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It isn't easy being born with the power of goodbye. Ever since he got his cutie mark, Evening Twilight has been gifted with the ability to heal the pain of loss that ponies experience.

But what happens when his sister makes a promise on his behalf? Now Evening has to help the dying aunt of her sister's friend say her goodbyes and he is not certain he is up to it...

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Comments ( 11 )

First off, I want to say... This story was amazing.

And this part...

And when all that is over and it is my turn... who will talk to me?" he was sobbing on the ground. "Who will talk to me when my I'm comes?

Hit me right in the feels. :raritycry:Well done, aside from one error: time, not I'm.

Now for some minor nitpicks:

She was just like a blood of tears


You know painful this is for me!"

Missing 'how'.
Aside from all of that, this story was amazing. Great job!

Thanks, Titanium! :) Will fix immediately!

One helps you face the knew and unknown, the other to say goodbye to the old and foregone.
Reminds me a little of the one with the flower filly. Similar atmosphere.

I found Evning's personal conflict, well executed and worth thought.

I think you got in a bit of a hurry by the end though. :pinkiesmile:

That was hew gift

I know of his her its hir and hys, but hew was new.

No, be she sure going to try!

Swap be with but and put in was. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for a thoughtful read with atmosphere. :ajsmug:

Thanks, Zilverfoss :)
You are too kind, but my typo proneness is entirely to blame. O:) Will fix right away! :)

Later that year, Evening Twilight moved out of town...

6313852 *dramatic music* :)
Really need to rewrite this one... o:)

6313870 nawh, it's great, just needs a more decisive ending.

6319428 Thanks :)) Will see what I could do :D

You brought tears to my eyes just by reading the summery. What dark magic is this, summoning onion-cutting ninjas across the world?

7909951 Tonight's news: "There is a flood advisory for northern Utah. Seems some brony has started reading sad stories, and he has found a doozy!"

As odd as it sounds, I think I want to be like Evening. I'm going to be a nurse in a year, and my thoughts have been to help and comfort those around me. Thank you.

PS: "How weber, it was not rage burning inside him, it was fear." I think 'weber' is supposed to be 'weird'

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