• Published 18th May 2012
  • 5,924 Views, 150 Comments

The Adventures of a Reluctant Foalsitter - CharmingChaos

Cadence has to foalsit for a school fundraiser. Her first client, of course, is Twilight Sparkle.

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This is it, guys. Thanks so much for all the support. It's finally over now.
P.S. There might someday be another story about Octave and Shadow, but don't get your hopes up. It probably won't be for a while.

Cadence jumped out of her chair at the sound of the doorbell. She hurried to answer it, almost knocking over the vase that her mother had given as a wedding present in the process.

"Hey, Twilight. Glad you're here," Cadence said nervously, running a hoof through her already tousled mane. "But, um, do you really think you're ready for this? And are you sure they're old enough to be left alone? What if--"

"Calm down, Cadence," Twilight said reassuringly, brushing past her into the house. "Don't worry. After all, I got foalsitting lessons from the best."

"What? Who's that?"

"You, silly!" Twilight gave her nervous sister-in-law a hug. "Who else do I know that foalsits? Pinkie Pie?"

"Oh! Uh, of course!" Cadence was off again, hurrying to the nursery. Shining Armour intercepted her with a light peck on the cheek.

"Woah there, Princess. What's with all the panic? Oh, hey Twily. Is she still worried Octave and Shadow won't be able to handle being under somepony else's care?

"I think so. But I can't think why. I did learn from her, and besides, the foals love Spike." Twilight shook her head in mock disapproval.

Cadence disentangled herself and trotted off to the kitchen to find her schedule sheet. Twilight and Shining Armour gasped at the large stack of paper which floated ahead of her when she returned.

"What?" Cadence asked indignantly. "She needs to know all their usual habits and bedtime and what books they like and--"

"Yes, but you didn't have to write a novel about them," Shining Armour laughed, earning a scowl from his distraught wife.

"It's okay, Cadence. I-I'm sure I'll manage. Spike?" She called out the front door. "Come on, we haven't got all day."

The little dragon emerged from the carriage slowly, one earbud dangling at his side. Twilight laughed. "Spike sure does love these new non-magic music thingies."

Cadence nodded, her pupils down to small specks of worry. She laughed nervously.

"Come on, now, Cadey," Shining Armour draped a jacket over her shoulders. "I think we'd better get going."

"O-okay, well, um, bye then, I'm sure you'll do just fine, um, I guess. And don't forget the li--"

Twilight shut the door on Cadence's worried rant, smiling. "Okay, Spike. Can you go through that pile of notes and tell me where the foals Octave and Shadow are now? Oh, and find out when and where their dinner is, will you?" A muffled giggle floated out from behind the sofa. Twilight smiled to herself. "Never mind, Spike, scratch that first one. I think I found them."

The End

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Comments ( 36 )

Wow. I can't believe somepony already read it. I just posted it a second ago.

How cute. :heart:

I feel something in my chest. I think it's *HURK!*

Yep, definitely an attack on my heart from adorableness.

*is being loaded into the ambulance from a heart attack*


Lol now I'm remembering when I foalsat...I mean, babysat.
This was most excellent.

:heart:loved it:heart:loved it:heart:loved it:heart::twilightsmile:

love it lol at school right now

742695 No offence but its kind of short, but its still good.:twilightblush:

DAWWWness levels are off the charts!:twilightblush:


The amount of Dawwwness in this story is lethal.

This was a very sweet story, filled with all kinds of tingly cute heartstring-y stuff. Good job. :twilightsmile:

This was a nice little story :twilightsmile:


but why why no comment on my story?:fluttercry:

SO MANY :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:S!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!ONEONE!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

All my thumbs are belong to you. (upwards ones of course.)

I really liked this, but to be honest you really rushed the ending. Once you got to the nightmares, the plot moved much too quickly for my liking. The chapters were a bit short as well. Also, there are a few mistakes with grammar and spelling throughout, especially the use of "to" instead of "too". Other than that, I enjoyed this. Definitely earned my thumb.

I just read this now, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It did move awfully quickly there at the end, but it was totally adorable. I'm glad I got to see this, even if it was right at the end.

789967 ... Nope! :twilightblush:

Awesome story. Much daw, though the scenes that foreshadowed the changelings seemed a little out of place at first.

And every time little Twily said 'Shiny Ammo' I wanted to load him up and shoot him off. :derpytongue2:

Going... to...die...from...adorableness...:twilightsmile:

I agree with Ninja, this story needs more development with more descriptions, especially on the OCs, but don't worry, it's my principal flaw in writting :twilightsheepish:

It's still a good story, with a sweet ending :heart:

....This was an amazing fic. Excellent job.

I'm about to read the crap outa this fic! I have high expectations considering your other work.

1224713 Well, I hope you like it. This one is okay, and so is the one about Derpy (NOT the Derpy Days of Fashion, that SUCKS PLOT) But I'm not very happy with the others.

Not bad. I'm not usually one for romance, but I thought it was worth a good read.

There is only one issue here: incorrect tags. The Sad and Random tags do not apply to this story.

Story was a bit rushed, I can say that, but then again, the d'awws make up for it :raritystarry: Nice work.

Soo adorable *falls backwards down the stairs into the kitchen out the door through the fence to charmingcaoses house just to the m so much for this story

I Really liked the first half of the story, when Cadence was foalsitting Twilight, but come the later part of the story, I felt Cadence's nightmares didn't leas to a good enough payoff. The first nightmare that is shown i actually liked, but i Wished that it was relevant to her real life, that Cadence actually lived in an abusive household. This way, we have a satisfactory reason why Cadence had been having those nightmares in the first place. I also would have preferred the story kept to when Cadence was foalsitting, and that maybe the relationship between Cadence and Shining develops during that time. Story's overall rating: 7/10, liked the first half, but i felt it wouldve had more potential as a better story if it stayed in the nice, happy, foalsitting arc instead if taking a turn for a darker story. Oh, and I didn't like the time skips near the end either.

3827979 Chrysalis was giving her nightmares.

Adorable. But I don't understand what happen to Cadence parents. Was that dream what really happened???

That's because you are set to usa English not uk english

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