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Equestria is hanging on by a thread. The Changelings are advancing on all fronts, and Canterlot is their target. Equestria's finest soldiers cannot defeat them. Princess Ceslestia is calling on seventy-five fowls to save Equestria, but she must weigh morality with desperate actions to decide if what she is doing is right. But, the Equestrians discover a secret hidden in the bowls of the universe, a secret that was never meant to be discovered. Can they use it to defeat the Changelings, or will Chrysalis use it to conquer Equestria?

Chapters (3)
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A fowl is a type of bird. The word you are looking for is foal.

...So.. From reading the summary..

You basically took Halo: The Fall of Reach, and replaced it with ponies?

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619905 In a nutshell, yes. but I do twist the plot, leave out some events, and add some of my own touches.

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