• Published 7th Jun 2015
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The Hardships of A Father - MajorFrostwing

Meet Jeremy Harve and his son Samuel. Through a near death experience Jeremy and his son are both thrown into Equestria. What will Jeremy do to keep his son safe? How much is he willing to sacrifice to keep him safe?

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Part 4: School Day Hardships

The Hardships of A Father
Part 4: School Day Hardships

By: Major Frostwing

The weekend had passed without much incident. Fluttershy had asked us to help with some of her chores. Actually the conversation went something like this.

Sunday Morning 8:30 AM

I sat across from my son tossing a ball gently between the two of us. I heard a grunt making me look back towards the kitchen. Sam wasn't paying attention and tossed the ball hitting me in the side of the head. I glanced back at him picking up the ball tossing it back.

"Hey champ I will be back in a sec ok?" I said getting to my feet walking back to the kitchen.

Fluttershy was trying to lift a large bag of food onto her top shelf. I moved beside her taking the bag from her hands lifting it up higher into the cupboard. "Fluttershy you only need to ask me for help." I said with a smile.

"But you are my guests I can't ask for your help. It would be rude of me." I waved off the complaint.

"Fluttershy the simple reason that we are staying here for free should mean we should help around the house." I said turning back seeing a few more large bags. "So don't be afraid to ask for help we do not mind in the slightest." I turned back towards the living room. "Hey Sam mind helping me and Fluttershy put some stuff away?" I asked and a few seconds later Sam entered the kitchen.

"I can help." He said with a smile flexing his tiny arms. I chuckled ruffling his hair.

"Just tell us where everything goes and we will help." Fluttershy sighed nodding She told us where everything needed to be put. I dealt with the heavy bags, Fluttershy moved the medium bags, and Sam moved the small bags. I was proud that Sam was willing to help so readily. Made me proud to be a father.

Anyway that's not the problem of today it's something even more difficult.

"Dad what if the people at school don't like me?" I froze as I was zipping up Sam's coat.

"Come on Sam why wouldn't they like you? You are a strong and cool guy just like your father." I said giving his hair a little ruffle. "It will be ok champ." I finished zipping up his coat standing up tall. "Just remember words are just that words. Don't let them bother you." Sam nodded smiling up to me.

I looked over my shoulder seeing Fluttershy. "Ready to go?" She asked as we both nodded. She nodded back showing us the way to the school. It was going to be a long day.


When we had finally arrived at the school I felt a little un-eased. Everyone kept staring at us which for some reason made my blood boil. I felt like an animal in a cage being gawked at. I felt a pulling on my hand breaking me out of my thoughts. Sam was pulling on my hand making me kneel down to him. "You ok champ?" I asked smiling to him.

"I'm scared." He said fidgeting slightly.

"Why would you be scared your mother is watching over you." I pulled on the necklace on his neck pulling up the pendant. "As long as you have this there is no need to be scared." He looked at the pendant holding it in his small hands before gripping it tight. "Stand tall and walk with strength." He looked up to me nodding before sliding the pendant into his shirt.

I looked at the front door of the school seeing a teacher was standing outside looking at me and my son with... is that respect I see? I shrugged standing up taking hold of Sam's hand walking to the front door.

"Hello I am here to enroll my son." I said with a smile. The woman in front of me was a real beauty as she just smiled at me.

"Can you follow me so we can get his paperwork all dealt with?" She asked motioning towards the school. I nodded walking forward Sam was right behind me.

I took a seat in the chair across from her Sam crawling up to sit in my lap.

"I just need you to sign a few papers and clear up some questions for me." The teacher said as she pulled out a few forms.

"Of course." I pulled a pen out of a cup on her desk as she slid the first form over to me.

"Ok first of all what is the species of you and your son?" Cheerilee who's name I figured out by the name plate on her desk, asked while writing on a form.

"We are both humans." I said nonchalantly as I continued to fill out the form including his birthday, sex, and of course my name.

"Can you describe the diet of humans?" Cheerilee asked looking up to us.

"We are omnivores we eat both meat and greens." I finished out the form as best as I could except the address and contact info since I don't know any of it.

"Interesting." Cheerilee said with a smile but it looked a bit forced.

"Ma'am if the fact my son is going to be attending I would like you to address it to my face instead of using a facade." I said sliding the paper over to her.

"I'm sorry sir I have never heard of a human so I have concerns with how the children may react. I also do not know how your son will react to my class." I closed my eyes nodding to what she said it was an obvious concern.

"Ma'am I would just like to say my son will cause no harm to your class. This I can guarantee without a second thought." I patted my son on the head as he let out a giggle. "Ain't that right champ?" I asked as he nodded smiling.

"I see." Cheerilee said looking over the registration form. "Um Mr. Jeremy there are a few spots on the form that are blank." I nodded.

"I don't know the address I am staying at but I am staying with Fluttershy for right now."

"Also you did not write down his mother's information." I smiled.

"Hey champ can you stand outside the door for a second while I talk with Mrs. Cheerilee please." I asked him as he looked concerned. "It's just boring adult junk." He still looked concerned but nodded as he stepped out of the room.

"I'm sorry I can see this is hard for you to explain but I have to ask these questions." I let out a sigh running my fingers through my hair.

"It's ok just wasn't expecting the question is all. My wife passed away in childbirth and I don't want him to think he caused it." She nodded with understanding. "Also I would like you to do me a favor if it is at all possible. If something does happen with bullying with my son I would like to be informed of the offender and their parents I don't want my son to be made fun of because he is different." I pointed out with a flat smile.

"What would you do if it does arise?" Cheerilee looking as if she was caught in a corner from a large predator.

"Let's make sure it doesn't happen." I said as calmly as I could muster.

"O-of course." Cheerilee said as I stood from my seat walking to the door opening it making myself look as bored as possible.

"Daddy you ok?" Sam asked hugging on my leg tightly.

"I thought I wasn't gonna make it through that boredom." I said patting him on the head. "Now then I am going to leave you with Mrs. Cheerilee ok she will take you to class and teach you everything you need to know. Cool?" Sam nodded holding his fist out to me. I tapped his fist with my own as he released my leg.

"Yes daddy." Sam said as he walked over to Cheerilee.

"Remember Sam. you are the coolest kid don't let what others say bother you no matter what." Sam nodded as he stood beside Cheerilee smiling to me. "Have a good day Champ I will be by to pick you up at the end of the day."

"School get's out at 3." Cheerilee said with a smile as Sam waved good-bye to me I waved back making my exit and back to Fluttershy's home to relax.



I walked with Cheerilee to the classroom. She was a very pretty lady and very nice to me. Though she would look at me a little weird every now and again but it would disappear when I smiled to her.

"Here we are Samuel." Cheerilee said as she opened a door to a classroom a few of the other kids were sitting at their desks working on some type of activity. I looked at each of them as they looked up at me a few look surprised and maybe a little scared of me. I didn't feel comfortable at all here. "Miss Quill I have a new student for you." Mrs. Cheerilee said as I walked into the room she looked me over a little confused.

"And what is the dear's name?" Miss Quill asked looking me over.

"My name is Samuel but my dad calls me Sam." I said smiling to her she smiled back to me patting me on the head.

"You can sit between Dinky and Rumble." Mrs. Quill said showing me to my desk. I sat down as Mrs. Quill handed me a sheet of paper. "Right now we are working on drawing right now." I smiled opening my backpack pulling out my crayons and got straight to drawing. I loved drawing. "We will introduce you after drawing is done."

I nodded smiling. I didn't really pay attention to those around me I just wanted to draw something cool so I drew my hero. I drew my daddy he was so strong and always knew when I was in danger. He was like a super hero.

After a while drawing class was over and I told everyone who I was. Now was lunch And dad had packed my lunch. Since Fluttershy didn't eat meat she helped him make me something to eat. I sat at my desk as I pulled out my sandwich and an apple. I ate them with happiness. It all tasted so good. I pulled out my juice box about to take a drink out of it when it was ripped out of my hand. I glanced over to see who had taken my juice when I saw a rather large kid who had wings on his back.

"Thanks loser." the kid said drinking my juice. I was hurt but I looked away looking into my lunch bag seeing a note at the bottom. I pulled the note out reading it over with a smile.

"Hey Champ,
I had a thought that something might happen today so I left you a second juice in the pocket of your bag. Enjoy your day and know I love you. Fluttershy also says she hopes you enjoyed your lunch.


I smiled as I pulled my bag up opening the outside pocket pulling out a second juice. I opened it taking a drink of it. The kid looked at me annoyed as he knocked the drink out of my hand. I looked at the fallen drink with sadness.

"Whatcha gonna do loser? Cry?" The bully made fun of me as I glanced over at him. I was angry but knew I couldn't get in trouble on my first day. I turned away zipping up my bag getting up from my seat. I went to Mrs. Quill. "Mrs. Quill I dropped my juice on the floor." I told her pointing at my fallen drink. She was watching the entire thing not knowing how to handle Thunderhead but was surprised that Samuel didn't want to get him in trouble.

"Of course Samuel I will get a rag to help you clean up ok?" I nodded smiling to her. She moved quickly getting the rag and a small bucket. Today wasn't so bad.


Jeremy POV

I arrived at school a few hours later where I sat down outside waiting for Sam to get out of school. felt a little uneasy about Samuel's first day. I just hope he enjoyed the little gift I gave him. I leaned my back against the wall of the school crossing my arms thinking.

"Sir we got a report of a creature hanging around the school." I cracked an eye seeing a group of men standing before me wearing what looked like a suit of armor. I rose an eyebrow at him cracking a smile.

"Most likely me if I had to guess." I said raising my arms above my head stretching.

"Then would you mind coming down to the station with me?" The armored guy asked moving his spear to show he would do so with force if need to.

"Sorry buddy I am waiting for someone." A spear leveled on me prompting me to glare at the guard behind the leader. "Lower the spear I am waiting for my son and the last thing I want him to see is him seeing his father being arrested."

"Yeah right. I bet you were going to try to abduct some poor filly." The guard spoke pressing the tip of the spear to the bottom of my chin. I had every right to lash out and believe me I wanted to.

"DADDY!" I heard Sam yell as he rushed towards me. I moved my hand smacking the spear away kneeling down as my son slammed into me with a hug tackle. I hugged him back lifting him up. "Are you ok Daddy?" Sam asked with a worried look in his eyes.

"Yea champ I am ok just asked these fine gentlemen what it would take for me to become a cop." I shot them all a harsh glare that spoke volumes on how they should act now.

"Yes your father had asked us to come over and answer a few questions for him." The leader spoke with a gentle smile. I nodded to him in thanks.

"Sir are we even sure that colt is even his?" The guard who had his spear trained on me only minutes ago asked as I locked eyes on him.

"Stand down Private Herald it is obvious now then. As we already said all you would have to do is come down to the station and fill out a few forms and go through some training. If you pass the tests then you become a guard. Shouldn't be hard for you." The leader said holding his hand out to me. I took his hand in a tight handshake he winced slightly before trying to return the same strength.

"Sorry force of habit. My name is Jeremy Harve and this is my son, Samuel Harve."

"Lieutenant Hawk Eye." He answered with a smile as I released his hand. "You try and keep your dad out of trouble Samuel." Hawk said with a smile.

"But that's so hard he is always in trouble." I gave him a look of mock hurt.

"You wound me Sam." I said with a tint of woe. Sam looked at me with a big toothy grin. I ruffled his hair with a smile.

"You two have a good day." Hawk said tipping his head in a short bow. I returned the gesture watching him walk off.

"So Daddy did you have a good day?" Sam asked as I began walking back to Fluttershy's cottage.

"Not really I did boring adult things all day." In truth I was restless all day and decided to work out all day since it was the only way for me to work out all of my pent up energy. But all in all I think Sam's first day of school was successful . "Now tell me all about your day I want to hear everything." I said with a smile as Sam began talking about his day that when it dawned on me. I was raising my son right and it showed in that big grin he always wore I was doing something right with my life and it is all thanks to Sam.

I decided to hug my son tight as he returned the hug. "I love you Sam." I told him.

"I love you too daddy." I couldn't be more proud of him.

"Let's hurry up Fluttershy is waiting for us."

"Can we have burgers tonight?" Sam asked with a pleading look.

"I will talk with Fluttershy and we will figure something out." We continued on our way to Fluttershy's house all in all today had turned out perfect.