• Published 14th Jun 2016
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Spike the stallion - Wonder

Spike wants to be a pony again and Twilight wants to test a highly dangerous and possibly deadly spell. What could possibly go wrong?

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Love and Lies

Spike would like to think he was good with time management, having been assisting Twilight with organising multiple public events over the years whilst following a strict schedule, but on occasion he would find himself losing track of time. This often occurred when he was cleaning or reading a comic.

Time seemed to disappear for him once again as he gazed across the park. He had a warmth in his heart that seemed to spread to all corners of his body. The view available to him was simple but beautiful, the soft grass being illuminated by the equally soft light of the moon. The stream that cut through the park looked like a silver string weaving through the scenery with the old wooden bridge tying both sides together. It was truly something special but despite the beautiful view before him, he couldn't keep his thoughts from returning to the even more beautiful mare leaning against him. He didn't really know how to put it into words but if he had to, he would say he was content.

He wasn't really sure how he had expected this day to go but he would not deny he was happy with the outcome. Sure things had started out rocky, what with his awkwardness and immaturity, but everything worked out in the end. The rough jagged rock the date had begun as had slowly been chiseled and polished down into something that resembled normal and now finally it was perfect. Thanks to Rarity he didn't even feel nervous anymore. She really was an amazing mare. If only the night could last forever.

He wondered if Rarity would still consider dating him if she knew that he was the young drake she was familiar with. She already said she was enjoying herself so nothing would change. He would be the same on the inside so did it really matter if he was a little younger and a dragon? He didn't know whether he should let her know and risk it all or just be happy with this one date. Maybe he should just let things happen and if he ended up telling her everything, then so be it. But... it wouldn't hurt to let Rarity rest for a while longer. There was no need to let her know anytime soon.

"Alright! No more weird stuff, girls. Let's get back on track!" Apple Bloom announced. "Sergeant Sweetie, have you got the list?"

"Yes, ma'am." Sweetie Belle saluted and hoofed the scroll to her commanding officer. "Corporal Scootaloo and myself are ready and waiting for your orders, General Bloom."

"Alright girls, it's time for phase one of this operation. We've got a lot of work ahead of us and not much time to do it in." Apple Bloom stated.

"Um, girls. I'm not exactly following what's happening." Scootaloo mumbled. "Is this still a sleepover or am I missing something?"

"Weren't you listening to a thing I said?" The farm-girl said in disbelief.

"Not really. I'm still kinda stuck on the whole kiss thing that happened."

"Silence!" Sweetie Belle shouted. "That will remain forever more a secret! Never happened. Alright?!"

"What never happened?" Scootaloo grinned.

"The ki... oh clever." Sweetie smiled at her friend small display of wit.

"You two done yet? Very good." Apple Bloom checked the list she and her friends had made. They had a lot to do and not much time to work with. "Let operation 'Boogie Monster' commence."

The three fillies spoke quietly despite knowing that they were alone. The longer they schemed the more they smiled and grinned sadistically. If the boogie monster was real even it would shiver in fear at the expressions the three children bore.

Silence fell over the clubhouse as the three fillies grabs the equipment they need. Ropes, torches and oddly enough, as grappling hooks were all thrown into their saddles bags along with other assorted items that seemed to bear no correlation to each other. With everything prepared the three fillies made their exit. The wind blew through the orchard surrounding them, echoing ominously, as they made their way to the Carousel Boutique.

Spike thoroughly enjoyed the warmth that filled him as Rarity rested against him. He had no clue as to how long the two had remained in this position. It could have been minutes or hours but it seemed to stretch on forever. It wasn't boring or exhilarating. It just was. Is this was ponies experienced when meditating or was this something different entirely?

He eventually pulled his mind from the peace that it had claim for itself and found it was getting rather late. Rarity still remained against his side, her breathing low and calm. Unsurprisingly Spike found he was getting rather tired himself. He would relish the idea of sleeping by her side but it was getting chilly and he didn't want Rarity or himself to wake up with a cold so with much hesitation Spike coughed and gave Rarity a gentle nudge. It was probably unfair to rouse her from her rest but it needed to be done.

"Mwaah." Rarity's response was to whine and groan loudly as her nap was threatened. "Who disturbs my beauty slumber."

"Hey, Rare." Spike nudged her again and she reluctantly cracked open her eyes. "Time to get up."

"Already? But I was comfortable. Can't we sleep a little longer?" She asked, nuzzling herself harder against Spike.

"It's getting cold. Wouldn't you rather sleep in a bed than out in the cold?" Spike asked. His plan was simple but nice. He'd take her home and give her a hug goodbye. It would be a good way to end the date, he thought. Rarity slowly removed herself from his side to sit up straight. She bore a light frown on her face but it faded quickly. For a moment she had thought Spike was making a suggestive comment but his face only showed innocence in his words.

"I suppose it is getting late." Rarity admitted. "I will, of course, have you accompany me home. You can't let your date walk home in the dark, can you? Rarity fluttered her eyes dramatically which had the desired effect on her companion who blushed profusely and agreed wholeheartedly to her proposition. Honestly, sometimes it was too easy.

Rarity made a show of linking hoofs with him and led him out of the park, smiling all the while. She was delighted that he didn't seem nervous anymore. He still had moments of hesitation but he was improving quickly. A few more dates and he might even sweep her off hooves. True he wasn't the brightest or the best but life wasn't like the books she'd read and she was excited to see where this courtship would lead.

"Say, Spike." Rarity said, keeping her eyes forward. "If we went on another date, where would you want to go?"

Spike didn't answer for a short while. She almost thought she hadn't heard him until he looked up into the night sky and spoke softly. "I honestly don't know. I've never really thought about what places would be good for dates. Maybe a fashion show? You're always looking for inspiration after all."

"Oh, Spike. That's very thoughtful." Rarity Smiled. "Then how about next week? There is a fashion show in Manehattan coming up. I was meant to go and help out with one of the designs but I got a scroll saying the show had been postponed, thank Celestia!"

"That sounds awesome." Spike grinned. "Although, I don't really have anything appropriate to wear to a fashion show." 'Mainy because my clothes are all dragon size', Spike thought to himself.

"Not to worry dear. I will make you a suit worthy enough to be walked down the runway itself." Rarity reassured him. They were nearing the boutique when an idea came to her. "In fact. Now would be a perfect time to take your measurements."

"Didn't you take them before?" Spike reminded her. He was pretty sure she had although couldn't even remember what he had eating this morning so he could have been wrong.

"It can never hurt to be sure, dear." Rarity said as she walked inside, Spike following just behind her. The lights were off in the boutique so Rarity guess that her sister was fast asleep upstairs, or sleeping at the clubhouse she and her friends had made. Rarity began trotted upstairs and called over her shoulder. "Just stay there for a moment, dear, I'll see if I can find where I left my measuring tape. Take a seat on one of the lounges."

Rarity quickly peeked in on her sisters room to find it empty and smiled. 'Perfect. No need to worry about interruptions.' Once she was satisfied with her sibling inspection Rarity quickly made for her own room and rummaged through her wardrobe, searching for an item she had kept hidden for quite a while. It was about time it saw some use.

Spike gazed around the dark room. Things always seemed different in the dark. The boutique was, to his surprise, a little unnerving in the dark. The ponnequins places around the shop in particular seemed out of place and once or trice he could have sworn he'd seen on or two on them move. He knew it was just his imagination but it still made him a little jumpy. Hopefully Rarity would be back soon with the measuring tape.

To his relief his prayers were quickly answered as he heard the soft and gentle sound of Rarity's hoofsteps. Spike turned to talked to her but quickly froze, his jaw practically dropping to the floor. Rarity stopped at the base of the stairs, a thin black gauze dress draped over her figure, traveling up her body until it met a violet choker around her neck.

"I take it that means you like it?" Rarity couldn't help but let out a small giggle. She raised her hoof and beckoned to Spike. "Now come over here so I can take your measurements." Spike, his body now on autopilot, complied without question. Rarity produced a measuring tape and set to work.

Rarity wanted to laugh at how she was acting but she quickly pushed those thoughts down. It was all just fun after all. She pretended to jot down the results before continuing. When she thought he wouldn't notice, Rarity would give his muscles a light squeeze. For measurement purposes, of course. Besides, he didn't seem to mind. After a few minutes Rarity moved to the front of Spike so that that were face to face.

"Thanks darling. I'm certain now that you'll have the best suit out of all the stallions." Rarity stated. She was about to call it a night when she was struct by inspiration. "And you know what? Since you've been such a good client, I think you deserve a little reward, don't you?" She whispered in a sultry tone.

Spike went to ask what she meant before Rarity threw the measuring tape over his head and used both hooves to pull him closer to her. To say he was surprised was an understatement. His world was thrown sideways as Rarity, the mare of his dreams pressed her lips against his in what could only be described as the best moment of his life.

Twilight Sparkle pored over a book on arcane sigils she had 'borrowed' from Celestia's personal collection. The book, while a decent read, was altogether disappointing. She pretty much knew everything it contained already but she was still determined to finished the book. What kind of scientist would she be if she gave up halfway?

Twilight yawned as she finally reach the end of the book. Three hours well spent, according to the cuckoo clock on her bedroom wall. Funny. She thought Spike would have been back by now. It was almost midnight. Hopefully he hadn't gotten into any... Twilight paused in thought as something nudged at the edge of her mind. Why was midnight so important? No matter how hard she pondered and contemplated the subject she came up blank. Was she forgetting something? Twilight's eyes shot open as the answer slammed into the forefront of her mind like an out of control mailmare.

"Oh, That's right!"

Rarity let out a little squeal as the stallion in front of her was consumed by a bright flash of light before seeming to disappear. The fashionista rubbed her eyes in confusion, looking around her shop but her date was nowhere to be found.

"Spike." She called out in concern.

"Um, down here." A nervous, and familiar, voice called up to her. Slowly Rarity tilted her head down until a young dragon came into her view, looking up at her apprehensively. "I don't suppose you'll accept a 'sorry'?"

"No way!" Three fillies shouted in unison from the darkness.

Author's Note:

Well damn. That just happened. Would have been nice for Twilight to mention that the spell had a time limit. :rainbowlaugh:

One more chapter to go guys. It's been a long and... well just a really long journey to be honest. Full of month long pauses and stuff but it's finally about to come to a close.
How many of you were honestly surprised by what happened? Hopefully some of you were.
See you all in the next chapter.

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