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This story is non-canon to the 'Your Human and You'-Verse, as created by MadMaxtheBlack. Any and all copyrights belong to their respective owners. The artwork is not mine either.

1247 years ago, I was sent to this hellhole of a planet by that Merchant bastard, simply because I wouldn't be his little puppet. From there, though, I was made into a puppet hunter for that amalgamation of chaos, killing any who opposed him until the Princesses turned me into stone with the Elements, freeing me from his manipulations in the process.

However, that does not excuse them for what they did!

Now that I am free, though, I promise this: I will restore mankind to how it should be, and bring forth an era that the ponies couldn't even dream of.

For I am the Messiah, and the God of Destruction.

My name is Randy M. Ageddon, and I. AM. OMEGA!!!

Crossover with the Megaman Zero Series.
This fic is a Displaced fic.
Based on Your Human and You, with permission from MadMaxtheBlack.

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Comments ( 58 )

Love it and please update

This is the first displaced I've seen in the your human and you-verse. Keep up the good work

6196493 Actually, there's another Displaced story that takes place in the YHAY series, even if there hasn't been much of the YHAY-verse shown in it so far...

Seems interesting as I rarely seen a Omega Displace and the YHAY mixed

Sometimes I am surp`rised of what people can create with things taht already exist. I will give alook at this

Damn it. And I thought I'd be the first one to cross the Displaced and YHaY pony-verses.:ajsleepy: *Sigh* Oh well...

6196868 Really? Who did you have in mind to be Displaced as? (And as I've mentioned earlier, there was actually one other Displaced fic who takes place in the YHAY-verse, so you'll technically be the third.)

Actually, my displaced would be human, but could transform into the Goliath from the game Evolve. Also, he can pass this ability and sapience to other humans, and may not be the only displaced in his universe.

Picture of Goliath Stages 1 through 3:

Also, here's a few "stats, for reference:
6.3(20.7ft) (Stage 1)
12.4m (40.68ft) (Stage 2)
20.6m (67.58ft) (Stage 3)

Leap Height
31.1m (102.3ft) (Stage 1)
54.7m (179.6ft) (Stage 2-3)

Jaw Strength
100,100 psi

31.3 tons (62,200Ibs) (Stage 3)

7.5 meters per second (8.6 mps with increased movement perk)

Yes, I like the displaced crossing over to the Your Human and You.

6197004 ...What would you say to a crossover with Randy and 'Goliath'?

Sure, but it might take a while. My story starts kinda like Rise of Darth Vulcan, where he's basically "captured" (silly ponies think they can contain that which they don't understand) and is retelling the events of his story that lead up to his capture.

6197097 Well, damn. Well, let me know when its ready, and I'll be ready for the crossover!

6197875 Indeed... Twilight shouldn't have said jack after all she done.

6198151 What? I was responding to the fic itself as if to say "oh no not these possession sue fics again"

6198193 'Possession Sue'?

6198280 A variant of a MAry Sue. Pick a character and rip out his/her personality and put yourself in his/her body with mary sue qualites. All of the displaced stories are a unintentional example.

6198302 Umm... I believe the correct term is Gary Stu/Mary Sue. Also how in the world can you nerf Omega? Dude got lucky getting Omega's body which is like a slightly improved Zero (X's partner). If You've seen the storyline You'd understand how OP Omega would be no matter what.

6198540 There are different types of MAry/Gary Stus. IT may have the looks and powers, but it is no Omega.

I don't know who the hell this "Omega" character is but I think I'm really going to like this one. :pinkiecrazy:

....she jinxed it...:facehoof:

oh goody, twilight's an idiot in this one!

6198577 Read it again and You'll find that Omega didn't get His persona ripped out. Human got HIS persona ripped out. (Character is experiencing extreme rage for not getting Celestia's and Luna's blood.)

6198736 Actually... It's a mix of both. While Randy is more calculating and not as bloodthirsty as Omega (Who'd kill anyone who wasn't infected with the Sigma Virus), he is still more aggressive than before and becomes more violent at the mere mention of the two in a fashion not unlike a certain Uchiha avenger. And if he ever met a Celestia or Luna...


Omega is omega zero from Megaman zero. He is the ultimate boss and will wreck you if you're not careful.

Captured? They can f***ing try!

6201563 How should I put this... Omega is a Reploid whose physical form is Zero's original body (Meaning a certain virus might make a comeback), can affect the very world around him thanks to Cyberspace, earned the moniker of 'God of Destruction' because of his involvement and sheer devastation he caused in the Elf Wars, and was at the point-blank of an explosion that wiped out at least a square mile of residential district because he was the missile's warhead, and shrugged it off like it was fricking nothing when even Zero was severely damaged.

He's not 'Zero evolved'. He's Zero as Wily intended to make him, and then turned into a war machine that could make Mecha Godzilla look like a civilian Reploid.

Exactly.:ajsmug: As the saying goes "I'm only here because I want to be"


No, he's the original body.

6205063 Huh? Well who the hell is right here?! :rainbowhuh: :pinkiegasp:

Well I looked him up and that is one BAD-ASS mother. :rainbowderp: He could easily kick every last creature on the planet around like a pinball.


I'm pretty sure he could punch the bucking sun into oblivion

6206678 Pff he could, from what I can gather overall, use his bare hands to create a solar eclipse and then with one punch turn both the sun and moon into powder.


The northern lights are running away from him in fear


No, from North to heaven. Then he drags their asses to hell

Huh. A Displaced YHaY fic. Well written too. This is definitely something to see.

I have to admit the Displaced verse did lose its charm for a while in my opinion. Let's see if this revives it.

Comment posted by Runic_Soul deleted Jul 18th, 2015

6201795 Just a thought, the word Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. When you hear the phrase"I am the Alpha and the Omega" they mean "I am the Beginning and the End."

Given that your character's name is Omega, or The End, what exactly is he bringing an end to?

As for Omega Zero, he sought to create nothing, only destroy. The difference between him and Zero is pretty uncanny.

6219767 While I can't say too much because of spoilers, I can say that Omega will bring an end to both how ponies view humans among other things...

I wish zero didn't bring so many edge lords into the fold.

6201795 Now Mecha Godzilla, yes, but not Kiryu.
Although this might just be the first YHaU story that I read, simply because of how much I despise that universe.

6242403 ...That depends on whether or not Omega has Mother Elf giving him a boost.

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