• Published 18th May 2012
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MineQuestria - sunnyday

Steve suddenly finds himself in the magical land of Equestria, and now has to save it.

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3: Well That's a Darn-it

A pony walked into the car I was sitting in and let me know that I had thirty minutes until we arrived at Ponyville. I thanked him and he walked into another car to alert the others in there of the arrival time. I sat up and began pacing inside the small confined vehicle. I was getting really nervous, yet I was kind of excited at the same time. It wasn't often that I get to talk to anyone other than a few Testificates holed up in their small villages (Trust me, conversations with a creeper tend to end very abruptly). There was also the chance that everyone there will think of me like I'm some kind of freak and force me out of town to live on my own again.

The more I thought about it, the more agitating it became, So I simply decided to drop the subject and look out the window to check if I could see Ponyville from here. Looking out at the green landscape once again I notice a few buildings in the distance; all different sizes and styles. A little further than the buildings I noticed some kind of ominous forest kind of curved around the little town. I figured that it's probably extremely dangerous in there, but that's just me judging from my own world experiences. I'm not entirely sure how things work here just yet. As the train begins to draw nearer and nearer toward the town, I begin thinking about my reception. Who's Twilight Sparkle? How am I supposed to find her? Is she supposed to find me? What if she hates me? What if- I shook my head as hard as I could, trying to shake the questions off in a way. I sat back down and closed my eyes for a bit, trying to clear my head and retain a calm posture.

I jerked my eyes back open when something tapped my arm and I immediately turned to see what it was. What I saw before me was a purple pony with a small reptilian creature next to her, a dragon maybe? She looked up at me and cleared her throat, "Excuse me, but would you happen to be Steve?" I sat still for a moment, trying to figure out what was going on and how she knew my name. It came to me that this is probably Twilight, and that she's just trying to pick me up. I didn't feel like speaking at this point and simply nodded my head. "My name is Twilight Sparkle and this is my number one dragon assistant Spike." She points her hoof at the scaled creature next to her and then continues talking, "The princess has told us all about your situation and has asked me to take care of you while you stay here in Equestria." I nodded my head again in recognition. "Well then, let's get on our way. I'll show you where you'll be staying and we can discuss a little bit about where you came from!" She smiled a ridiculous looking smile and added, "I have some many questions I want to ask you!"

Getting to my feet, I slowly staggered towards the door. It seems as if I fell asleep for a short bit while trying to clear my mind. Twilight came out after me and began to lead the way down the small dirt road. All the buildings around me looked almost as pretty as the castle in Canterlot did, they just had their own different style to them. "Wow, this is way better than anything the Testificates ever built." I said out loud to no one in particular. Twilight looked over at my while she kept walking.

"Testi- what now?" She said, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head and shrugged in response and she stared at me for a little longer before looking back to the path in front of her. After some more awkward silence'd walking we eventually reached a large tree. Well, at first it looked like a tree, but then I saw it had doors, windows, and even a balcony! It was a nice little house made inside of a large tree. I've never thought that trees could get so big you could carve them into homes. Twilight stopped in front of the door and turned to face me. Her assistant, Spike, just opened the door and went inside. "This is where I live, the library. As you may have noticed, it's made from a tree-" She stopped herself for a moment. "Oh, do you have trees where you come from?" I... did the square equivalent of rolling my eyes and told her that I did in fact have trees, otherwise I wouldn't be able to survive. She then explained a bit more about the library and some books I should read. I really didn't care too much about the details, I don't read much other than basic sign reading. She then lead me inside and sent Spike to get some water for me and her.

"So," Twilight began, "Tell me about yourself, and where you come from. I wanna know everything!" She smiled that same goofy smile again which made me want to smile.

"Where do I begin...?" I thought for a moment, trying to decide what to start talking about first. There were a lot of things I could do, but I might as well start with the wildlife. "Well, in Minecraftia, we have a bunch of animals and the sort-" Twilight cut me off before I could continue.

"Are there many ponies where you come from? What are their names, what do they look like?" Wait a second, there AREN'T any ponies where I come from, AT ALL. How was I able to identify these ponies without ever seeing one before? I was confused, it didn't make any sense how I was able to identify all these strange things without ever having any contact with them beforehand?

"Actually, there aren't any ponies. I'm not even quite sure myself how I even know what a pony is." Twilight cocked her head to the side and responded questioningly,

"That's really weird. So, how did you even get here then?" That was an odd jump of subject, yet in her head it seems that they have something in common; animals and teleportation.

"I found an orb with an image of a pony inside it from a chest. Then I got attacked by a monster and I just kind of woke up inside Canterlot Castle." She gasped when I said monster.

"A monster, what kind of monster?" Twilight exclaimed. She seems way too excited to be inquiring about a dangerous monster like a Creeper.

"Well, what attacked me is what I call a Creeper. There these green things that walk on four tiny feet, and they're a bit shorter than I am. If they get too close to you, they hiss and explode, destroying everything around them." I sighed and just barely realized how tired I was. Everything that's happened today has been so exhausting, I don't feel like answering anymore questions. "So, Twilight?" I asked.

"Yes, what is it?" She replied as Spike finally came back with the glasses of water. He handed one to Twilight and the other to me. I took a quick drink before continuing,

"Well, I'm really tired right now, and I was wondering if I could get some rest before we continued our little question and answer session. Is there somewhere I can sleep?" Twilight frowned, but them smiled again as she pointed to a bed in the main room with her hoof.

"Yes, just over there is a bed that I think will work for you. You're only a little taller than we are, so it shouldn't be that uncomfortable. If it is though, let me know." I thanked her and made my way over to the little bed. Strange, it was almost the exact same size as the beds I made back in Minecraftia. Twilight called for Spike to follow her upstairs and the two left the room.

I opened my eyes, but it was only night outside. Something wasn't right here so I stood up and made my way to the front door and opened it. Before me stood a familiar green and black figure with a permanent frown plastered on his face, and it wasn't long before he began to hiss.

Well... that's a darn-it.