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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.


This story starts immediately after the events of Rainbow Rocks. I plan on following the lives of all the main characters through their final years at Canterlot High and beyond. We'll see how each one copes with dating, graduating, preparing for what comes after, and growing apart. I'll cover more of the girl's families and hopefully answer some questions not addressed in the movies (like where did Sunset Shimmer live and what did she do for money). Hopefully you enjoy.

8/22/15 I added the dark and gore tags for one passage in the chapter Time Passes Part 2. It's not super graphic and there won't be anymore passages like that, but I felt it was my responsibility to add these tags for the sake of anyone you might be sensitive to such things. I may edit that section later. If I do, I'll remove the tags. Until then, they'll stay.

9/13/15 I added the "sex" tag because there is one scene in "You Can't Judge Love Part 3" which some readers might find offensive. There is no, I repeat NO sex described in this story. Suggested, alluded to, but never, ever described in any detail. But I just want to make sure all my "I's" are dotted and "T's" crossed. Thank you.

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awesome start, I can't wait to see where this goes. I love how you portrayed Sonata as more than some dumb bimbo

Thank you. Sonata is one of my favorite characters and I want to treat her (all the characters really) respectfully. I want to write a story that a 13-16 year old would enjoy. In fact I imagine my daughter as the future reader of this. Although she has about another 10 years to go. Hopefully I finish before then. :pinkiehappy:

Eeeeeh I actually am not so fond of your Sonata. Sure I appreciate that you didn't just make her stupid and one-dimensional, but her being reformed ridiculously quickly is another cliche I'm not the biggest fan of.

6037787 I wouldn't say she's reformed and I was never convinced of her actual "badness". I plan to delve more into her motivations and history next chapter. But it does fit with other sudden redemptions we've seen like Sunset Shimmer and Discord. But to each their own. Keep reading if you don't like where it's going stop reading. Hopefully you will like it.

6037810 Just look at her various gestures and facial expressions during the movie, there's plenty of scenes where she is very obviously evil. Fanon Sonata is something different entirely of course. Personally I prefer it if either all three sirens split up or they stick together for better or worse, Sonata becoming good without Aria and Adagio is so overdone and frankly it meshes with my own characterization for her.

Tracking the story anyway just to see where it goes.

6037840 Well her character in the film was always a miss mash. I've heard the idea was to make her the "evil Pinkie Pie", but that concept is about as lame as "evil Mickey Mouse". The actual screen time that the Sirens have is very limited. And out of that, most of it is taken up by Adagio. So there's a lot for any person to pick apart and go in their own direction with.

But I would say, at least at this point in my story, her decision is quite pragmatic. Losing their magic, becoming mortal, having no way of supporting themselves or even protecting their selves; her decision to go back and seek the relative safety of the group would have made sense. And as the omega of the group, her ties t the other two wouldn't be that strong anyhow. But I appreciate you will follow it for a bit more.

I hope in the end trixie betrays them

6062534 Depends on which way I go. I have multiple version of the story in my head and I never know which version I'm going to with until start writing. In one version, yes, she does. So at this point all I can say is that it's a strong possibility, but I can't say for sure. I'm getting ready to write another chapter tonight. Not sure if it'll be about Twilight and Flash or pick up with Luna and Sonata. We'll both see then.

Pretty nice story. I'm curious how you'll go on with that :twilightsmile:

6101217 Still not sure yet myself. I got a couple different versions in my head. One is more realistic the other is more magical. The overall theme is the same; follow the girls as they grow up and grow apart. Each girl is going to get her time to shine. But the exact path I'm going to take is still up in the air. I just want to write something that'll be funny, heart warming, have some sad moments, but one that people will ultimately enjoy. And something safe for tweens and young teens to read.

6104026 Maybe you'll find a way to combine your versions :twilightsmile:

Adagio... How may times have you told Aria that? How many times have you been wrong? What will it take? You and she lying in a pool of your life's blood listening to your last few heartbeats pounding in your ears when you realise that something can and almost certainly will stop you?

Every world has its Nightmare.

Far more powerful and wise have been corrupted far more easily than you, Trixie Lulamoon. Do not be so foolish as to believe that you are special or that these two monsters will not kill you as soon as you have outlived your usefulness to them.

I've got the strangest feeling that we have not yet seen the end of the story of the Shine family. What we do can sometimes echo through history and the Dazzlings have experienced so very much of history in their unnatural lives.

I'm pretty sure the name, "Applejack" is one word, not two separate words.

6113150 Wasn't sure. I know in "A Case For The Bass" her bass is said to be monogramed with her initials "A. J.". So I was just treating Apple as her first name and Jack as her second. But your probably right.

Pinkie and Sonata living 24/7 in the same place? I don't think that the world is ready to face such a catastrophic combination of natural forces! :raritydespair:

6136090 Nope. I can only wonder if Maud can handle both of them.

FWIW, this is your fan-fiction and, thus, character motivations are your own. Certainly, it doesn't have to be canon-compliant in any way. That said, I don't think that your interpretation of Sunset is canon-supportable.

If Adagio is seriously relying on Trixie and her runaway ego to get something even moderately elaborate right, she's going to be in for a nasty shock.

The way Sunset acts throughout Rainbow Rocks and the clear determination expressed in My Past is Not Today both show that she has totally rejected the desires that led her to the dark path and thus would not even be slightly tempted by the Sirens' offer of an alliance.

6149304 She might have rejected her past and dark self, but the fear of it returning I feel will be there for awhile. Plus there were three spots in Rainbow Rocks where, to me at, there was some thought of, if not going back, at least wondering if she was on the right track. But redemption and does it exist and can we ever truly escape our past are going to be big themes in this story. I have a major scene between Adagio and Sunset planned, kind of based on Devils' Advocate where those ideas are discussed in depth. I think you'll really enjoy it.

You can't help but wonder if Trixie will end up turning to the side of good just because she prefers sitting with relatively nice (if certifiably insane) kids.

Sunset is a mare after 'Dagi's dark heart? I thought it's the other way around? Waitaminnit... 'Dagi likes Sunset and Trixie's gay for Twilight!?

6169171 Adagio see's Sunset as a slightly weaker version of herself (weaker only because she turned good). She feels that Sunset is someone she could co-rule with. As oppose to Aria which she see's as all muscle, no brain. As for Trixie, I am assuming and writing her as straight. You have two main antagonists: Adagio and Trixie. Each is trying to use the other to get what they want. Aria is cannon fodder for in both their eyes. But Aria has her own stuff going on.

But most of the girls I'm going to treat as heterosexual. Obviously Flash and Twilight are a couple. Rainbow will get a boyfriend. Sunset will eventually get one as well. Fluttershy, Rarity, And Applejack I haven't made my mind up on yet as to giving them an actual boyfriend or just letting it be known that they would like to have one. One look at my profile pic, should let you know I plan to ship Pinkie and Sonata. But that's the only gay couple I plan on having.

But one of the scenes I'm most looking forward to is when Adagio and Sunset get to have their big test of wills as Adagio attempts to turn her back to the darkside (to mix franchises). I want to really get at the heart of what is redemption, does it exist, can we ever truly be free from our pasts, and so on. I'm really excited about it.

Y'know, Twilight, the longer you keep a secret, the more you have to reinforce it with lies. It might be worth asking yourself if you want to poison you relationship with Flash when it all comes out in an uncontrolled way (because it will) or if you want him to have the right to confront the fact that you are not really a humanoid intelligence now and save you both heartbreak later.

You never know, he might not care!

I'm starting to think that the alliance of evil is doomed before it will get off the ground. Aria, Adagio and Trixie will be so busy trying get advantage over each other and going behind each other's backs that they won't have the time to worry about the good guys! In all probability the first they'll hear about it will be if one of the Sirens turns up dead (Sonata would almost certainly 'feel' it on a magical level) or if Trixie suddenly goes missing or has a psychotic episode in a public place (probably blamed on being introduced to hard drubs by those 'awful Dazzling girls who, from the way they dress, are almost certainly gang-bangers).

The thing about Adaggio is that, to her, sex is part of the mechanism by which she imposes control of her world and life. She is able to totally divorce her emotions (which are part of a psyche that is borderline-psychopathic anyway) from her actions, be it sex or violence.

Frankly, she scares me!

I don't know. Adagio, Aria and Sonata would be the beginning of the end. Adagio, Aria and Trixie are potentialy a comedy troupe. :trixieshiftright:

6207210 You totally get how I see her and am trying to write her. I do think she would have a mixed fascination with Sunset though. Two queen bees. I could see them as enemies, friends, and partners. There is a wonderful dynamic there that any writer can riff on. There both two of my favorite characters and love writing for both of them. These last two chapters were my favorite to write so far.

Japanese Twilight? I honestly thought Fluttershy would be more... Japanese due to her mannerisms.

6222449 I note after the chapter I explain how I came to that decision, but honestly, it was really recently. I think like most, I always thought if the cast had truly human forms; they'd Caucasian. Which I do find troubling on one level, just as the fact most of the characters seem to be rich. So I thought I'd add a little more diversity. But that's for everyone else to make their own mind up on.

Weird usually there's at least some comments anyway great story /)

6226620 Thank you very much.:pinkiehappy:

This was an awesome story hope you carry on /)

Talk about unsatisfied. Somehow, Pinkie and Sonata's declaration of love fills me with dread.

6271743 If you don't mind, may I ask how so? Is it because you don't believe it, feel it will end badly, or because I've just done a bad job of making it believable? If it's the third, I'll accept that. As I said in one of the notes, the actual romantic relationship developed over a much longer time and the declaration happened much later in the story. It was an editorial decision of mine to bring it forward and condense the time line. On one hand, it does streamline the story, which at the rate it's going now, is still going to be extremely long. The down side is the relationship seems a bit forced. It was a hard decision to make, I don't know if it was the right one, but it is the one I made and I accept any and all criticism for it.

6272169 I can understand the whole "birds of a feather" kind of deal, but the romance between Pinkie and Sonata seems too fast. You're not gonna have 'em go Romeo and Juliet, are you?

6272209 agreed. Like I said, it was an editorial choice that I knew was problematic but when weighed against the other options was lesser of two evils. The story takes place over a two year time frame (with an epilog that explains what happens to them over the next 20 years). That's a lot of time to cover and the story already is really long and I'm only about a month into the story chronologically. But that's self justification. I am planning on addressing the issue a little bit more in tonight's chapter. I was unhappy with my decision as well and decided to have them address it with the other characters. And I will say, Sonata has a pretty powerful speech tonight, which will be the defining statement on my treatment of her. One of those things I'm really looking forward to.

But, as always, thank you for your comment. It is definitely valid and needed to be addressed. As to the future, I have to possible outcomes I can go with. Well three actually. One funny, one very tragic (one of them dies, but won't say who or how), and one bitter sweet. I'll go with whatever feels better for the story when I get there.

Wait a minute... :rainbowhuh:

Didnt this story used to have a different cover art? Yeah, i think so, but i cant seem to remember what it was.

Could you restore my memory please?

BTW, i dont know how you can upload chapters so quickly. I want to do it fast, but it takes like an hour per 1000 words and i just dont have that time most of the... time. So good for you in that department.

6300476 No, this is the first cover I ever had for it. I liked it because it's like Twilight trying to decide who she really is and wants to be Although, I would have preferred a picture of all of them as adults (but was too afraid to search "Adult Equestria Girls pics" for obvious reasons. :pinkiegasp: As for downloading, I just write on site. It takes about 3 hours to write and publish.


Obviously Flash and Twilight are a couple.

Not my kinda story, then.

That thing with them seeing different colors doesn't make sense. Earlier in the story the one teacher referred to Pinkie as pink.

6307399Good eye. I found the part and rewrote it to match the new mythology. I think at that point I still wasn't sure if the Equestria Girls' universe was ours or not. Eventually I just decided it was. I do know that earlier I have Sonata seeing Maud as grey, but as an Equestrian herself, the dimensional shift would apply to her sight as well. At least that's my story and sticking to it. :derpytongue2: But thank you for pointing that out to me. You observations just make my story better.

Actually, it might be interesting if Celestia lets it leak out that the portal is broken and can't be fixed. That should flush out Adagio, Aria and Trixie in no time; after all, their ambitions require that thing to be functioning!

"Actually, I'm not even really humanoid; getting used to being bipedal is a pain like you can't imagine. Still, where Sunset and I come from, species doesn't matter so much so long as they're sapient. I mean, one of my friends' youthful crush is a Griffon and I'm pretty sure that another friend of mine is in a romantic relationship with an Elder God."

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