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Family is everything...even when your adopted brother is a buffalo with a heavy Scoltish accent, and your father has disowned you for denying your heritage. That's a lesson that some ponies (or buffalo) have to be taught the hard way. It's a lesson that Black Gold and Stormhoof will have to have beaten into them. Their bonds as brothers will be forged in the crucible of their lives, and be tested as Stormhoof slowly learns who he is...

...Also, never give a buffalo alcohol. Bad idea.

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Rum - Alestorm

Because it's about drinking and its Scottish.

That's... 5 new stories in one day. You people are unforgiving.

...th' Scot in me is pleased.

I read it. I enjoyed it. I went BLARGISHBLRAAIGANIRARBINAINERRG the first time. The second time I went, "Good job guys. You pulled off the time changes pretty well, and the Scoltish accents weren't impossible to understand. I will be hoping for a second chapter soon."

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