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Dresses for a Princess - twilightsparkle3562

Rarity attempts to remake all of Twilight's old dresses after they are destroyed in the Golden Oak Library.

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Presentation of the Dresses

Chapter 7

“Presentation of the Dresses”

It was sunset by the time Discord, Rarity and Fluttershy arrived at Twilight’s castle with her remade dresses. Knocking on the door, the two ponies and creature were greeted at the door by Spike, who had been waiting all day for them to return.

“About time you guys got here,” he said, letting them inside. “Twilight and Shining Armor were starting to get suspicious.”

“What do you mean?” asked Rarity. “You didn’t tell them about what we were doing, didn’t you?”

“Well, its just that Shining Armor had to get back to the Crystal Empire and he that he couldn’t wait any longer,” answered Spike, clutching his tail.

Just then, the sounds of hoof beats were heard and at that moment, Twilight and Shining Armor came into the main hall and approached the group of peers in front of them.
“All right, Spike,” said Shining Armor, impatiently. “I have to get back to the Crystal Empire, so what is it that you want to…?”
Shining Armor was interrupted when he saw Discord standing with Fluttershy and Rarity. Discord took an enormous gulp and approached the Prince of the Crystal Empire feeling himself shake in his spine. He could still hear the bellowing voice of Twilight’s older brother in his brain and was afraid over what Shining Armor had to say.
“Hello, Shining Armor, Twilight,” chuckled Discord, nervously. “The, uh, beautiful Rarity and dear Fluttershy have something to give to Twilight.”

Twilight took a gander at what was behind Discord and knew that something very important to her was underneath the blue tarps.

“Are those my dresses?” asked Twilight, taking an enormous gulp. Rarity and Fluttershy pulled off the tarp and revealed all of the dresses that Twilight once owned, now restored to their original glory.

“We recreated these dresses just like the ones that you once owned, Twilight,” explained Rarity. “I know you said that you will need a new wardrobe now that you are the Princess of Friendship, but these dresses each tell a story of the most important events in your life from the moment you moved to Ponyville until now.”

Fluttershy then stepped forward and handed Twilight’s newly made Starswirl the Bearded costume to her. Twilight examined the costume and her puzzled look turned into a warm smile, knowing that the costume she had worn on Nightmare Night was brought back to her.

“I did my best at hoof stitching,” said Fluttershy, as Twilight continued to examine the costume. “If you don’t like it, then you can tell me.”

“I don’t like it, Fluttershy,” replied Twilight, putting the costume down. “I love it!”

The princess of friendship leapt forward and hugged her shy friend tightly, as a sign of thanks for her hard work.

“You both did an amazing job,” said Twilight, happily, pulling away from Fluttershy. “It’s exactly the way they’ve always been.”

Twilight then looked at her newly remade gala dress from the time she and her friends went to the Grand Galloping Gala, feeling the material used to make it. Feeling the material melted Twilight’s heart with joy. Attending the Grand Galloping Gala was the first true social event in her life and was also the first event she attended with other ponies.

“Don’t forget this dress,” said Rarity, showing off Twilight’s birthday dress. “Remember the time we were at the Canterlot Garden Party?”

“I could almost put this on and do my dancing in it,” laughed Twilight, thinking back to the awkward dancing she did at the party. Discord then knew that there was another dress that was important to both Twilight and Shining Armor that needed to be presented. He looked back to see another blue tarp, covering the best mare dress that he had tried to change.

Knowing that he was going to be the one to present it, Discord used his magic to produce a tuxedo and used his magic to bring the tarp forward.

“I hope they like it, especially Shining Armor,” he thought stepping forward to the royal siblings. “If there was ever a time for him to start forgiving me, it’s now.”

Twilight then saw Discord approach her brother with the tarp covered dress and joined her brother’s side as Discord looked down at them with a worried expression on his face.

“Shining Armor, Twilight,” he said, nervously. “I know what I did with Tirek was the worst act of crimes I’ve committed against Equestria. While you may never forgive me for what I did, I made it my mission to help right a wrong I made.”

Discord then pulled off the tarp to reveal the dress that was important to both Twilight and Shining Armor: the dress that Twilight wore as Shining Armor’s best mare at his wedding to Princess Cadence in Canterlot. Seeing the restored dress to its original glory brought both Shining Armor and Twilight to tears and Discord feared that he had done the unthinkable and made them upset.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be brought to tears,” he remarked, stepping back in horror. “If you hate it then…”

“Why would I hate it, Discord?” cried Twilight, approaching Discord with tear filled eyes. “You may be a jerk at times, but you’re a jerk with a heart of gold. You have given my brother and me an important piece of our lives back.”

Twilight then hugged Discord as her brother looked on. Although he couldn’t find any words to say to Discord, he knew that Discord would be somewhat forgiven for his actions that he had caused. Although it wasn’t fully forgiven, it was a step in the right direction.

“Seeing all this makes me cry,” remarked Fluttershy, smiling with tear filled eyes of her own. “I’m happy for Twilight, Rarity.”

“Me too, Fluttershy,” added Rarity, who was also developing tear filled eyes. “We have helped give Twilight a piece of her life back and repaired the relationship between Discord and Shining Armor. I just hope this is beginning of the healing process.”

Sure enough, the Equestria Healing Process had already begun…

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You ever feel like Spike is played of being second fiddle, a sidekick, and/or pushed around like he wasn't important in his life?

:duck: "Spikey here's a gift for you too."

:moustache: "Wow special edition comics and a complete Power Ponies set! Thanks Rares!"

:raritywink: "Any time my precious scales"


:moustache: "Oh those too. . ."


6207730 At least they try their best. I wanted Twilight to get at least a piece of her life back.

They should try and inspire her to make new memories. In the cannon they made that chandelier to reassure Twilight that she'll never forget her memories so she can let go of her pain.
Also, I would think that remaking them doesn't really do anything. Someone once stole a game of mine that was very important to me, I replaced it but that didn't help at all. You can't replace something like that and you also shouldn't try.

6342576 Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that. It's just that I read a fanfic called "It's all gone!" and Rarity offered to Twilight that she could always make her new dresses. That was what inspired me to write this fanfic to begin with. Yes, I liked that they refurbished the roots to create the chandelier, but I really liked Twilight's dresses a lot as well and I wanted to write something that addressed why they hold memories to Twilight.

You can never replace memories, that's why they are very precious.

6342682 this was basically my equivelent of the chandelier. The remade dresses remind twilight of the important life events and like the chandelieier, inspire her to make new ones.

6342682 this was basically my equivelent of the chandelier. The remade dresses remind twilight of the important life events and like the chandelieier, inspire her to make new ones.

They are not the same as pictures.

6342707 true, maybe they are not the same but they hold memories just as much as pictures. Take for example, twilights coronation gown, it was probably placed in a museum to remind equestria of this memorial occassion.

yes but there are 2 differences; 1 it has value for the general public and 2 it is actual the real thing. Just like how they made the chandelier out of the remnants of the library.
They are basically copies that she can't even wear. I would think they would slightly change them so that Twilight can fit in them now and still wear.

6342752 It wouldn't be the same for Twilight if they were modified for her to wear them. However, you might have given me an idea for a future fanfic where Twilight opens up a museum about her life and places her dresses in the exhibit.

However they are not the same ones so they don't have any sentimental value anyway.
Twilight would never do something like that. She's very humble and doesn't like all the attention. Especially admiring of useless things, she wants to do something useful.

6343882 I wouldn't exactly call them useless. Those dresses are like a timeline of Twilight's accomplishments: her gala dress represents the first time she went to a big event with her friends; her best mare dress represents not just being her brother's best mare at his wedding, but also how she managed to expose Chrysalis and allow her brother and Cadence to defeat her and the Changelings, etc.

In short, each dress tells a story and holds a memory to Twilight. This is nothing more than just a head canon on how Twilight's friends attempt to get a piece of her life back. Head Canons and Show Canons are two completely different animals.

But those dresses aren't the same ones.

I always enjoy reading this story.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out after it was all edited.

Your stories are marvelous, and I'm excited to see what you will present to us in the future <3.

Keep up the great work!

You know where to find me! :)


Shining Armor: It's not tears! It's liquid pride!

“Why would I hate it, Discord?” cried Twilight, approaching Discord with tear filled eyes. “You may be a jerk at times, but you’re a jerk with a heart of gold. You have given my brother and me an important piece of our lives back.”

That is something I’d never thought I’d hear.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Mar 25th, 2021

Doesn’t something bad happens if he doesn’t?

One of mu favorite things on this site is finding amazing stories like this that barely have any likes.

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