• Published 7th Jun 2015
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The Hardships of A Father - MajorFrostwing

Meet Jeremy Harve and his son Samuel. Through a near death experience Jeremy and his son are both thrown into Equestria. What will Jeremy do to keep his son safe? How much is he willing to sacrifice to keep him safe?

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Part 3: Hearth's Warming Awkward Moment

The Hardships of A Father
Part 3: Hearth's Warming Awkward Encounter

By: Major Frostwing

There we stood Sam in my arms and me feeling like I hard just walked into an active volcano. I sat Sam down on the ground taking his coat and boots off. "Hey champ go play with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. OK?" Sam nodded smiling as he hummed a tune walking to the two pegasi. I turned my attention back to Twilight and the 3 other mares. I pointed upstairs. Twilight seemed to catch onto my idea nodding.

"Fluttershy? Will you be alright down here with Rainbow Dash and... Him?" Twilight asked pointing at Sam.

"Oh yes I will be quite alright. Sam is such a well behaved little boy." Fluttershy said getting a smile from me. Twilight nodded motioning for the other three girls and myself to follow her. We all moved me taking the rear of the group so I could still watch my son.

The other girls kept their eyes on me which did not go unnoticed by me. "Ok Pardner just who are you and what are you doing with Fluttershy?" The orange furred mare with a stetson asked adjusting her hat. I took off my coat setting it on the banister.

"I am Jeremy Harve and the little one is my son Samuel but everyone calls him Sam." I answered calmly. I had to play this Q & A as close to the chest as possible.

"So why are you hanging around Fluttershy?" The cowgirl asked as I raised a hand stopping her.

"Names first if you don't mind." I said seeing them nod. Well to be more accurate three of them nodded the last one. A pink furred pink haired woman got right in my face looking into my eyes with unbridled curiosity.

"My name is Pinkie Pie and I help run Sugar Cube Corner. I am also the premium party arranger of Ponyville. We will have to have a "Welcome To Ponyville" party for you two." The way she spoke and acted made me take a step back.

"Pinkie dear, please give this..." The purple haired woman said looking me over searching for a word. "Stallion some space." She kept examining me with a critical eye. Her eyes then locked into my own eyes. "My name is Rarity darling. It is a pleasure to meet you." I nodded extending my hand to her she hesitantly took my hand into her own shaking it before releasing me.

"I am Applejack I run Sweet Apple Acres. Best apples you will ever find." The orange furred woman said tipping her hat to me.

"And I am Princess Twilight Sparkle. Please just call me Twilight though I'm not comfortable with being called a Princess yet." Twilight said getting a smile from me.

"Now can you answer my question?" Applejack asked with a tint of hostility in her voice. I shrugged the simple motion nearly floored me when I felt the sharp pain in my back.

"The reason why my son and myself are with Fluttershy is simple. Somehow my son and myself were dropped into this world in a very dark forest. I took my son to try and find someway home or at least some place where he could warm up." I raised my arms looking down at them. "If we hadn't found Fluttershy's home we most likely would have perished out in that cold."

"So that's why you arms are bandaged I'm guessing you got some frostbite?" Twilight asked as I only shook my head.

"I more than likely had severe frostbite on my hands and arms. But I am ok with the pain knowing my son is ok. I even gave up my coat so he wouldn't be as cold." I smiled glancing down the stairs into the living room seeing my son playing with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. I couldn't help but smile. "He is all I have left... I can't lose him."

"How far are you willing to go to protect your son? Are you willing to do harm to others to keep him safe?" Twilight asked as I didn't look towards her.

"If something dares to hurt my son... Or even take him away from me." I went silent which seemed to speak volumes about what I would do. "It's the same type of protection an older sibling would do for their own little brothers or sisters."

"We understand." Rarity said placing her hand on my shoulder. "Girls I think it is time we go and enjoy the party now." Rarity moved down the stairs to go enjoy everyone's company. The other girls followed quickly I stood at the top of the stairs for a moment clearing my head of the questions and the answers I gave. When that was done I went downstairs to play with my son he always loved playing a good game of catch.

When my son caught sight of me he gave me a smile holding up a bright red ball in his hands. I looked to Fluttershy seeing that same light blush and weak smile. I smiled back sitting down on the ground as my son tossed the ball to me. I quickly tossed the ball back watching him catch it.


The party was a lot of fun. Pinkie was willing to join us in our game of catch Sam didn't mind in the least. I kept noticing that Fluttershy would look at me when she thought I wasn't looking and Twilight seemed to be taking notes on me. I was treated very kind after the Q & A but that was ok with me. I saw them all exchange gifts and Sam looked a little sad at not being involved. I gave him a pat on the head catching his attention.

"We did drop in without warning." I said with a smile he smiled back giving me a hug. he stayed like that for a little bit before I heard him snoring gently. I continued to gently stroke his hair I felt proud that he was taking everything so well compared to me. I had to study as much about this new world as possible. I looked up at the girls seeing all of them chatting and laughing with each other. I let out a chuckle think back on how me and my sister got along.

"Something funny darling?" Rarity asked she seemed to catch my little chuckle.

"Sorry I just think it's funny that you all say that you are friends but act more like sisters. Just reminded me of my sister when I was younger. She treated all of her friends like family and me as a friend." I said thinking back on all the good times I had with me friends and "sisters".

"How many friends did you have?" Twilight asked me which gave me pause.

"I... I didn't have many friends after I met Samantha. She had... a way with words." I said with a sigh. "But it's whatever." Twilight scribbled down some notes again which to be honest annoyed me. I felt like I was just an object to observe and record than a human being.

Fluttershy must have caught onto what I was thinking because she stopped Twilight from writing anymore notes. "I think I am going to go home. Sam looks tired after all." Fluttershy said as she stood each of her friends gave her a hug I only picked Sam up carrying him. He continued to sleep in my arms.

I remembered something when I glanced at the stairs seeing my jacket hanging on the banister. I mentally face-palmed at forgetting it. "Fluttershy." I whispered calling her over. She was quick to come over. "Do you mind holding Sam while I get my jacket?" I asked seeing her nod taking Sam from my arms gently. She looked so happy to be holding him in her arms. I quickly moved getting my jacket and sliding it on making sure to zip it up. I moved down the stairs seeing everyone watching Fluttershy with Sam. I watched the scene carefully.

I then saw it something that made my very soul feel at peace. Fluttershy was smiling but it was the smile a mother gave to her children. I moved next to Fluttershy setting my hand on her shoulder. "Shall we?" I asked her with a smile. She looked up to me blushing before looking away hiding herself behind her hair I saw a subtle nod. I took Sam into my arms he shifted slightly hugging me around my neck. I moved my right hand down taking hold of Fluttershy's she let out a small "eep" at the touch but didn't shy away. We walked as one to the door opening it to leave.

"Thank you. All of you today was fun and I am sure Sam enjoyed it as well." I saw a few nods and Pinkie waved good-bye ecstatically. I nodded as me and Fluttershy walked into the bitter cold.


The walk back to Fluttershy's cottage was quiet only a few people stared at us whispering but I ignored them. If they couldn't say anything to my face then they weren't worth the time. I glanced over to Fluttershy seeing that she was looking at me as well. She let out a squeak before looking away. I smiled thinking it was adorable. I then began to think about Sam's upbringing Sam never knew the love of a mother he only had me and I was trying everything I could to make him happy even turning to prize fighting at one point and time.

Sam needed a mother in his life... Someone who could be there for him when I can't. I looked to Sam seeing him snoring in deep sleep. He shifted slightly in my arms smiling. Fluttershy was the perfect candidate to be a mother but I couldn't just throw all of this responsibility on her it would be wrong of me to do that. Maybe one day we could... I cut that thought process before it could get any worse. Right now I need to focus on getting Sam into school.

We arrived at Fluttershy's cottage where she let us in. I moved to the couch setting Sam down and wrapping him in a blanket poor guy is exhausted. I sat down leaning my back against the couch letting out a sigh.

"Jeremy?" Fluttershy asked catching my attention. When I looked up she hid behind her hair pressing her fingers together. "I just wanted to know if you were hungry... If you're not then that's ok I just thought it would be polite to ask... I hope you're not angry with me about it it's just... Oh my." Fluttershy ranted prompting me to laugh she looked at me confused.

"Sorry you just remind me of how I acted when I first met Samantha. She told me the best way to get over my nervous nature." I said sliding my coat off of my shoulders before leaning my head back.

"How did she teach you. If you don't mind me asking that is."

"Simple. If I have something I want to say or ask I should just do it. Don't think about it." I slowly got to my feet rolling my shoulders slowly. "Anyway I could go for something to eat." I said as i looked around the room. I didn't really take the time when I first arrived.

The home was quaint lots of browns and greens almost as if I was looking at a summer landscape I liked it very much. The room made me feel calm and as if I could just lay in the sun all day. I moved my attention towards her book shelf scanning through the titles with renewed interest. They all looked like those erotic romance stories. I picked one off of the shelf opening it up to the first page. The story looked interesting enough and has my attention wrapped. I closed the book moving over to the couch taking a seat reading into the book. It was a great way to pass the time while I think of what to do.

"First I need to think about how I'm going to get Sam enrolled in school. Then a way to make money... What skills do I have?" I told myself leaning my head back as if to stare at the ceiling.

"I can cook but not very good. I can clean but I absolutely hate it. I can fight plus I'm good at it but I would need to find a place that does prize fighting maybe boxing. I let out a sigh shaking my head side to side. "I don't want to worry Sam anymore than I already do but I guess I will have to as a last resort." I really didn't want to make Sam worry but money is money no matter how you earn it.

Fluttershy entered the room when she saw what I was reading. She put the plate down and yanked the book out of my hands before I could even ask what was wrong. I looked at the book she now clutched to her chest. "I think I am going to skip formalities and just ask the obvious question. Why did you yank the book out of my hands?"

"Um... Well... I'm sorry." She whispered out holding the book out to me. I could see the red on her face which made me smile. I reached out taking the book back.

"It's ok Fluttershy I know it must be embarrassing for someone to find such a book just in a bookshelf in the living room." I said teasing her but she lowered her head. "Sorry I didn't mean to go through your stuff but I got curious." I set the book aside motioning for her to sit down. She sat down still trying to hide her face from me.

"I don't get many visitors so I forget that all of my books are wherever I left them." I smiled leaning back into the couch Resting my arms against the back.

"I have a important question for you Fluttershy. Is there a school where I can enroll Sam he still needs an education after all." Fluttershy put her hand to her chin thinking.

"He can enroll at Ponyville Schoolhouse. The kids are a little older than him but he should be fine." Fluttershy said slowly easing back into the couch. "But you won't be able to get him into school until the break is over. Monday would be the soonest." I nodded smiling.

"Good sadly I have one last question." I lowered my head steeling my nerves for my next question. "Is there a prize fighting club in town?" I kept my vision pointed at the ground.

"Why would you want to join such a dangerous thing?" Fluttershy asked looking at me with concern. I glanced over with a little smile.

"I used to do it back in my world for some extra cash I stopped when Sam asked me to but I don't have any skills." I moved my arms to my knees leaning on them.

"What about your cutie mark that should tell you your special talent." I looked at her confused.

"What's a cutie mark?" I asked confused she rolled up her sleeve showing off three light blue and pink butterflies. I looked at the mark closely.

"This is my cutie mark it shows that my special talent is taking care of animals." She smiled fondly at her cutie mark. I looked at my own shoulder rolling it up to see a tattoo of a black crow holding a banner in it's talons. "Soar on Broken Wings" Is what the banner read. "See you have a cutie mark as well." I chuckled shaking my head.

"No this is a tattoo. In my world we don't get cutie marks with our talents we have to figure out what we are good at through trial and error. Even if we find what we like it might not be what we want to do. We get tattoos, permanent reminders about anything we want." I rubbed my fingers over the mark remembering why I got it. "This tattoo was me telling myself that I will never let someone tell me how to live my life. Even though I have my dreams put down I will keep soaring. Hence the words on the banner.

"I see..." Fluttershy said seeming to deflate at the thought. I smiled patting her on the shoulder gently.

"It's ok I like the freedom of not having a cutie mark. Without one I can be anything I want. If I want to be an engineer I will be one. A police officer. I can do it. I hold my destiny on these broken wings yet I will continue to soar high." I said with a proud smile.

"That sounds nice." Fluttershy said with a smile.

"Anyway let's eat. I am starving." I said patting my stomach happily. She nodded setting a bowl of red soup before me. I eagerly ate the soup it reminded me of home.