• Published 13th Jun 2015
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Dead Space 3: Heavenly Death? - HellBreaker

After defeating theTau Volantis Moon, Isaac is brought to Equestria for reasons unknown. What will this foresaken hero become to the inhabitants this world? Let's find out.

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Dramatic Entrance

As Isaac activated the Machine, a green-ish orb of light left the Codex and into the sky above them, beginning the process as it was always meant to, killing the moon, "CARVER" Isaac screamed at the top of his lungs as a part of the platform broke off, even if he knew that the both of them would die, he acted on instinct yelling his name, he came to know John, as another man that live the same amount of torture, he lost his family, to Danik. Isaac lost Nicole, to the Marker. They both shared the deep, seeping scars in their hearts that could never be healed. He himself fell off the platform.

As Isaac was falling, he pulled out the picture of Ellie that he pulled off Norton's corpse, looking at it with tears, with joy, and sorrow, knowing she was finally safe from the monsters that plagued countless species, if there were anymore at all, for eons, but not safe at each others side. As he was falling through the air, he loosened his grip on the torn picture, and let it go, he let her go, knowing that holding onto her would cause more pain in leaving her forever. The picture falling, flowing in the wind, away from Isaac, he felt a heavy burden being lifted off his conscious, he felt.... peace. Something that was foreign to him, and it was blissful, he knew it was finally his time to die. He felt no fear, no sadness, just glorious peace.

As he fell closer and closer to the planet's surface, he saw the moon, dead, finally dead after so much, "Sayonara mothafucker".

And with that the moon fell on top of him. It was over.

Until a bright light came into his sight.

Then green, lots of it. Then brown, and pain.

Ponyville 6:00 AM

Twilight woke up early, having been told of a fascinating occurrence, uncontrollable even by Luna, to happen at this particular time, nothing happened for several minutes, but then a small star appeared, "Oh, telescope time~", said Twilight as she levitated her scope towards her. Once she looked at the star, she could tell something was off about it, it seemed to be something other than a star, "That is very, very strange, that must be the anomaly Princess Luna told me about", she said. Eagerly scribbling notes down on her notepad, wanting to study and analyze the phenomena, but as she was turning the page, the "star" expanded to a very large size, out came many chunks of rock came out of the of star, which Twilight assumed was a portal at this point, one piece of debris falling in the alicorn's direction.

"EEEEEEPPPPPP!!!" was all she could say before acting on instinct: ducking, the stone was hot against her fur, it flew past her leaving her unharmed, almost, her mane was scorched at the end, but overall she was alright, she chose to look at the stone, as she examined the stone she found what appeared to be small bits of flesh, not wanting to take chances, she burned it.

"What the Tartarus was that, and where did it come from, somewhere bad maybe" she thought of what that "event" could have been, "Portal, wormhole, what the buck was it" she said to nopony but herself.

Knowing there were probably more of those stones, she decided to send a letter to Celestia and round up some guards in case of "dire" situations called for such. And with that she gathered her belongings and set off back to the castle.

Author's Note:

hello reader, as you may know I am an amateur, if you spot any errors, please tell me I will correct them. Yes, I know, short chapter, but this is merely the beginning.

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