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In which Applejack the cowpony is reimagined as a humorously godlike figure in the style of legends, tall tales, and Chuck Norris facts. She could outmuscle the rest of Ponyville put together, or outdrink it, but will her prodigious talents be enough to get the princesses out of a bad deal with Tirek?

For bonus material, see also Jack the Mighty's character sheet and this handy list of Applejack Facts.

This story is an experiment in writing in an anecdotal style.

This story is marked complete because I have no concrete plans for it, although I may eventually write more chapters (which, like "The Great Wall of Tartarus", would be self-contained short stories).

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It feels weird to hit the thumbs up and watch the entire bar turn green.

6013911 That's the thrill of pioneering!

See also Jack the Mighty's character sheet and this handy list of Applejack Facts.

If this is just bonus material, it's best to put it in the author's note at the end of the story. But if it's necessary info, you're doing something wrong. (There shouldn't be reference material for a story that's under 1500 words.)

6015520 It's just bonus material. Sorry for any confusion.

I stole plot elements of this story from Norse mythology. Astute readers will notice that "The Great Wall of Tartarus" has the distinction of being one of the few adaptions into My Little Pony fanfiction that involves less horse sex than the original work.

Ironically or un-ironically? It's a shame Marvel didn't have a reference to that story in Thor 2.

8072716 Maybe it's ironic in the Alanis Morissette sense.

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