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A rather silly citrus you can address as Lemon Lass, bringing the fandom some of the most thought-provoking cartoon equine fanfictions since 2012.


'Her... Why her?
I guess I will never know.
She's the mare who runs through my head every waking hour.
Why was she the only one who meant anything to me?'

The collected memories of a lonely pony as he recollects on his life, making one wonder: is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

Please note: This story was written and published by the former user of this account. As such, the current account holder can take no credit for it.

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Comment posted by ThatWeatherstormChap deleted May 12th, 2016

do people read what admins post on this site? incoming ban

Well now, that's an emotional run.
I really liked this story.
there's no dialogue, but the entire story still conveys the character's feelings and actions beautifully.


That was really beautiful, I loved it.

The Lemon did not write this story.
This story belongs to a chap who used to use the account.

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