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Well, all they really need to do is check Scootaloo's cellphone for all the texts the Thunderlane sent her. That is some strong evidence right there. Also, it would not surprise me if the police found Thunderlane's sperm in Scootaloo's belly.

6016267 Yep, on all points.

I have a feeling that Ol' Thunderjerk will be royally screwed (pun fully intended there) by the time this is over with.

'Course...I have been known to be wrong with some of my hunches. We'll see if I'm wrong with this one, I guess.:raritywink:


I feel like I should open a betting pool now.

6016586 Let's hope you are right on this one:twilightsmile:

6016593 :rainbowlaugh:It probably wouldn't hurt!:rainbowlaugh:

6016596 Well, I'm hoping so, too, but I guess that we'll just have to wait and see, huh?:raritywink:

6016907 But just maybe we can take down Thunderlane and avange Scootaloo's death.

6016948 I have a plan as to how we can do it. We overpower him in his hotel room, and then we shoot his entire stash of drugs into his body. It will look like he died from a OD.

6016953 Hmmm, sounds like a plan to me! Count me in!

6017224 I brought the chloroform, did you bring the rope?

6017228 Yup. Had to sneak it out of AJ's barn, but I got it.

6017270 Good. Then let's make our way to the hotel and draw as little attention to ourselves as possible. But with all the talk about hoe Rainbow punched Twilight, i don't think anyone will notice us.

6017288 Okay, sounds like a plan.

And this is true.

I think that that's why that dirtbag feels so safe right now.

Heh. He don't know us very well, do he?:scootangel:

Dang, I wish that the site had a "Dashie Grinch" emoticon for stuff like this!

6017523 That would be the best emoticon :)

Looks good.

You have my full attention on this one.

6017626 ep, it would.

Sorry that it took me so long to get back to you, but my bro-in-law Steve barbecued earlier, and we just got done eating supper.

Barbecued pork steaks, corn and potato salad, finished up with double chocolate cake and German chocolate icing. Delish!

And now I'm eating a l'il single serve cup of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. A perfect ending to a perfect Memorial Day meal.

6018305 That's cool, i went to sleep anyway. I live in Sweden, so we live in different time-zones.

I bet it was Thunderlane who left that message.

Good ol' Thunderlane's in top form once again I see... Anyway, I guess it's time to revive my hatred of the real villains of this scenario, Rainbow, Sweetie and Apple Bloom...

Well, that escalated quickly.

And the possibilities here just increased a thousand fold with the inclusion of Rumble in the scenario. Can't wait to see if he ends up being as bad as his shitbag older brother...

6024113 It would not surprise me if he is just as bad if not worse.

yet again: fuck this shit im out...ohhhh...fuck this shit im out...ohhhh... don't mind me I just get my shit and leave...ohhhh

Why did you skip Thunderlane raping Scootaloo's throat?

6026735 go to hell you sick fuck :rainbowhuh:

Okay. I'm going to say this flat out. I am not going to read this story. I am only going to be checking when/if Rainbow Dash will be cleared of the charges against her and when/if Thunderlane gets caught and what happens to him. Otherwise, I will not be paying this story no mind.

6026778 Go suck off your dad like you secretly fantasize about doing everyday. Maybe go give your mom a rimjob while you're at it.

It would seem that the story is going to be two thirds the entertainment here! The comments already have some deliciousness!

Story is just fine for the crowd that you are writing for, pay no heed to anybody who gets pissed.

Well, times for the flames of butthurt to ignite once again. I always love this part...

I wouldn't be surprised if the asshole Thunderlane works out safer and better versions of the drug for his little brother, and only him.

We already know he gave Scootaloo ground-up hoofies later on.

6031581 That's probably going to happen.

Shame about Rumble being such a huge pussy, but whatever. Anyway, I'll be interested in seeing specifically how Thunderlane breakes poor, desperate Scoots in...

6031865 It is only suitable that Rumble is a total pussy, seeing how his brother is a total dick.


Heh, you win this round sir...


Don't count him out yet. Don't forget, Thunderlane is an absolute coward when he doesn't have the upper hand. Er, hoof...


That it does. Shame about the restrictions on the action due to this being a flashback... Oh well, maybe next Scootabuse story...

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