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Octavia Philharmonica is very prideful of her tie-tying skills.

Noteworthy is very prideful of his messing with her at every chance possible.

The ensuing tie war was inevitable and completely unavoidable.

Simple but sweet NoteTavia fic.

Currently being remastered, revised, and made anew! It will be up soon!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

They bicker like a married couple, brings a smile to my face. A fine slice of life Yamsmos.

5995156 Thanks! I absolutely enjoyed writing it, even if it won't end up so popular. :heart:

I bet the 3 people who disliked this fic did so because Octavia isn't shipped with Vinyl Scratch.

Hey look, you got featured. Congrats.

5996257 That's great! :pinkiehappy: More like Popular, haha.

Wait... she totally saw the ring. When he got home it was in his bag right? And then he found it on the table. Why did she put the N before the O? "NO"? She knows what's up. That heart on the window has a double meaning, it's her way of saying not yet. She's going to say yes the moment he asks--he just has to catch her first. :pinkiehappy:

5996659 :ajsmug:

You got that right. Hope you enjoyed the story! :rainbowkiss:

Nope, you were in the featured box for a bit. Maybe not for long, but you were there.

Ha N, O. I see what you did there! :rainbowlaugh:

5998029 What do you mean, haha. It's only their initials, nothing more... :derpytongue2:


5998038 Oh, I thought she was messing with him saying, "NO" like she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of winning, or paying I thought. Guess I was wrong. It was still funny though. :rainbowlaugh:

I liked it you should expand this one.

Off I believe. I dunno, check the stories listed yourself to see if they were mature:
They kind of got cut off though, since it's mobile.

5998081 Wow... that's amazing! Mature off, by the way. I didn't even know, I am so saving that image. Thanks!

So, i start watching youtube when i get home from work, as is my custom, when Im struck by a sudden, unshakable urge to read one of your other stories. You know , the ones that arent about famous youtubers.
Im glad I did. This was funny and adorable. But im reading out of order. I gotta start with numero uno so i can do this right.

6675578 :pinkiesmile:

well im glad you liked it haha

i had an amazing time writing this

I really liked it, gave me an all tingly feeling... definitely needed a fic like this to get rid of some stress.
Great work!

6719143 It'll be deleted by tonight.

But thank you anyway.

Wait, what?!
Well... damn, do you mind if I save it then?

6719179 Doesn't matter anymore.

That's what I was implying, though, yeah. Save it before it's gone for whatever reason you have.

EDIT 5/8/16: Oh me, you despicable overdramatic loser. You can't get rid of this fic no matter how much you hate loving it. :heart:

It's was a fun read, I do think they both do a cute couple.

7672944 Haha! Glad you think so. :heart: NoteTavia is fun as hell to write.

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