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I read. I read a lot. I also watch a cartoon about talking ponies. (I'm not usually so serious XD) On another note, I love, and am proud, to be crazy!


Fluttershy is flying with her animals (birds) when something starts to chase her. She accidentally flys into the Everfree forest and crashes into Discord's house. She falls unconscious and shows no signs of waking up.

Chapters (3)
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Woah.....this seems exciting! Now, since this is your first fanfiction, I can give you a few pointers:
Try not to make it too rushed, it will let the audience understand what exactly is going on.
You may need someone to look over new chapters you write because there were spelling errors and some sentences didn't make sense.
Other than that, that was really good for your first time writing!

The next one will probably take a long time too

That's OK, take your time.:scootangel:

:scootangel:I can' t wait for the next one! I'm a ghost because you killed me by cuteness .

Cool! first to comment!
and, this is good for your first fic.

Good! you say what is happening! example: *real world* so... :derpytongue2:

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