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In a future where strength of will and desire for knowledge has forced the next stage of evolution, a spacefaring civilization of equestrians come across a beautiful world with dark secrets. Here, Scootaloo will learn the limits of her resolve, her loyalty, and her hope as she learns about the birth of her people, the secret to their evolution, and the sins of a species.

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Huh. No comments, and only two likes? What went wrong? It looks pretty OK to me.

It's been mathematically proven, the amount of attention a fic gets is inversely proportionate to the amount of work put into it.
Honestly, it's probably the same thing as when I released EoU. People don't want to jump into a story 11k words in :applejackunsure:
If I can get it on EQD (or something of the like), people will hopefully actually read it for it's content rather than ignore it because of some pointless pre-conceived notion.

I faved this immediately, read it later, and you have proven yourself.

You leave the best comments. :heart:
And trust me, it's only going to get better.

Now if only I could find a way to get more folks to read it... :unsuresweetie:

2758713 i disagree , people might not jump in it right away due to leisure constraints but i would much rather have a story to my fics , pretty sure many others are like that too....

i wouldn't say the preconceived notions are pointless , i would say that's just people deciding they don't want to indulge something that's about a particular something , the fic your mentioning here doesn't appeal to me , but this fic kinda does , maybe i'll check it out sometime , maybe after i check out the 300 other fics i have on my read later list.......

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