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Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, Courage the greater, as our might lessens.


The Papers of one Lily, full name unknown, found by one Babs Seed of Manehattan. Found in the ruins of the Rockehoof Hotel on the last day of the Griffon Occupation of the city, an eyewitness account of the sorrows of the Long Night after Celestia left Equestria and went West. Held together with rubberbands and a few paperclips. Written on a variety of different kinds of paper. The back is bare except for splotches of blood and candlewax. The front bears the message:

I have only one song and I sang it for you.

A Sidestory to The Night is Passing , also found on Equestria Daily.

Chapters (1)
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Oh good gods, we're finally seeing the event that broke the mane six.

Hype levels set to maximum

Oh a new story. . .
I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Youth is good for setting things on fire, whether that’s a heart or a storefront. The same thing that makes us fall in love makes us rise up, I think. I’m not sure. I wouldn’t know!

I can only fully agree with the final two sentences there. As to the first two, I can't say that I concur. The only things I know youth made me feel were feeling rather weird, fairly uncertain, and extremely hesitant. I've had to force myself to grow out of some of those; others probably just won't change.

And honestly, I have no Idea what the second sentence means — I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but I can't seem to understand. The things being equated — what makes us fall in love and what makes us rise up — don't seem similar at all to me. Though, this might be because of how I view "what makes us fall in love." I see it in two ways, really, and I know one (the neurochemical view), is just not what this type of story could mean. So I looked to the other, the interpersonal acts that make me love someone. I just don't see how becoming so emotionally invested in another could make one also want to "rise up" — unless what that is supposed to mean is "rise up (together against some outside force)," which could work with what this story seems to be about. Becoming emotionally entangled with someone makes me feel much the opposite of "ris[ing] up;" it makes me want to settle down and relax into the other person's company.

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but the first major paragraph made me pretty confused, overall.

Quick question: about how far along should I be in the main story before I start reading this?

6134657 I would suggest not looking at it until you've at least started it. Actually, on second thought, belay that. It can be seen either as a prequel or a companion. Having read the first chapter is enough to get the backstory for Lily's Story. Basically: Celestia went west on Sabbatical, never came back. A few months later, sun begins to act up and then stops showing up. Luna manages to get to shine but struggles more tan she should, suggesting some intervening force or something. Most days are sunny for at least 3 hours, some aren't sunny at all wit just nighttime for a whole day. The world starts falling apart and no one at this point knows why it went to shit as fast as it did, mostly because they were too busy trying to avoid danger.

That's about all you need to know. If you're done with the first act, then it will mean a little more to you, but if you read this first it can be a prequel as it begins before The Night is Passing does.

Well, I'm about halfway through act 2 now, so I think I'm good. Thanks. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I kinda figured towards the end of act 1 that I had pieced together enough to read this, but I just wanted to be sure.


Welp, I was up-to-date on TNiP before I even discovered this so I'm good, huh?

I have a strong feeling that there is no good end in store for Lily here.

Will this be finished, by any chance?

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