• Published 9th Jun 2015
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Smoke: Hooves and Hedonism - Distant Gaze

A non-canon side story to Smoke, in which Done and a weatherpony enjoy a cloudy rooftop.

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Comments ( 11 )

Ah, my favorite effect of the smoke; it leaves mares more than happy to trust and love him, my favorite kind of mind control. Also the hoof fetish was a nice touch.

Always nice to see more smoke.

Very cute. x3

My only question is why did this have to be non-canon? I get that it doesn't really move the plot of smoke forward (no pun intended), but it still works as a chapter. What conflicts with the actual story to warrant it's non-canon-ness? I'm quite curious. :twilightsheepish:

6076561 The confliction is clearly him being ahead of his paperwork. :derpytongue2:


I thought I replied to this, but i guess I forgot to hit submit. The first reason is that Rainy will have a minor, official role in the second part of Smoke, and needs to be "new" to Done for that. The second is that the official story has had enough clop without major plot advancement, and the next chapter only advances things at the very end--I don't want to add another "PC" chapter to Smoke before I advance the plot, even if it is comparatively short.

6079428 Thanks for answering! :twilightblush:

Where can i find that cover art? I know you said who drew it but i just can't find it on their page.

The full set of pictures (4!) is on derpibooru now as well, just search for oc:Rainy Season or oc:Done Deal (can't link due to Fimfiction rules).

6307512 he sent me a pm link a while back, was good on that note.

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