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A shipping fic based on the song Apologize by One Republic.

First person X Applejack

I just felt like writing a fic based on a song. Also a challenge by a friend of mine. :Challengeaccepted:

Anyawy, have fun reading guys. Felt good writing it.

First Published
20th May 2012
Last Modified
20th May 2012
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Love that song, great story. A lot of emotion written beautifully. Thanks :ajsmug:

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MY GOD! this story is touching... we dont see many shipfics about one of the mane 6 and a O.C pony, the story is well written as what it is: several anecdotes

GOOD JOB i wanna see future works of yours

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I love it! Very touching, and I love that song.

Well done.

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Tracking, starts now

Very good fic :twilightsmile:

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At the time, I didn't really think it would be necessary for me to write this. But I decided to go with it anyway, and It was actually fun writing this :pinkiehappy:


Fics based on songs might be a rarity since this was a challenge from a friend. Good to hear that it faired well :twilightblush:


One Republic's songs are beautiful. Simply beautiful. But I seem to find Apologize to have more meaning than the others save for Secrets and Good Life.



Thanks :P

There might be future fics based on lyrics should I ever come across a challenge like this or if I simply feel like it :ppshrug:

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The flow was good and the emotions were captured very well.

3 criticisms I would have is slight mistakes with grammar here and there, tenses sometimes and the formatting. I got a bit confused as it was jumping from one event to another sometimes. Maybe if you made the different events more distinctive through the format?

Otherwise, I enjoyed reading it very much :pinkiesmile: .

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