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Princess Luna bears witness to something truly unusual in her dreams. A pegasus arrives in Ponyville with no memory of who he is, or why he has no cutie mark. Yet the appearance of this stallion coincides with strange occurrences happening around Equestria, from Manehattan all the way to Las Pegasus. Is he to blame for this disharmony? How will Twilight Sparkle and her friends help this wayward soul? Can the Magic of Friendship remind him who he is?
(Rated T for Teen for suggestive themes, some language, and some violence, unless it goes up a notch later.)

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Ah ha....Okay....

To everyone who reads this, I can surely tell you that this does have hope. However, there is much to be fixed and tuned. Some major details are missing, and the tone needs to be adjusted. A shakey start, otherwise, it fic with plenty of potential. I will keep this in mind as I read more.

Comment posted by Gem of Memory deleted Jun 20th, 2016
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