• Published 7th Jun 2015
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The Hardships of A Father - MajorFrostwing

Meet Jeremy Harve and his son Samuel. Through a near death experience Jeremy and his son are both thrown into Equestria. What will Jeremy do to keep his son safe? How much is he willing to sacrifice to keep him safe?

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Part 1: Fun Times of Strange Days

The Hardships of A Father
Part 1: Fun Times of Strange Days

By: Major Frostwing

"Daddy Daddy Daddy!" A Small child about 5 years old yelled out running up to a rather tall man who just entered the room.

"Oof." The man grunted as he was tackled to the ground smiling and laughing with the small boy. "Hey there champ you are getting quiet strong." He said ruffling the small boy's blonde hair. He giggled happily hugging the man.

"Welcome back Mr. Harve I'll have you know your son was just the most well behaved boy today." The man laughed scratching the back of his head.

""I like to think I raised him right." The man said picking himself and his son up. "Ready to go home Sam?" The man asked as the boy nodded. "Good because tomorrow is Christmas. Don't want to miss Santa now do we?" He asked smiling.

"No Daddy we don't want to miss Santa." The boy giggled again rubbing his face into his father's coat.

"Well first get your coat and bag so we can go." The man set his son down as he ran to grab his stuff.

Hello there my name is Jeremy Harve I am job hopper. I normally can only hold a job for a month or two before moving on to something else or I am fired. My son who I had with my late wife is Sam and he is just as cute as a button. He has her eyes which always brings a smile to my face.

There were complications with my son's birth and they could only save my son or my wife. I told them to try and save them both but they couldn't. But that is in the past and I have a wonderful son now who I wouldn't give up for anything in the world.

Anyway I am only 26 years old. I know not really old enough to have a son and care for him but I do my damnedest to make his life perfect. Even when I come home after an exhausting day of work I still play with Sam. Even if it is hard on me to wake up early to make him breakfast and his lunch I do it. I will stop at nothing to protect my son he is all I have left without him... I would rather be dead.

"Daddy I am ready." Sam called out as I knelt down picking him up.

"Alright champ let's get you home." I smiled to him as we waved good-bye to the daycare lady walking out the door. "I'm thinking burgers for dinner how does that sound?" I asked as my son beamed at me.

"I love burgers." He said with that wide eyed stare of awe. I laughed picking up my pace back home.

I didn't own a car since I sold it to take care of Sam. The car took more money out of my pocket than I could afford. Every expense went to him. I stopped drinking and even cut my smoking down so I could make him happy. I felt the cold nip of the winter bite at my hands but I didn't care as long as I held my son tight in my arms I would never feel cold in my heart.

We turned down a road onto a bridge when a car came zooming by just as the door swung open I went to move. The door still hit me in the side knocking me to the railing. I tried to regain my balance but was instead fell over the railing. This bridge was right over a rushing river. I tightened my grip on my son adjusting myself in the air so when we hit the ice bellow I would take the full brunt of the fall.

I didn't feel the sudden pain in my back but only continued to fall I had my eyes clenched tight. I didn't want to see the end when it happened I just wanted to remember my son and wife smiling happily in my memory. That's when I felt the pain I didn't have enough time to prepare myself as all the air was knocked from my lungs. I still had my son in my arms. He was crying I gave him a gentle squeeze saying I was ok.

"But Daddy you're hurt." He said as I slowly sat myself up. Every bone and muscle protested the movement but I needed to get off the ice as soon as possible.

"I'm ok Sam." I said with a weak smile. I got to my feet carrying my son. I looked around me for the first time seeing that I had not landed on the frozen river below the bridge. Instead I was in a forest covered in snow I let out a shiver and in turn my son shivered as well. I was worried I would either need to find a hospital or some sort of shelter. My son shivered in my arms again. I set him down taking off my own coat. I wrapped it around him tight picking him up again.

"Here you go champ this will keep you warm." I shivered now that I was out in the snow with only a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I wouldn't have to worry about my son getting frost-bite. If I got it I could deal with it.

"But Daddy won't you get cold?" He asked the same worry on his face. I only smiled flexing an arm in front of him.

"This cold is nothing to me." He nodded hugging me tight. "Now let's go somewhere warm so you don't catch a cold.

"Ok Daddy." Sam said as I began running through the woods hoping to find at least some form of shelter or somewhere we could warm up at. I needed my bearings so I could find a way home for us.


About an hour of the biting cold I found an exit to the trees. I could barely feel my hands. My feet hurt more than anything. My body racked with shivers as I looked around for some sort of reprieve from the cold. I looked down at my son who was shivering as well. I moved him slightly trying to keep him closer to me so he wouldn't be too cold. "Daddy I'm cold." He whined. I only tightened my grip on him.

"I know champ but don't worry I will find us some place to rest." I said with a smile. My face hurt like hell. Hell my whole body hurt from that fall and this cold but I had bigger worries. How was I going to keep my son safe. I couldn't start a fire since my lighter was at home. Hell I didn't even know where I was. It was dark and snowing lightly. I just felt so cold.

"Daddy I see a house." My son said pointing out towards a light in the distance. I smiled as I hit my second wind I powered through the deep snow making my way towards the home.

"Don't worry son soon we will be in a nice warm place maybe I can get some directions back home just in time for Christmas. Don't want to miss him now do we?" I asked trying to brighten his spirits.

Sam nodded into my shirt hanging onto me for dear life. I made it to the door raising my hand to knock on the door. I saw how black my fingers were. I had severe frostbite but I needed to get the people in this home awake so I could get some help. I lowered my hand moving my head closer to the door knocking on it with my forehead. It hurt but that pain kept me awake. I heard nothing on the other side of the door until I hit the door harder with my head.

"HEY WE ARE FREEZING TO DEATH OUT HER!" I yelled hitting my head on the door again The light in the living room turned on catching my attention. "PLEASE MY SON NEEDS HELP!" I heard the door unbolt as it opened a crack what I saw I was not ready for.

A woman of canary yellow skin... wait no fur was standing before me she had coral pink hair. She was looking at me like I was some sort of monster. My son peeked out from behind my coat at the woman. "Daddy is she going to help us?" He asked as I looked at him with a smile.

"Of course she is." I said looking at the woman with a look of absolute desperation. She noticed my look seeming to be torn about helping us before she opened the door all the way.

"Please come in out of the cold." I smiled crying out of happiness. Thank god she was willing to help us. I would have to make it up to this woman some way some how.

"Thank you." I said as I moved into the rather warm and cozy home. There were many bird houses and small creatures gathered around the main room I didn't pay them any mind as I set my son in front of a fire place. A small fire was burning gently. I looked my son's hands over carefully. I also took over his shoes making sure his feet didn't get any frost bite as well. Once satisfied that he was not in any more danger I let out a sigh of relief. "You stay here champ and warm up by the fire I have to have a talk with the nice lady. OK?" I asked to see him nod smiling I could see he was already feeling better next to the fire.

"I hope the poor dear is alright." She said as I walked up to her.

"He'll be ok now that he is getting warmed up. But right now I need to ask some questions is that alright with you?" I asked seeing her fidget nervously. I raised both my hands showing her I meant no harm. "As soon as we are warmed up we will be on our way. I just need some directions back to Youngstown, Ohio."

Her eyes locked onto my hands shocked. "Oh no you have frostbite. Just stay here while I get my first aid kit." She quickly moved up the stairs to a separate room. Just as quick as she left she was back holding the kit in her hands. "Let me see your arms. If you don't mind that is." I nodded holding my arms out so she could observe them. "Oh my this is not good let's get you to the table so I can get to work." I followed her still feeling rather cold from being outside for so long.

We both sat down at a table so she could examine my arms. I didn't take my eyes off of my son. He was sitting smiling at feeling warm now. A small smile graced my lips as I saw him scoot back away from the fire using my coat as a pillow. I felt a hot sting on my fingers as my hands were put into a tub of luke warm water.

"Hopefully the warm herb water should help the fingers recover. Sections of your arms have frostbite as well but not as bad. I can bandage them when the fingers have warmed up more." I nodded as I continued to smile at my son. He was sleeping soundly now. Pour guy must be tired after what happened. "How are your feet feeling?" I was jolted out of my thoughts as I looked at the strange woman before me.

"I'm sorry what?" I asked confused.

"Your feet are they cold?" I looked down at my wet pants and my shoes.

"Yea they are a bit cold but these shoes are pretty nice. They warm themselves the more you move them." I took off my shoes and socks letting them dry out. My feet felt wet and cold but at least they weren't frostbitten like my arms.

"That's good." She said as she placed a finger in the tub. "I'll get you some new water to relax your hands." I nodded pulling my hands out of the water. For the first time I noticed there were small leaves and herbs in the water. I glanced at my fingers seeing the black was slowly receding away. That is some kind magic cure for frostbite that I am ok with. Normally they would just cut the fingers off at this stage.

"Thank you again." I said looking at my hands. "Without your kindness my son might not have made it through the cold." I said glance at his sleeping form.

"Oh I couldn't just let you both freeze out there it would have been wrong of me to do such a thing." She said moving the tub back to the table I reinserted my hands into the water feeling the familiar sting.

"Still I am forever in your debt." I said with a smile. "Oh how silly of me you are helping us but don't even know our names." I pulled my hand out of the water holding it out for her. "My name is Jeremy Harve and that is my son Samuel." I said as she took my hand giving me a gentle shake.

"I'm Fluttershy." She said in a light whisper. I nodded returning my hand to the water. "In a few more minutes I will bandage your arms and you should be better in a few hours."

"Thanks again Fluttershy." I said as we sat in silence waiting to get my arms bandaged.

The silence was almost like a solid wall in my mind. "Ok I have to ask. If you don't mind me being rude but what are you?" I said bluntly. Hell I needed answers this wasn't my world from what I could tell even the animals here seemed to be smarter than my world's counterparts.

"Oh... um... I am a pegasus and what about you and your son? If you don't mind my asking that is." I cocked an eyebrow at the pegasus thing but waved it off mentally.

"We are humans. How old are you?" I asked interesting in meeting something new.

"Oh. I am 26 what about you and your son?"

"I'm 26 as well my son is only 5. He is the joy of my life." I looked over to my son seeing a few of the animals had curled up with him as if to keep him warm. I smiled at the scene at my son being so peaceful.

"That's good to see. It is rare for colts to take care of their sons all by themselves." I looked over to her seeing her pull my hands out of the water so she could dry them. "Please leave the wraps on for at least a day so the skin can fully heal." I nodded still confused about her previous statement.

She began wrapping my hands with all the care a mother would her child. Once she was done she stood closing up her kit. I stood as well to get to my son when a pain racked my back making my hiss through my teeth. I forgot all about that fall when I realized my son's like might have been in danger. Fluttershy took notice of this walking over to me.

"Are you alright?" She asked concerned I went to stand again only to let out a whimper of pain. I remained rooted in my seat.

"No my back hurts really bad." I said as she lifted my shirt to examine my back. she let out a small gasp as she pulled my shirt off completely. I winced at moving my body so much.

"You have a deep gash on your back and maybe a few broken ribs." Fluttershy said pulling out a few medical supplies before getting to work. "I will have to sew the gash shut and clean it up. This may sting a teensy bit but please bear with it." I nodded moving my shirt to my mouth just in case I screamed in pain. I tightened my mouth as she began sewing my wound. Only a few grunts of pain escaped my mouth as she worked. The cleaning process hurt like no tomorrow but I kept my pain under wraps.

After only a few minutes she began wrapping my entire torso making sure it was tight but still loose enough that I could move. "Hey Fluttershy can you tell me where we are?" I asked as she finished wrapping me up. I slouched over slowly looking down at the ground.

"Oh yes you are near Ponyville." I winced shutting my eyes tight. I knew from my extensive knowledge that there was no place called Ponyville anywhere on Earth.

"I guess we really aren't home anymore." I said with a sigh. "What are we going to do. I can't get my son back home... What am I going to do?" I asked myself gripping the sides of my head tightly. "Today is Christmas I had the perfect gift for him." I was distraught. How was I going to take care of Sam?

"Oh today is Hearth's Warming Day I can allow you my home until you get back home." I looked up at her shocked.

This woman. NO THIS SAINT! Was willing to go this far to help us I was stunned silent. No one would ever just take a family off the streets and help them like this. I took hold of her hand holding them gently I could feel the tears stain my cheeks. I didn't care if I looked pathetic I was so thankful for her help.

"Thank you." I whimpered out as I continued to cry holding her hand. I felt something soft and feathery wrap around my body holding me close.

"Shhh it's ok." She cooed softly as she pulled her hands away to wrap them around me. I hugged Fluttershy back crying into her sweater.

Once my tears had subsided Fluttershy went back to her room to get back to sleep. I set out to at least make something for my son for Christmas. It wouldn't be anything fancy but I would at least try to make something for him. I looked around for anything I could use but nothing came to mind to make a gift. I couldn't just rummage through Fluttershy's home looking for something but I could at least give him one thing.

I pulled my necklace up looking it over with a smile. "Normally this necklace would be reserved for when he turned 21 but I guess he needs it now more than anything." I unclasped the necklace looking it over with a smile. My Wife had given this to me when we got married. We traded necklaces instead of rings. I carried her necklace in my pocket always.

I held it tight in my hand clenching it to my chest looking out the window at the snow that was falling gently. "Samantha I wish you were here with us. You would be able to see our son grow and would be trying just as hard as me to make sure he was safe." I shed a tear wiping it away with a smile. "You would know what to do in this situation. You always knew what to do. I was just the guy who protected you from all who would hurt you." I set the necklace down on the table seeing Fluttershy had left her first-aid kit on the table. I reached into my pocket pulling out a receipt looking it over. I wrapped the necklace up in the receipt using some tape to seal it up. I left it on the table getting to my feet.

I picked up my son moving over to Fluttershy's couch I laid him down next to me. I smiled as he nuzzled into my chest. I closed my eyes deciding to try and get some sleep. I was exhausted from what all happened today.