• Published 20th May 2015
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Octavia's Different Side - Rose_Fire

Octavia shows a firend her other side......

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Surprise Visit

A knock at our door. "Are you expecting someone, Octi?" Vinyl teases, I blush. "No, not really. I'm trying to practice for my next concert." I get back to rehearsing on my cello.
She opens the door, "Hi. Are you the new guy, in the band?" I look up and find Thunder Chord there, his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, that's me." he says, not looking at Vinyl but at me.
"Excuse me, Vinyl." I say, sort of shoving her aside.
"Hey, Tavi, it's been a while."
"An entire month." I say. "What brings you here?"
"Well," he invites himself in. I close the door after him. "I wanted to give you these." he holds out tickets to his rock concert. "These are for us?" I gasp.
"Yeah, take 'em."
"But, you barely know me."
"I know enough."
"We'll take it! Thank you!" Vinyl interrupts.
"Don't fret, I can invite whoever I want, and you're the only one I know here." he flexes his wings and brushes his hair out of his face.
"I mean I can't." I admit sheepishly.
"How come?" he asks, a little disappointed.
"Well, you see, I have a concert on the same day." I point to my calendar. "Same time. I really want to attend, Thunder, but I can't." I say sadly.
"Oh. Well there's always next time." he says gleefully.
"I really wanted to see you play." I admit.
"I'll leave you two at it." Vinyl exits the room and heads up stairs. Her stereo booms in no time at all.
"Then I'll go to your concert."
"What? No! Thunder, don't miss your performance for me. I swear I'll go next time - Pinkie Promise!" I don't want him to miss his own concert. It's very gentleman-like, but it isn't fair to him.
"How about we go get lunch then?" he suggests, winking at me. I should brace myself. I shout over the booming music, "Vinyl! I'M HEADING OUT! SEE YOU LATER!"
I close the door behind us. "So where are we going?" I question.
"You'll see. We're not really going out for lunch..."
"Then where are we-"
Before I could finish, he pulled me on his back and began to soar. "Whoa!" I say, grasping his shoulders.
"You're pretty light for someone so tall." he teases.
"Are you kidding? Just because I'm thinner than most girls doesn't exactly mean I'm light."
He laughs. I never really wondered what it was like to fly. It just never occurred to me. But the sights are so beautiful. Thunder Chord is almost as fast as Rainbowdash. It makes me wonder why he isn't a Wonderbolt.
All the mares on the ground and in the sky look at us, murmuring how I'm such a lucky girl. Or why such a 'hot guy' is hanging out with a nerd.
I ignore their ignorance. "Where are we going?" I ask.
My question is answered to us landing on the ground. Presented in front of me, an RV with Dark Angels written on it. " I want you to meet the band."
He ushers me inside and he is greeted by a bunch of 'oohs and aahs'. "That you're new girlfriend, Thunder?" Someone asks. It was a punk guy wearing dark clothing. He had green and black hair and dark red eyes. His skin a pale green.
I notice that Thunder Chord is holding my hand. I snatch it away automatically without thinking. "Looks like she isn't."
All the guys chuckle. Thunder Chord smiles and looks to me. There's a mini-stage in here, if you want to hear us play." he offers. I nod my head. "Sure."
The other guys surround me. "So, do you play any instruments?" A guy with red hair and silver eyes, asks me. "I do." is all I say. I feel my cheeks growing hot."
"Well, what instruments?"
"Didn't you guys see her play at her concert about a month ago?" Thunder says, a little annoyed.
"Oh yeah, you're the chick with the oversized violin." another purple guy with silver and green hair guesses. I don't feel offended, I get asked that question constantly.
I smile. "Yeah, the cello."
"She's the best in Equestria." Thunder Chord brags.
The guys look at me in awe.
"So, are you going to play or not?" I say.
They hop on the stage and tend to their instruments. Thunder Chord is lead guitar. The drum set has their logo on it - black angel wings. they begin to play a song.
The lyrics to the song are full of emotion and character. It easily tells the tale of a punk rock star living life to the fullest.
Once they finish the song, I applaud. "Bravo!" even if I'm the only other person here.
"Thank you!"

Author's Note:

I still need to come up with names for the other band members. Give me some ideas! Did you like it? I hope you did, it's been a while since I've written for this.
Thanks 4 reading. I'm going to go play Minecraft.

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