• Published 7th Jun 2015
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Spike gets ALL the mares - DeltaXeno1138

Spike's latent instincts lead to him bedding mares.

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Yeah I'd like to see a sequel.

You should make a sequel to this story.

I want to see more of the wacky thing will get into, and id like to see what AppleJack and spike's kid looks like (and maybe, she the others main 6 get pregnant).

Also see spike have a talk with Cadance, she kind of went crazy at the end, and have a talk with her to calm her down.

other wise really good story. Love to see a sequel, please!!

good story, want to see more

Any sequels planned for this story?

6669593 Yes but have yet to start writing.

6778634 I beleive I know which you mean. Already thought of how to handle that. Don't know if I'll handle it well, but I'll handle it.

Talking about The One where Pinkie Pie Knows right?

6908516 Yeah. Not one of my greatest ideas. I came up with it and put it out before that certain episode of season 5 where pinkie knows.

Even though I, and everyone else, guessed what the secret was, there was a slight, tiny possibility that it wasn't that. So I used that to my advantage, I guess.

But if you're reading the sequel, I am looking to counteract that when I get to it.

The humor, romance, and sensuality of this story was all really good and i highly enjoyed it.

Most excellent.

6941232 You know I've written a sequel? Incomplete, but still. 2 chapters so far

6941383 Indeed. I have both chapters up and i'll be reading them momentarily.

7024984 A chapter about Shining in the hospital?
You mean an elaboration of how he got there or his time in the hospital?

Every time I look at the cover image, I can't help but picture Spike thinking "Hail to the king, baby."

Excellent. That's all I'm saying. :pinkiehappy:

~ Super-Brony12


Comment posted by DeltaXeno1138 deleted Jan 15th, 2017

8148176 Holy shit! Someone finally gets it!

great story but I dont really like the guy on devianart you inspired this fic from he is a whiney little bitch latleyy that throw fits and stopeb being a brony just because his fave charcter dont get enough spotlight in the show acording to him, to me spike get more then enough spotlight I would like to see back ground ponys such as lyra and sweetie drop get more spotlight not the main cast constantly

Comment posted by DeltaXeno1138 deleted Feb 26th, 2018

8460502 Wow, do I feel stupid. I replied to your comment saying I wasn't inspired by Titanium, and it's right in the description that I was. And to top off the stupidity sundae, I deleted my original reply before reading it again to check what I said concerning it XD. I'm sure what I said (aside from not being inspired by him) is that I didn't know about his behavior beforehand. That part is definitely true. I was only inspired by his work and nothing more.

In Shipping Terms:
I ship
:moustache:Spike with the Mane 6/7 (EG{Human Spike}/FIM) [PONIES ONLY]
Like I ship
Lincoln with his sisters (minus Lily,Lucy,and Lisa)
As I ship
Dipper with all the girls (minus Grenda)

8989754 No, she dated him briefly before.

King Spike is Best Spike :moustache:

Yes I know about that which is why she wouldn't be weirded out by feeling aroused. However actually having him grope her is quite a step further and I don't think she would just allow it that easily.

9138824 Eh, it's the whole cliche of getting really into a massage that some groping isn't that big a deal (or is that only in porn? XD). Believe me, I'm not saying it's a good explanation, it's incredibly contrived, like the whole fic.

I don't know. I don't necessarily think the entire thing is contrived. I just think that seducing Applejack would take a little bit more effort and tact on the part of Spike. Also I think for a female to have a male touching her in those private areas would trigger an immediate response.

9138875 I don't disagree. The deeper intricacies of the seducing weren't really my focus when I was writing this. Except for maybe one of the mares, but you have to get to The Plan chapters for that.

Looking forward to it. Though I would think that the first mare he get's would require the most effort since he doesn't yet know what makes mares tick.

9138883 *light suppressed laughter* Let me tell you, again except for maybe The Plan chapters, that kind of thing is not gonna come up in this story.

I got that. I just meant that the lengthy seduction should have been there at the beginning. His first seduction would likely be one of his hardest as he has no experience and also no real jumping off point.

9138902 Yeah, that could've been a better, maybe nuanced way for a harem fic to go. Deviate from the others (at least the ones I've read after having written one) by not having it come incredibly easy for the protagonist.

Yeah. You should have the first one be really hard and have the protagonist make many mistakes. Then they get progressively easier as they gain more experience.

9138936 I have been wanting to revise with help from my editor, but they've been busy their own thing, even more so now, so I don't even know when that would start.

And by revise, I mean polish. I'm not gonna rewrite the entire thing. I'd like to write a fic like what we're talking about but I honestly have very little interest. Also I got incomplete fics I prefer to work on. And that's on top of other fics I want to write.

I read this story a few years ago and could not for the life of me refind it. I am happy to say it's just as good as the first time

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