her face turning a slight hue of pink.

Angel thumped her leg again, this time a little harder while pointing out the door. Fluttershy knew what he meant, and even if she didn't want to go and tell her, she knew she had to. It was time to, and she couldn't bear keeping a secret from one of her closest friends.

'Alright, I think I'll go tell her... after all I think that, well... I should tell her.' She slowly walked towards the door, trying to stall the task ahead.

She stopped and looked back as she reached her wooden door. She looked at Angel who sat there, his arm extended towards the door, directing her to keep on going and tell Rainbow Dash how she really felt. She opened the door quick, hoping to get out of the small bunny's sight and be able to do this at her own pace.

As she left the cottage, her face came into contact with another mares, and she could easily tell that it was her from the colorful rainbow mane that flowed from her head. Their lips locked, much to Fluttershy's initial dismay, as she embraced the sudden kiss and let her eyes close. They seemed to be locked in the kiss deeply and passionately for what seemed like forever, parting when the time seemed right. Fluttershy smiled as she pulled away, but then the impact of the situation finally came to her. The real Rainbow Dash stood in front of her, her eyes wide open and her mouth still creaked open from the kiss. She held a letter in her left hoof, a cyan feather taped to the seal.

'Oh, no... I'm so so sorry...' Fluttershy told Rainbow, slightly slinking away, hiding behind her pink mane.

'I um... Well, I uh, have to, uh, go, bye!' Rainbow said frantically, rushing away in the embarrassment of the sudden kiss.

'No! But, uhm... wait?' Fluttershy said quietly as she watched her fly away at supersonic speeds.

She noticed a small blue feather out of the corner of her eye, and tweaked her head to examine it closer. The cyan feather was attached to a sealed envelope addressed: To Fluttershy. She carefully opened the letter with her hooves, slowly pulling the paper out with her teeth. She put the letter on the ground carefully reading what Rainbow had written.

'Oh, no...' She muttered to herself, 'I didn't know that you felt that way Dashie.'

She sulked her head, hiding far behind her mane to where she could just see where she was walking out of the corner of her eye. She picked up the letter, holding it and the cyan feather close to her heart.

'I promise, Rainbow, I will fix this... I hope.'