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Written for Equestria Daily's 2015 Writer's Training Grounds, Week 2, Prompt 2, along with many other writers!

Fluttershy's plan to reveal Starlight Glimmer as a fraud goes awry when she misses with the bucket of water! Can Sugar Belle, Night Glider, and Party Favor fare any better if they still don't have their cutie marks? What about Starlight's obedient patsy and henchstallion, Double Diamond - will he catch on? And just how much will it take before Starlight completely snaps?

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I'm kind of surprised this doesn't have more views.

As for my thoughts on it, I have to say I have mixed feelings. On one hand, some moments were pretty funny. Along with that, the writing is pretty good and I didn't really notice any mistakes, and the descriptions are pretty nice. On the other hand, it felt like filler. In fact, this is probably why it happened so fast in the episode; if they had dragged it out as it was done here, it would have got old fast, and in the end nothing changed. She was still discovered in the exact same way, and basically nothing else happened. The only difference was arguably unnecessary.

I went ahead and gave this a like, but it's definitely not a favorite, sorry to say.

Hey, thanks for your legit and unfiltered opinion. I don't receive enough criticism. You're right, it doesn't finish up any differently, and the original episodes were long enough. Still, I'm glad that you found a few moments entertained you and you thought the writing was solid. I do have another short story and a longer unfinished one I've been grinding slowly away at since, like, Season 2; if you had some fun as you were reading this but just weren't into the concept, maybe you'll like those instead.

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