• Published 13th Jun 2015
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Sweetie Belle Tastes Like Marshmallow - Wiimeiser

Sweetie Belle discovers she can taste things no other pony she knows can taste. How does she readjust to this shocking revelation?

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Mcüezŕôx Koṕ ni Qiln Fasa hri ni Nitä

Silver Spoon groaned. Following that blank flank was becoming tedious. Did she stick to the trail? Did she just see a railway track out here? Were those voices and construction noises she was hearing?

None of it mattered to her. Those blank flanks had seen her secret shame.

Her outie.

She remembered it like it was yesterday...


Silver Spoon lay on her back. She was pinned down by Hammertime, a colt a year older than her. He had just got his cutie mark -a large hammer- earlier that day. And he was proud of it.

"Leave her alone, you creep!" Diamond Tiara screamed, being pinned down by Hammertime's lackeys Iron Anvil and Loose Stirrup.

"Hey, Anvil, Stirrup! Look at what we have here!" Hammertime's words echoed through Silver Spoon's mind even in the present day.

Iron Anvil and Loose Stirrup turned toward their friend, dragging the blank flank Diamond Tiara along the ground.

"Hey, nice find, Hammer!"

"Looks like the kid's a freak!"

The three colts began chanting "Outie girl!" over and over. In seconds, Silver Spoon had been reduced to tears.

On the other hand, Diamond Tiara grew increasingly furious. Her rage built up until she snapped. But the colts were just too strong for her.

Eventually the fight was broken up by Cheerilee. However, the damage had already been done. Silver Spoon would never see herself the same way again. She resorted to hiding her secret shame with a bandage. Diamond Tiara took her in, serving her the most delicious meal she ever ate, giving her impressive and royal comfort, and trying and ultimately failing to talk Silver into seeing herself for who she was. Feeling so spoiled, it was a few minutes until Silver Spoon noticed she had gotten her cutie mark.

But Hammertime's words echoed in the back of her mind.

She was a freak.

A freak.


A freak...

A freak...

A freak...

She couldn't take it anymore.

She had to let it out.


Creatures scattered through the forest.


"Twät śinka lu, 「Nitori」, lu rkaċśä!"

Those voices again.

She had to get out of this Faustawful place.

Sweetie Belle awoke to the sound of a loud and yet strangely familiar scream. She didn't know how long she was trapped in the hut for.

Turning around, she saw the other door had opened into a room filled with clutter. The only light in the room was from the one active screen. Walking over and looking at it, Sweetie Belle noticed it was security footage of the area just outside Zecora's hut. At the top were twelve symbols, with the second, resembling a て, being highlighted. The first vaguely resembled a そ, the third vaguely resembled a ラ, and she couldn't care about any of the others. She assumed they were numbers, with the て being 1 or 2. Based on her knowledge of other languages, it was probably a 1, but she couldn't be sure. It appeared to be, however; looking at a list below two symbols after the last were てそ.

Looking down below her, Sweetie Belle saw a hundred tiny buttons below her. How can anypony use these? They're so small! Looking closely at one row, she saw a line of symbols resembling the twelve symbols at the top of the security display. Should she touch one of those? If so, how? They were so small!

Looking across the desk, Sweetie Belle spied a photograph. It contained four bipedal yet strangely pony-like characters; the first an orange-furred girl with purple hair and eyes and small wings; the second a white-furred girl with green eyes and curly lavender and rose streaked hair and a horn on her forehead; the third a slightly older-looking, rather chunky brown-furred girl with green eyes and red hair in a sort of smooth mohawk with bangs falling down one side of her face; and the fourth a freakishly tall yellow-furred girl with brown eyes and red hair tied with a huge pink bow.

It can't be...

Sweetie Belle's mind snapped.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders? How is this even possible? Does that mean I'm just a robot clone, or...

No, this is ridiculous! There's only one of me...

Unless I am a robot clone...

Though, that's probably why I was let in.

The Sweetie Belle looked like the figure from her dream... There was no way that could be coincidence.

But what were these strange creatures? Could they be the monsters inhabiting the inverted continent? They certainly resembled the description in her textbook...

Sweetie Belle had an idea. Using her magic, she levitated the picture above the buttons and pressed down on the ラ.

As she suspected the picture on the screen changed.

She was now looking at...


No way! That's the inside of Sugarcube Corner! Pinkie Pie was serving cupcakes to Derpy, Sparkler and a black and purple unicorn stallion with a police badge that she didn't know.

She used the picture frame to press the (presumed) 3.

The footage changed to a shot of the patch of poison joke near Zecora's hut. Nothing unusual.

4. Some building somewhere? What appeared to be an overhead view of a large dirigible landing pad with a huge door at the bottom, with a tower in each corner. At the bottom of another tower, she could make out...

Wait, what was Diamond Tiara doing there? Messing with something in the tower, no doubt.

The security footage inexplicably cut out and was replaced with static.

What did she just do?

5. An aerial view of the Everfree Forest. Whatever the camera was attached to, it was moving at high speed.

Sweetie Belle started to feel sick. She quickly pressed the 6, revealing...

Cheerilee's office? It looked like there'd been fighting going on in there. Fountain Pen and Truffle Shuffle were cleaning up. Button Mash passed by, visible through the open door.

7 looked kind of like a £. Pressing it revealed the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters in the middle of the forest. A vehicle of some kind was parked outside, but it looked strange. Where were the wheels and shafts? How was it supposed to work? What was it for? Sweetie Belle didn't have to wait long to find out some of the answers. The orange girl from the photograph entered a door on the front left. After a few seconds, the vehicle began levitating, and drove off. But how?

8. Looked like a mine shaft, the camera focused on a track leading to an elevator. A minecart full of strange red football-shaped gems was being wheeled onto the elevator. Next to a lever stood...

A Sweetie Bot?

Sweetie Belle couldn't believe what she was seeing. That's it, I'm definitely a robot clone if that other one's real...

9. An overhead view of the Cutie Map. Things seemed dire. Sirens were blaring, and five cutie marks hovered above the map flashing red like an emergency situation. Twilight Sparkle's was missing... Any particular reason?

Were the M and arrow numbers? Was てそ ten or twelve? It made her head hurt.

She pressed the presumed 10. The inside of the Crusaders' Clubhouse? Why would they put a camera in there?

11 was...

No way, it was her bedroom at Carousel Boutique! Through some devious calculating, Sweetie Belle deduced the camera was inside the plush pony she got from the Appleloosa Rodeo market three days ago.

But why?

In her shock, Sweetie Belle dropped the frame on a right arrow. The footage changed to Apple Bloom's room, the camera being below the closet Scootaloo had hidden in once. And was that Big Macintosh playing with Apple Bloom's new My Little Human dolls? Specifically the CMC... He'd certainly have something to say for himself...

Sweetie Belle noticed there were more cameras. She kept pressing the right arrow, until the chevron on the right of the row of moon runes went grayed.

13. Scootaloo's room, from behind one of the Wonderbolts posters.

14. A fancy bedroom that looked like it had been torn up in a violent tantrum. The tiara above the bed indicated who it belonged to.

15. A similar but less fancy bedroom, also ransacked. Spoon imagery decorated the walls, and a snake slept near the camera.

16. A sorry-looking bedroom. Scissors were piled up on a table. Suddenly, the door opened and Babs entered. This was her room?! Why are they spying on us?

17. Pinkie's room in Sugarcube Corner.

18. Rainbow Dash's room.

19. Rarity's room.

20. Sweetie Belle's room back at home, looking out towards the windmill.

21. Twilight's room

22. Inside Fluttershy's cottage

23. Applejack's room.

24. Above the entrance to the town hall.

25. Was that Appleloosa?

26. The inside of a vehicle. Looking closely at the driver, it appeared to be the vehicle she saw before.

27, 28, 29 and 30 were watchtowers. The last was occupied by some massive armored thing. The others were empty.

31 was another view of the mines. A drilling sound could be heard.

32 was a shot of a huge circular mineshaft ending in molten magma below.

33 was displayed all weird and distorted. Magical energy was extracting what appeared to be football-shaped objects from a large metal surface. Were these the same ones those robots were gathering before?

34. Another view of the mines. Was that aegisalt they were mining there?

35. A change of pace. Was this a rock farm? Pinkie's, perhaps?

36. Some building in the forest somewhere. 37 through 42 were more shots of the same building.

43. The classroom. It seemed strangely empty.

44. An apple farm.

45. Ponyville Post Office

46. Celestia's throne room.

47. A hall of doors in an underground cavern. It looked like there'd been a fight.

48. Outer space? Why? The camera turned to reveal a huge dragon. Sweetie Belle quickly switched over.

49 was... The weird beach from her dream? But how? Strangely, the whole footage was in black and white.

50 through 79 were bedrooms and other places she'd never seen before. Only 62 and 77 had anything familiar, namely Thunderlane and Discord respectively.

80 was what appeared to be the bedroom of somepony of high prestige. A saxophone lay at the base of the bed. Who sleeps here? Sweetie Belle wondered.

The last one, 81, was the interior of the shack itself. Looking closely, Sweetie Belle saw it was looking directly at her butt, which it turned out was indeed quite large.

"What the Faust?! Has my butt always been that huge?!"

In the following shock she dropped the picture frame again, this time on a button with a む-like character.

The video replayed everything since switching over to the current feed.

"What the Faust?! Has my butt always been that huge?!"

Sweetie Belle was shocked to the core. Was that what her voice really sounded like? It was horrible, to say the least. She sounded like Mare Corlett in her younger years. She couldn't stand her now, nor then.

She remembered there was one more camera. Pressing the right arrow again, the screen snapped to the そ. Zero turned out to be security footage of the area just outside, more specifically where she'd entered the clearing. Looking closely at it, she saw movement in the bush.

Suddenly, a figure emerged. Sweetie Belle cringed. It was Silver Spoon. She had been followed. It wouldn't be a problem as long as Silver didn't figure out how to operate the device and get in, but her being right outside was still a terrifying prospect.

Silver Spoon approached the building and punched it with her left foreleg. Sweetie Belle fell over from the sudden noise and landed her head on the desk.

The screen right in front of her suddenly turned on. On it, Sweetie Belle could make out Silver Spoon's ugly countenance.

Oh no. Ooooh nooooo!

Silver Spoon closed one eye and moved the other towards the camera.


The mysterious runes appeared on the screen. Two beeps. The machine knew both fillies.

"Nercäċuqa tseşiṕra. Ḃuśkr mvaqi mväśtra: 「Rñòŕhĭùð Âhôsmnpék」."


The familiar metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Sweetie Belle suddenly knew what those familiar words were.


The door opened, and Silver Spoon walked in.

"Ooh, the blank flank. What a pleasant surprise! Looks like this is my lucky day after all!"

Author's Note:

I'm not too sure 'shaft' is the correct term for a horse-drawn vehicle.

Guess what's in the minecart.

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