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An Aussie abroad, writing for writing's sake.


Twilight is quite literally Stalin. A collection of anecdotes from Stalin's life transplanted into MLP.

Warning: may be unexpectedly didactic.

Cover art courtesy of Bistromatic (http://bistromatic.deviantart.com/art/Towards-a-Brighter-Future-199228019)

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Comments ( 4 )

Someone in this room has a curiously strong grasp of post-war Soviet politics. And it's not me.

This is perhaps the least likely story I would have ever imagined favoriting, but, well, here we are. Curious to see some more.

Oh, and welcome to FimFiction.


I like political stories, and this one in particular entertains me. Very well executed.

Definitely an unexpected thing to mix ponies with, but it works weirdly well. I'm interested in seeing more!

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