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I'm living the life, right? Well, I'm certainly living and I have part of a life, but together I think that's false. Not that I'm poor or sad or lonely or anything, I'm just sort of bored. So I do what everyone does when they want something and are too cheap or broke to buy it. I made a wish. But that big ball of cheese in the sky decided to turn red for the night. And in an alternate dimension some evil moon horse got shot with rainbow lasers. Guess where I am now.

And now I'm a horse that everyone in this crazy world wants dead. Or was I always Nightmare Moon? I can't tell the difference anymore.

-Gore tag is for some blood from mild violence and injuries. Nothing too major.
-Beautiful cover art by thechibicatz67
-Third rewrite going up now!!

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Ooh, excellent start. Although I am surprised you didn't give any indication of gender of your main character. Also am I correct in assuming that the character is in the form of Luna rather than Nightmare Moon? The midnight blue fur, instead of black seems to suggest so.

7227309 I actually purposely avoided specifying a gender, and the midnight blue thing was something I overlooked. The form is supposed to be Nightmare Moon, but I guess I screwed up a bit. I'll go back and change it, along with adding some indication as to what form the main character is in. Thanks!

Great start! Please Keep up the Good work!:twilightsmile:
PS:How long will this story last? It's seem to be Great and i want more!
PPS:Please don't suddenly stop this fic in midway, it's never pleasant to see a nice story just been abandoned:fluttercry:

A good start. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

7227758 I'm doing everything I can to not just run out of ideas and stop in the middle of the story. I already have 3-4 chapters planned in advance and I'm going to try and keep it that way. I'm going to start working on chapter 2 tomorrow, in fact. Also, thanks! It's always great to hear people like my stuff! :twilightsheepish:

7227796 Thanks! (I have no idea what that last part means.)

7227803 It's latin for 'God be with you.'

You really should put spaces in between each paragraph. The way your story is formatted now, it looks like a huge wall of text and is very.... intimidating to look at.

7228392 Alright, thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that.

Great story so far. The concept, while done many times feels fresh. I honestly believe there should be more humans turned into equestrian villains fics. Also, when do you plan on updating? I know it can sometimes be hard to write, especially if the author has a functioning social life.

7351464 Thanks! In terms of updating, I want to make more, but I'm a pretty slow writer. I've also been really busy between some summer courses I've been doing, hanging out with friends, and working on an abridged series. I've also spent some time planning my Bronycon trip and playing Lego Star Wars... But, I'll try to get another chapter out soon, no promises. :twilightsheepish:

Say no more. I wouldn't be where I am today without that game. Admittedly I would probably be better off, but it was worth it. Down to the last minikit.

Interesting, I wanna see where this goes, hopefully the author continues, way too many stories without end nowadays

I need more...

I have no clue why I read this when I'm just gonna be cursing you for not making a new chapter ;p

8047853 Sorry, I'll try making another... :/

When will you continue?? You said you'll post in a week...

My sincerest apologies to all of you who wanted a new chapter, but I have decided I will be unable to continue this story. I have marked this as cancelled, but the premise is up for grabs if anybody wishes. Sorry. :pinkiesad2:

Aaaaand now I'm sad.

Sorry! Hopefully you will enjoy the new story I'm working on. :derpytongue2:

Tell me when you make it.

Oh, it's called Insanity's Truths. I'm focusing on school and making an abridged series before I finish the next chapter though.

Ah, still the idea you had with this story was interesting and I would like to see a remake/ successor at least.

Perhaps at some point. The thing is that I really didn't have an idea, just a premise. Of course, if you are willing to write, I can hand the reins over to you.

I cant I hate typing to the point that this message is straining it already.

XD Fair enough, I suppose. I've been trying to find another writer to take up the mantle on some of my abandoned stories for a while now, to no avail. :/

I wouldn't mind giving this one a go, but I'm writing my own possessed Nightmare story atm... well, two of them, really, with similar lines, but two different premises: One where the pony within NMM remains unknown; the other, where she reveals herself to Celestia, and plans are hatched. But this is interesting... I will read it a few more times and see if anything springs to mind.

Where are they?


Where are they?

Not posted yet. I haven't put together enough for a chapter yet, just got a start on both and a few scenes. Just working through details.

Pm me when they're up.

Pardon me, but I am a little confused........ is this story still alive?

Alive... well... it's looking for a new surrogate parent to help it grow big and strong. It's still in it's infancy, in a stasis cradle.

Cool, at least now I know that there is more comming.

Yeah! Sorry I left this story on the doorstep of the local orphanage with not even a note explaining things... :twilightblush:

But I'm looking forward to the continuation! Despite cancelling this, I still like the idea and would love to see where it goes.

So, we are going to hear from this story, just told by a diffrent author?

It's mostly up to whoever picks up the story. They can continue where it left off, or start anew. They could even go in an entirely new direction! :pinkiehappy:

You'll have to ask whomever took up the mantle.

So, you don't know who continues the story or has nobody adopted it yet?
(this is so confusing)

Not as of yet! That means you can try it out for yourself.

Oh.... don't get me wrong... I love stories like this one.. but I am not one to adopt a story. I would love to.... but I lack the talent to do so... I do hope you find someone eventually.

Imagination at its finest.

hay continue it now:twilightangry2:

I know what the answer most likely will be but I would like to hear it from the horse's mouth a simple yes or no will you ever come back to this piece of work redo it that is all I'm asking it's just disappointing to see stories that never have a end or the end that they deserve if you know what I mean

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