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Also known as "TtheWriter" on youtube, if you're into Dungeons and Dragons stuff. :3


An Alpaca Prince from Alpacastan comes to stay with Twilight Sparkle for a few days while his father conducts trade agreements in Canterlot. The clash of cultures ignite while the Prince struggles with language and local culture, but the Princess of Friendship is there to help him. Right?

Chapters (4)
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Lol... must I say anything else? :moustache:

I just collapsed onto the floor in helpless giggles while reading this. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Oh, the cuddles. Oh, the fuzzyness. Oh, my. She's found a possibly romantic interest who brings his own mattress. Call havoc and release the cute fluffy alpacas of wool. :heart:

Oh yes. I loved this very much! Sooo, a weird mix of Russia and Afghanistan?

5996700 Russia/Japan/Afghanistan, yeah. XD

You are very attractive in the face spot

well I am definitely adding THAT to my flirting repertoire!:rainbowlaugh:

If this gets a live-reading, I call dibs on voicing Cudfellow.

LOL This is great! You really defined Cudfellow's character. And that tree gift. OMG. I was totally not expecting that! :rainbowlaugh: Please update soon!:raritystarry:

If that's how he greets someone he's afraid of i wanna see how he greets everyone else

Ha. It's funny, Someone I've worked with who had the same speech pattern as this surly prince. You've captured the language and context of a person from Alpakistan perfectly, Aegis. My only question is why an alpaca though, wouldn't a camel been more appropriate or am I missing something here?

5996739 also, is it alright if I base a story after this? (Idea of twilight meeting foreign royalty.) I promise to give you credit and all. :pinkiesmile:

Oooh!” the Prince ejaculated, leaning over it with interest. “How thoughtfully!”

....did you mean ejauclated? I know it can mean something else but I stopped and stared for a few seconds lol

My hovercraft is full of eels. :trollestia:

Congrats, Jocke! You won the thing! The rest of us get the consolation prize of seeing the finish product and getting to write our own dang stories.

No, he used it correctly.

I don't know why he decided that was the word he wanted to use, but he used it correctly.

Alpacas are inherently funny?

Huh. It's kind of like a vague pony version of "Borat," but I like it. I'll be interested to see where it goes from here.

It's like if Borat had a civilized and less rapey cousin who happened to be a Prince.

Commence read.


Liked how he listed off her accomplishments. No Tirek though?

Okay, this is shaping up to be something truly glorious!
Twi really has no idea what she just got herself into :rainbowlaugh:

5997820 Well, I did say "vague" pony version. :twilightblush:

Somebody must have read the alpaca thread.


Alpacas live in alpine biomes and don't care for tundra much (since a very long time the Andes are their mountains of choice), they're kinda not-so-aggressive when not Pinkie-hugged and they are amongst, if not the, smallest camelids. What doesn't mean it's unfunny, tho'.

5997205 It's alpaca because it's the idea of JockeTF given on Aegis' blog !
No congrats was given that day.

Note to self: Do not read the next chapter of this whilst drinking tea - or anything for that matter.

Speaking of which, does the Alpaca drink tea or coffee?

Am I the only one who thought of Chowder when the Prince pulled a tree from his fur as a gift of friendship? Except said tree is probably not a sentient being? Great job Aegis

“Oooh!” the Prince ejaculated,

He didn't last long. Those Alpacas, no stamina.

Prince Cudfellow, who had traveled many weeks,
Greeted his guest and Mwah-Mwah'd her cheeks.
Now here upon the pretty pony, did he look.
The Godslaying Warrior Princess who'd rather read a book.
She was truly quite attractive in the face spot.
Which was basically the Alpacan way of saying she was hot.
He let her sit down first, the picture of GRACE.
And once more complimented her on her face.
He said "I'd tappity-tap that" and she gave him a hip-bumpity-bump-bump
And then they went to the bedroom to...

Oh, and Spike was in there too somewhere.
Probably in the Alpaca hair.


My hovercraft is full of eels.

I will not buy this record, it is scratched!


how non-sequitorial.

And now for something completely different:


Huh. It's kind of like a vague pony version of "Borat,"


It's like if Borat had a civilized and less rapey cousin who happened to be a Prince.

I also got Borat vibe here.

Borat with the voice of Brian Blessed!

5998937 So is this the MLP version of Pakistan where Cudfellow comes from? If so, ballsy move. Gotta respect that.

I ask because I read the chapter and I just keep thinking Pakistan every time I read his lines and stuff. I don't mean to be offensive or rude to anyone out there, mind you. Please don't take it the wrong way.

I ship TwiCud so hard!

He's got a good point though, Twilight is clearly the war-princess they send in to beat things up, I'd be pretty intimidated to sit across from her at a table as well.

6000577 Mix of Russia (terrain), Japan (warrior background) and Middle East. Just a fun jumble, haha.

Comment posted by Ozbrony deleted May 21st, 2015

You had me at Alpacastan.

5997609 Like I said, I realize it can be used as he did, but I was just wondering if he had realized what he wrote to make sure lol

Sauron #40 · May 21st, 2015 · · 1 · Eyes ·

Damn, first this Prince ejaculates 5 minutes after meeting Twilight, now he wants in her bedroom and is talking about biting cooches?


I like alpacas! :rainbowwild:



I celebrated this glorious event! :yay:



Thank you for writing this! :twilightsmile:


I think I just had an overload of cuteness... Aww. Cudfellow is adorable.,

And this chapter also had me laughing. Also, wow Celestia. :rainbowderp:

Was not expecting the, uh royal alpaca sex. (Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd end up typing.)

The story's still very entertaining, but it's a little weird how it can't seem to decide between being bawdy or being cute. Still, like I said, it's entertaining, so maybe that doesn't matter. I look forward to your next chapter!

These alpacas are starting to remind me of Fluffle Puff with all of their glorious fluff.

“Such rudeness!” he said conversationally. “I should bite their cooches!”

I love you language barriers, you never cease to entertain me!

I have a new theory, that all character interactions become better if one character is ridiculously fluffy, and the other has normal enough pilosity to fully appreciate the fluffiness.

And another chapter full of fun.
While it was quite obvious what was going to happening in the beginning of the chapter, the very end completely nailed it :rainbowlaugh:

oh such a scandalous chapter lol i loved it :yay:


Prince Cudfellow, who had traveled many weeks,
Greeted his guest and Mwah-Mwah'd her cheeks.

Now you have inspired me to do terrible things...

(Sung to the tune of The Mermaid by Great Big Sea)

As a cria from Alpacastan
My sire said "Take care!
There's never a more terrible thing
than a 'Questrian mare."
"There's one of them in particular,
Celestia's own protégé
She's the fearsome magic Avatar,
Purple Smart's her sobriquet."

Godslayer Twilight Sparkle,
Princess of Harmony.
Defeated Nightmare Moon alone,
Turned Discord back into stone,
Blasted Sombra from his throne!
Oh please don't banish me!

I travelled to Equestria,
The journey took me weeks.
I entered her castle in Ponyville
And MWAH'd her on her cheeks!
I gifted Twilight a friendship tree,
Gave it a solid thump!
"You're most beautiful mare from your face-spot
to the sparkles on your rump!"

So we had a proper dinner then,
Served by her dragon help.
He tripped up too close to my coat,
Tumbled in with a yelp.
He brought out my defensive sword,
Thought I was proper fook'd!
She put me at rest, no plans for conquest;
She prefers to read her books...

Godslayer Twilight Sparkle,
Princess of Harmony.
Defeated Nightmare Moon alone,
Turned Discord back into stone,
Blasted Sombra from his throne!
Oh please don't banish me!

(THis medicine is making me absolutely barmy loopy...)

What can I say? The inspiration never ends... maybe someone will be inspired by your song, to keep the chain going!

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