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Applejack meets her biggest fan. She'll wish she hadn't.
At 2 feet 11, or 0.889 meter for you fancy metric types. Bat-Mite, a 5th dimensional Imp has come to Equestria to meet his favorite pony.

Applejack is from a screen capture provided by GreenscreenPonies Blame me for the rest.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 2 )

What a fun story, and Discord is right to notice the parallels between Applejack and Batmite and himself and Fluttershy.

Just as intended. Another has succumbed to my fiendish plot of forcing others to have fun while reading! Muhahahaha!

Decided to read the story again and noticed a few mistakes. I fixed them, only a few punctuation and grammar errors. And that link, sweet Celetia! How did I not notice that link was screwed up?

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