• Published 18th May 2012
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MineQuestria - sunnyday

Steve suddenly finds himself in the magical land of Equestria, and now has to save it.

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1: I Didn't Know Creepers Could Do That

It seemed like it was only a few seconds before morning hit. I had just laid down in bed and closed my eyes, and now all of a sudden I'm blinded by the sun shining into my eyes from my window. I rose up from my bed and stretched my blocky arms and legs before sitting down and enjoying some pork chops for breakfast. I really had no idea was in store for me that day, and I don't think even if you told me what was going to happen I'd believe it.

Before I continue with my story, let me explain some things. My name is Steve, and I'm the only one of my kind in a world I've come to dub, "Minecraftia." As it's name implies, that's really all I do here; mining and crafting. My life isn't exactly as peachy as it sounds, the first problem isn't the loneliness as one might think, it's the monsters. I'm not sure how it works, but wherever it's dark, monsters begin to take shape. The first and most easiest to deal with would be the common zombie. They're fairly stupid and easy to just beat with a sword. Next up would be a giant spider, they're such a pain to deal with. These tricky guys can climb walls and jump at me and take a bit more effort to kill. Then of course there's the skeletons who have somehow managed to learn how to use a bow and arrow. Finally, we have the creeper. They're mutated little buggers who like to internally detonate whenever they get too close to me. You might be asking yourself, "Gee, Steve, why are you boring us with your personal problems? We're not psychiatrists." Well, you see, it's those monsters that have gotten me into this mess. Now, let's continue with my story.

After I finished my pork chop I took an iron pickaxe and iron sword with me down into the mines, searching for diamonds and other rare ores. Something was strange though, none of the torches I've placed down seemed to be there, and it was making things hard to see. As I traversed deeper into the cave I heard the rattling of bones behind me and an arrow whizzed right by my head. I froze up for a brief moment as the breeze from the projectile hit my face, and then turned around to face my attacker (or to be more correct, attackers). To my surprise there were five skeletons looking back at me, and something was very wrong. They were no longer doing their usually "all-over-the-place" type tactics and were actually in a v-formation. They were even preparing to fire in unison, almost like clockwork. I turned back around and sprinted down further into the mine, there wasn't a whole lot of time to question their new found intelligence. I kept on running until I couldn't hear them anymore and when I finally couldn't, I ducked behind a wooden column to catch my breath. "What just happened?" I said aloud to no one in particular. Just then, I regretted speaking, because a small group/herd/flock/whatever-the-name-of-a-group-of-spiders-is had heard me. Their ringleader hissed and directed his party in my direction. They gained in speed as they saw me sitting there, so I got up and drew my sword from my back and took a defensive stance. The first of the spiders jumped up only to be met with the sharp end of an iron blade. It magically flashed red and it's power went into me in the form of orbs. That may seem like an odd experience to you, but that's actually quite normal where I'm from. Anyway, I fought off the spiders to the best of my abilities but my sword couldn't take that much abuse, because after the third or fourth spider, my blade began to crack. So I shoved away the arachnid that was trying to have me for lunch and ran off again.

It seemed like all I had been doing for hours was running until finally I reached a dead end. But this was strange as well, because right in front of me, was a chest I have no memory of building or even placing there. It had an intricate, bright, yet cartoonish design on it. I opened it up and inside it was just a single orb. I picked it up and noticed that the orb depicted some kind of figure or animal. I stared at it for a good five or so minutes before I was able to see that it somehow resembled a pony. What was really strange though, was the the thing it was depicting wasn't just etched into this thing, it seemed to somehow resonate from inside it, like some kind of magic. I slipped the orb into my pocket and began to see if it was safe to head back up to the surface. I looked to see a zombie and a creeper approaching me at more than their usual speeds. I swung my sword at the zombie only to have it break as the zombie used his own decaying arm to shove me to the floor. I heard the creeper begin to hiss, signalling his explosion. So I just closed my eyes and accepted my fate, I was so sure about how that was going to be how everything ended for me, but something strange happened. I didn't hear or feel any kind of explosion, instead, through my eyelids I saw a bright light and then it just suddenly went out, like it was never there. I sat there for a moment, wondering if I was dreaming or not. When I opened my eyes to see that I was in a bed, only it wasn't mine.


I sat up and looked around for a moment, looking at the room that surrounded me and the bed I was sleeping in. Everything seemed cartoonish like the chest I had seen earlier, and there was a painting of a pony hung on the wall. It had a smile on it's face as it's blue and pink mane flowed behind it in front of a castle. Below the painting there was a small plaque that read, "Princess Celestia." Before I could get out of bed to take a closer look at things, something opened the door and interrupted me. It was a pony in what seemed to be...a suit of armor? Then the pony began to talk to me, in MY language, even. he said, "Excuse me, sir, but if you'd please come with me. The Princess wishes to see you." I rubbed my eyes and looked again, just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. He actually talked to me, these ponies appear to be capable of language, and what are the chances of it being the one I use?

"Uh...sure I guess." I replied as I got up from the comfortable bed. I walked through the door and closed it behind me as I followed the armored stallion into a large throne room that was brightly lit. There seemed to be decorated windows that depicted ponies defeating strange beasts with what looked like 6 different gems and such. I followed the red carpet up to a large throne seat to see an extremely large pony with flowing hair. She appeared to be the same pony in the painting that was in the room he awoke in. So this was Princess Celestia? As he got closer, the guard he was following stopped at the side of the carpet and pointed for me to walk towards the princess a little more. I approached her a little while longer and then stopped, taking a bow out of a sign of respect, she was a princess after all. She spoke to me with a calm yet somehow demanding voice.

"You, sir. Who, and what, are you?" I scratched my head for a moment, as I normally don't get asked WHAT I am, and I had no idea how to answer that, so I tried to answer as best as I could.

"Me? My name is Steve, and I hail from the land of Minecraftia. As I am the only one of my kind, I guess I could label myself, a Minecraftian." She seemed a little surprised by my answer. I don't think she really understood that I wasn't sure about my race. All the same though, she nodded her head and responded in that same voice,

"Well Steve, my guards found you unconscious in front of the castle and asked that you be brought inside, because you looked like you were in bad shape. We thought that you might be some kind of lost animal from the Everfree forest but we noticed that you were mumbling in your sleep in our language, which meant that you were more then some animal. So, let me ask another question, how did you get here?" I thought back for a moment, trying to remember exactly what happened that sent me to this strange place.

"You see, I'm not quite sure myself. I was being attacked by monsters, and just when I thought I was going to be killed, I woke up in the bed you all put me in. That's really all I remember happening." All she did was respond with a hm and she began to think for a little bit. Then she began asking to know more things about me, and then after all that was done, she began telling me about the place that I was in.

"You are in the land of Equestria, a magical and harmonious place where ponies get along with one another and live by the Elements of Harmony; the six gems depicted in the windows. Where you are right now exactly, is Canterlot, the capitol of Equestria and where this castle resides. I think this might be an extreme amount different then the kind of world your used to." She just starred at me for a moment before she continued with her little infomercial. "You look very tired, Steve. I think it's best that I have one of my guards escort you back to one of the guest rooms so you can rest and take in what's happening." I nodded and Celestia motioned for one of her armored guards to show me the way. He pointed to a room and motioned me inside. As I walked in he told me that I only needed to call if I needed anything from them, I told him I was fine for now and he closed the door. I sat down on the bed and began to wonder to myself, Completely different from my own world? Will there be no more mining? No more crafting? No more monsters to slay?

I wasn't so sure that I would ever be able to get used to this idea of a "different world."