• Published 16th Jun 2015
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Ego Sum Aequalitas - Craine

Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. After weeks of starvation, thirst, and solitude, Starlight Glimmer thought she finally understood that phrase. She was wrong. So very, very wrong.

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Epilogue: Full Circle

A room. A dusty, cobwebbed, opulent room.

Dark. Still. Quiet. Empty, save for the jeweled ornaments decorating the walls and ceiling, the tapestries of fallen heroes and friends hanging with them.

And in the center of it all, wheezing dryly on a bed much too big, lay a withered old pony. She had forgotten how long ago she had locked herself in that room, how long she had twisted and turned in those disgustingly smooth ivory sheets, how often she had thrown them off, only to rewrap her shivering, malnourished body.

She forgot how long she waited for death.

The tapestries gave her comfort most days. The monuments of friends long-dead, immortalized by their elements. Yes, most days, she could look up and smile at their faces, feel pride for the memories they created―the prosperous age they maintained.

Other days, those tapestries mocked her. A constant reminder of her failure, a nightmare from which she could never awaken.

Yet, they just kept smiling. So proud, so bold. Beautiful.

“Gone…” she whispered to herself. She’d forgotten how many times she said that word since she confined herself to that oversized coffin.

Gone. Every time she said it―every time she thought it―she’d die just a little more inside. The thought brought a smile to her face, brought her that much closer to peace.

“Gone…” she whispered again, her heart giving an pained lurch. “Gone…”

She rolled side to side amid the ivory sheets, chanting the word again and again like a desperate prayer, clutching her now-quibbling heart, feeling it break into smaller pieces than it was already in.

“Earth to earth…”

The chanting stopped at that inexorable whisper. She rolled to her stomach, her head and ears lifted high.

“Ashes to ashes...”

It was everywhere. A monotone, feminine whisper that struck a chord of bells in her ears. She willed her shaky, brittle limbs to lift her.

“Dust to dust…”

Her wings bristled at a sudden cold, a numbing cold, and she realized, perhaps for the first time in hundreds of years, that she had to move. So she did. And she fell off the bed, flat on her withered face.

Shaking even harder, she lifted herself a few inches. Her arms buckled beneath her. She didn’t bother to rise again. Instead, with labored breaths, she lied on her side, watching slithering streams of darkness creep up from the carved diamond floor.

Her tired, lidded eyes caught a pony’s lilac hooves just inches away, and they slowly rolled up to see who owned them.

Twilight Sparkle’s eyes slowly widened.

“Hello,” Starlight Glimmer whispered with a frown, “friend.”

Author's Note:

An extra snippet, because why the f**k not?


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Comments ( 21 )

oh my god, you actually did It.

Well fucking done, my friend.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and her name that stood before was Death, and The End followed with her.

More like, crane on a crane?

Will Twilght save Starlight? :applecry:

6097830 'S what I was aimin' for.

6097857 Glad you thought so, old friend. Took a lot longer than I wanted, but hey...

6098062 Thanks, in no small part, to you. :ajsmug:

6098135 replygif.net/i/90.gif

6098245 Normally, yeah. But I'd imagine Starlight to be an exception.

6098709 Hah. That's awesome.

6098776 Aww, thanks. I wasn't sure if that message clear enough, really, but I'm glad SOMEONE got it. Good mood achieved.


She had a lot of work to do.

Why, yes. Yes she did.

6107179 To be perfectly honest, I'm not all that certain I gave the 'emotional' tone enough attention to throw the 'torture-porn' scent off the story. Either way, I'll loved writing every word of it. Because I'm insane. From Earth.

6110592 Fret not for the rabble that will fall by the wayside. Heed their learning and passing, and rejoice as they are made equal forevermore...
Wow, I am so sorry for that.

6113997 Just as I loved writing it. :twilightsmile:

6118325 Hey... It was your idea to begin with, bro. :ajsmug:

6118726 You, I like.

6119252 :pinkiecrazy:

6119309 HAH! F**k no!

6119601 Aww, why not? :fluttercry:

6119607 Because I have problems that no form of medical or psychological application can cur--my... god, I just made myself sad.

6098776 I wish more death, stories would make him out to be clever. The build up was great but I wonder still to this day what made him like that. In this story anyway.

Cleverly written story, good use of equality in death, and a good characterization of all the characters. All in all a good story. Good job.

I have a feeling that Twilight isn't going to Heaven if Starlight is the reaper. But hey, Starlight might actually judge Twilight by the purity of her soul and actions instead of a personal grudge. We'll never truly know...

Oh hohoho! That epilogue! Nicely done, my friend. Very nicely done.

6142144 I hate to be that guy, but the Reaper doesn't judge souls. He merely collects them. The judging is done by whatever god(s) the soul believes in.

If you believe in that sort of thing.

All are equal in the face of death.
Except for Celestia and Luna.

Author Interviewer

This last scene was great. :D So I only just realized that you'd posted this a while back, and the title you originally gave me isn't the one you used. :B But you didn't have to worry about anything.

Just.... beautiful.
I hope you are darn proud of this fanfic, for it is THE GREATEST fic EVER.
The feels, the plot, the story, wow. I have NEVER read a better one ever.
This one takes the cake above all other stories I have ever read.

I know this is a vain reason, but the reason the story drew my interest is first because of Paul's review, then because I looked at your title and thought the "as" ending was accusative plural and that you mistranslated.

Wow, I really like your story. I've put off reading fanfiction for a while now, and I'm happy the first fic that I've read in so long features such a thoughtful take on a character that seemed so simple when I first saw her. I've not watched MLP past her first appearance, either, so it all fits nicely together. I suppose this is why I started reading fanfiction, to get that sense of depth that the show doesn't offer, and you really hit that sense of depth well.

Ok yeah, I pretty much agree with Paul here. Great story with some well-integrated themes, but the riddle was way too easy.

Why this chapter is named "Full Circle"? Is Starlight going to pass her job to Twilight?

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