• Published 18th May 2012
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When Two Fly As One - John H

Rainbow and Twilight discover something truly special about each other after spending a day together

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Act 1, Scene 3

Twilight closed her eyes, putting aside her thoughts on her friend’s sudden proposal to go out for a day. The task proved difficult; it was the reason she was trying so hard to attempt this spell. It was easy to tune out the distractions of the glaring sunlight and Spike’s snoring. Her horn filled the room with a dim lavender glow. Loose reports and quills in her room rustled as if brushed by wind. Standing in front of an old book held in place by her magic, a book she did not dare attempt to read again until now, she concentrated on the old words inscribed within:

Though the mind, like the moon, waxes and wanes,

Everypony knows the heart ne’er forgets;

Through the trials of time your will be made,

Then magic will take away lost regrets.

Twilight’s power consumed the sound and colors of the room. She clenched her jaws and locked her knees in place, bracing herself against the feedback that tried to push her over. Just when she felt like she would pass out, she saw a growing image through her closed eyes. This is it! It’s working!

There was the sky. She could feel the clouds brushing up against her. Her legs flailed beneath her, and she smelled the dense humidity in the air. As soon as her senses sunk in, she frantically looked around to figure out what was happening. Was she flying? She’s only known the wings spell for a short time. Who was carrying her? Twilight poured more magic into heightening the memory. Everything grew brighter, louder, and more sensitive to the touch. She felt the coat of the pony carrying her, whose warmth overpowered the cold winds she flew against. Then everything blacked out.

“Twilight, are you okay?” Spike poked her until she stumbled back onto her hooves. “I was trying to sleep and then, wham! I heard a loud crash in the library.”

Twilight looked around. The blinding sunlight distracting her earlier was all but gone. Whatever she did to keep the spell going turned the whole library upside-down, flipping furniture over and ripping books off the shelves, with her at the center of the aftermath. Wasn’t I in my room, she thought.

Turning back to Spike, she shook her head. “I’m fine. I just wish this spell would work.” Twilight levitated the book so Spike could see. “I got this book because it’s the only published work Canterlot has on memory magic. I think it’s an incomplete text though – it only tells me how to start a basic version of the spell. Whenever I give it more umph, it umphs me back!”

Spike’s eyes widened in recognition of the cover. Shaking his head, he snatched it and threw it onto the stack of books he was organizing. “I dunno, Twilight. Maybe it’s the ONLY version of the spell. I know if it were me I wouldn’t spend my time off worrying about it like you do.”

“Celestia told me I shouldn’t worry about this either. She was with me through whole ordeal. Doesn’t she know how hard it was for me? All I have to do is get it to work once, and I won’t need it anymore.”

He dropped the books he was about to put back on the shelf. Twilight stood in amazement as she watched her little helper march up to her and stand on his tiptoes, meeting her eye-to-eye. “I, for one, expect you to know better than to start all this again.” Spike then surprised her by hugging her front leg. He kept his eyes on hers, letting her see the depth of his concern. “Twi, you told me you’d drop all of this memory magic business. There has to be a better way to get to the bottom of this than hurting yourself!”

Spike did what he always did, and it was exactly what Twilight feared he would do: tell the truth. Arguing with him posed a reminder of the unlikely wisdom which blossomed forth at the most inconvenient of times. Was this moment just like when she doubted herself, and Spike was there telling her otherwise? Was it the same when she took her assignments too seriously, at the cost of others? Everything seemed so trivial whenever she remembered those clouds caressing her suspended form.

Twilight gently nodded towards her friend and reassured him with a smile. As soon as he let go, she started towards the front door. “I’m sorry, Spike. The only reason I can offer why I’m back on this is all the free time I have. Can you even remember how long it’s been since I haven’t had anything planned?”

Spike put the last book on the shelf. “You’ve had days off in the past. What’s so different this time?”

“I think I have an idea, Spike. I’m going to get a breath of fresh air.” With little effort, she conjured the controversial spellbook to her side as she opened the door. “Don’t worry; I’m not going to attempt any more magic tonight.”

“You should’ve left that book back in the Canterlot library,” Spike mumbled as he climbed the stairs.

Twilight’s hoofsteps were soft in the grass. She let the book fall to the ground and took pleasure in hearing its muffled thud. There was no question of why she was interested in the problems she let sit on the bookshelf for so long. Lying down, she looked at the stars and thought about what Rainbow Dash had blurted out earlier. Spells can’t show you everything. Her breaths were short and her heart pounded since that conversation. She fought against the anxiety of both craving and dreading seeing Rainbow Dash the next day. It was just like when she first came to Ponyville, when her first adventure in friendship made her think differently. However, tonight she felt different. She was no longer lying down; she was lying down alone.

The wind started picking up. Rainbow Dash must have set up a cool night. It swept her back to the elusive image hiding in her mind. Giving in, she pictured herself back in the sky, held tightly by somepony. She imagined looking down and saw the arms holding her. In her mind, they were a bright blue. Twilight snapped her eyes open and caught her breath. Was it her imagination that put Rainbow Dash there? Celestia once warned her wishful thinking could obscure memory.

Putting the thought out of her mind, Twilight resurfaced from her daydreaming and looked down both ways from her nook in town. Streetlights were tended to by a few unicorns and earth ponies. She waved to the owner of the quill-and-sofa shop as he closed for the night. Other than the unusually well-lit stage down the street, nothing unusual was going on. This jerked her into a different mindset altogether. She remembered what Ponyville endured the last time somepony performed stage magic in town.

“I’m only going to check this out of sheer curiosity,” she said to herself. In a brilliant flash, Twilight teleported herself to the back of a group of ponies gathered in front of a very familiar stage, a crowd which was watching a very familiar braggart of a unicorn. She bit her lip in apprehension. Though most of the ponies around her looked skeptical or indifferent, all it would take is one zealous fan for things to get out of hoof.

“For her next trick, The Great and Powerful Trixie will need a volunteer from her audience!” Her eyes pierced through the crowd of ponies until they locked with Twilight’s. Twilight lowered her head to blend in, but it was too late. “Twilight Sparkle! Would you kindly make your way to the front, and help Trixie perform a feat for these ponies to witness?”

A blue light engulfed her. She was on the stage. Excessive lighting and fireworks going off on either side made seeing difficult. After the fanfare, Twilight singled out in front of her the one pony bent on drawing as much attention to herself as possible. Standing before her was the one pony she was certain she’d never see again. She often thought Trixie could have blamed the consequences of Snips and Snail’s actions entirely on her, which was something she didn’t want to deal with at this hour. “Trixie? You’re performing at this hour? In Ponyville?”

“Trixie felt the majestic allure of night would shroud her spectacular showmanship with the air of mystery it deserves!” The mare lowered her horn to make a rose appear and offered it to her volunteer. “Tonight seems to be my lucky night, with you here to help me make this performance possible. I won’t suffer rejection from you this time!” She said with a sickly sweet smile.

“Doesn’t seem like you’re giving me a choice,” Twilight uttered as she paced around the stage. This was exactly what Twilight didn’t need. Yet here she was, facing off with another problem from the past. “I don’t suppose you mind telling me what you’re doing back here?”

“Did Trixie not make herself clear? The greatest performer of magic in all Equestria desires your assistance.” Trixie’s magic carefully nestled the rose behind Twilight’s ear. “And if it pleases me, you may be lucky enough to spend some quality time with somepony who is most eager to catch up with you.”

Twilight did not like the implicit tone in Trixie’s voice, nor did she appreciate such a conversation being staged in front of a whole audience. But worst of all, she definitely did not like how the caped performer playfully brushed up alongside her, pushing her to center stage.