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After Lord Tirek's defeat, Shining Armor angrily confronts Discord for allowing Cadence and Twilight to be put at the mercy of Lord Tirek.

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I'd like to see a sequel or a continuation of this where Discord does everything he can to redeem himself in Shining Armor's eyes. I'm very curious to see what it would take!

How about a story about the search for Owlowisicious?

CCC #3 · May 17th, 2015 · · 2 ·

A nice story, but... Discord feels a bit passive for Discord. I kept expecting him to do something humiliating to Shining Armour - like putting him in a dress - in misguided attempt to evade the worst of his anger (which would, of course, only make Shining Armour angrier, which would only make Discord try to humiliate him further, such as by turning him into a Breezie, continuing the vicious cycle...)

I have a question: Will Princess Cadance and shining armor's child ever feel embarrassed about having a mother who has been put in Pony heck(Tartarus)?

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6047486 She or he would be too young to remember. Maybe, when the foal is older they'll understand.

6047555 when it understands, will it ever feel embarrassed or not?

6047560 Probably embarrassed at first, but will understand. Maybe a future fanfic will be about this topic, you never know.

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Are you a fan of shining armor or something ?

5987464 Yes I think you're right

5987343 without backstabbers this world would be booooring and the same goes for antagonists in generel.
Besides that, shining armor is an extremly simple character with a boring personality.
I havn't seen much more uninteresting characters in TV history.

6130978 I am only giving him character development. In a sense, I am trying to make him interesting.

This portrays what happened in the S4 finale so well, even though I think Discord was characterised a little too sensitively.

This is really good! Maybe you could write a sequel?

6251729 The story somewhat continues in Dresses for a Princess. In it, Discord tries to get onto Shining Armor's good side by remaking her best mare dress.

6251825 Ok, I'll be sure to read it.

6251831 No problem and thanks for the follow.

Simple enough, but enjoyable. Have a thumbs up.

Nice story, though instead of one chapter, you need to make more.

It was going to take time however for Discord to prove to Shining Armor and everypony that thought of him as an enemy wrong that he was not the monster they thought he was.

Good luck with that Discord. I don't think it will ever happen though. I'm going to say what I said after Applejack repeated the question he posed to Fluttershy; 'Truly you saw that comin' ?'. This whole thing was a set-up. This was a master plan that Discord had to stop Tirek from the start.

Little thought: why exactly Discord would try to redeem himself in others' eyes? For all I know, if somebody(one Shining Armor) thinks he's bad, let him think so.

Simple little aftermath closure for two characters after Twilight's Kingdom. Thankfully Discord did prove himself when he saved the day with Thorax Trixie and Starlight. Wonder if there is a sequel addressing this.

Honestly, if I was discord i wouldn’t worry about shining armor.

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