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If this is what it means to be a fool, I don't wish to be anything else.


Confessions of a romantic nature have never been Twilights' forte. A situation that would've called for one never really arose. So it was that she expected this to be much harder. Maybe love just made the right choices easier, or maybe she had just been waiting to say this for a while.

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Is that cover art Alt J's 'Arrival in Nara' artwork?

It sure is! You've got a good eye.

6000762 One of my favorite bands.

Who the Tartarus are alt-j? Lovely Day is by Bill Withers

It's a cover! Both versions are pretty amazing. You can find the Alt-J version here.

The d'awws are strong with this one.

I thought it was good, and the narratory style was neat, but the formatting leaves a lot to be desired. Use some breaks to differentiate lines of story and lines of letter, and italicizing the words in the letters would not go amiss.

6868892 Thanks for the suggestions! I've found that structure and formatting are some of my weaker points so I'll definitely work on those in the future. I'm glad you liked it otherwise! :)

dog-eared books


Roll out the Inquisition.

If you wish to know the truth, I have a task you must complete.

Imagine, for a second, this being a game setting: Twilight, a real mare, lost inside a game full of NPCs. So... she sends her heartfelt confession and demands an answer.

What she gets back... is a quest hook. :D

Add insult to injury by making it a Radiant quest!

An interesting experiment, I say - in both form and content. I agree with the previous commenter - the story might gain some clarity from a little bit of formatting (italicizing the letter contents would certainly go a long way, considering that we already expect it and often associate it this way automatically).

It’d help if the in-story letters were formatted differently from the narrative, but that minor issue aside, this was a sweet story for sure.

The ending is so good. Just a simple sentence that highlights the whole emotion. I can imagine Twilight reading that answer with her heart melting.

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