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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.


Princess Luna asks Anonymous to check on Twilight Sparkle. He does so. Meanwhile, Spike is being weird and Rainbow Dash does not lift.

Short, cute Anon x Twilight story.

Second person this time, contains mushy stuff, random shit and stupid references. You know, the usual.

Teen for some language and sexual references.

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You bring a hand to your green, featureless face and scratch your black question mark, shrugging.

This had me laughing XD hahahahaha!

Nice job!
This was a nice one shot.

Pretty good story. The humor was pretty good (most of the time) and the lead up to the kiss was well paced.

You really could have lived a long and happy life without the need to know what happens when mixing vaginal secretions and cake batter.


good news. bad news.

bad news: this isn't your best work.

good news: its still better than 98% of the other shit on this site.

new story ideas.

6061813 Yeah, this wasn't exactly an elaborate story or anything, just a cute little one shot I randomly thought of. I just opened a blank .txt and started greentexting, took me like half an hour.

What would you consider to be my best work, by the way?

Personally I like Symphonic Symphony. but then again I'm a little biased so...

I saw a lot of effort went into it and it as a narrative it really shined.

however, I feel like your best is yet to come. If you can find the right combination of strengths
(or maybe stepping out of your comfort zone) then you could produce your best story yet.

remember man if you need an editor, or someone to bounce ideas off of.
feel free to PM me. I got your back bro.

6062008 Thanks man. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to write another story after my last one, I couldn't bring myself to write anything during the past six months.

Ah I missed your style of writing and humor and everything. A short, funny and lovely story, thank you for that :twilightsmile:

Lol dat borderlands reference.

Oww, that was cute as fuck. You should really write more stuff like this.

"She spent the whole day in the barn with Big Mac, trying to handle an infestation of... shit, I don't even know. Twittermites or something?"

Gotta watch out for those twittermites, they might unnecessarily tag you! :rainbowlaugh:


"Anon, I... I tied you up and threw you in my basement after freaking out when I realized you were immune to magic."

Better Twi tying you up and throwing you in her basement than Lyra doing it. Unless, you know, you're a Yankee Doodle....(get it?)

If Lyra does it, then... I- I have to be honest, that's kinky as fuck.

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