• Published 15th May 2015
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A New Home - Shadeol

Following the Canterlot Wedding, a defeated Chrysalis returns home only to have her and her hive exiled. Now, her changelings must find their own ways to survive. This is one changeling's search for a new home.

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Ch. 15 - Everyday is a New Beginning

(Two weeks later)

"Order up!"

"Got it!" Mane fixed his chef's hat, tilting it a bit more forward than it needed to be. A dim glow surrounded the note as it hovered over to him, allowing him to quickly read it off before preparing another pan.

He gave himself a small smile. Ever since he revealed himself that day, when he was at his most vulnerable, he'd felt a weight off of his shoulders. While it was true that he still had to hide himself from the rest of his town, he felt happy that he could relax around his friends.

"Order up, and hey!" Muffin tapped his forehead and gave a slight glare.

Mane grinned sheepishly before grabbing the new order in his hoof. "Sorry."

"'s fine, just keep it to yourself." He disappeared from the door before mumbling something that Mane couldn't catch.

Nice one, Mane. Maybe you should just walk out there with wings on your back and a horn on your head.

That would not reflect well on your training, Infiltrator.

Mane froze. W.. wha--

As far as I'm aware, there are only three alicorns walking the planet. Introducing a fourth would be quite confusing, would it not?

Wait, who is this?!

Such manners on this one. Has it really been so long since you've part of a Hivemind?

Hivemi... wait, so you're th--


Mane's wings flared as he leapt straight into the air, his head nearly hitting the roof. He tried to tilt his wings to the side to avoid knocking over anything on the counter, but ended up falling flat on his back with a loud thump. "Ow..."

Muffin looked down at the crumpled mess of a pegas-- well, he supposed he was an alicorn right now. "Y'alright there, boy? Ya zoned out when I came back to give ya the next order." He took a peak back before leaning in. "This one o' them changeling things?"

"Something like that." Mane sighed. "Would you mind if I took an early break? There's some things I need to settle."

Muffin nodded, taking his apron and hat. "Sure, just don' go disappearing on me again." He watched Mane begin to walk out of the kitchen. "Hey." He looked back to see Muffin making motions over his forehead with his left forehoof.

He groaned before the horn on his head vanished. "Thanks. I'll be back soon."

"Y' better be."

So, why are we finally communicating after all this time?

Hmm. I suppose you could say that I'm curious.


You've managed to break every rule, guideline, and teaching about infiltration. There are ponies that know what you are, who you are, and what you've done, and yet they leave you to yourself. Tell me, what breed of mind magic are you using on these ponies? Perhaps something taught by that misbegotten mother of yours?

Watch your mouth, Mane growled. Queen or not, I won't allow you to speak so badly of Mother.

You would do well to hold your tongue, drone. Or have you forgotten who holds your link?

Enough taunting. Why are you really contacting me?

Our efforts to contact the Princesses have finally been realized. Though they were very hesitant and guarded at first, they've allowed the Council to talk with them about your hive's blunder at Canterlot.

So, what? You've told them where we all are and now you're taunting us?

He could hear her sigh. If only I was so lucky. Quite surprisingly, it's the opposite. Once the Princesses were informed of the reasons as to why their city was attacked, they decided to pardon your hive.

Wait, what?!

Yes, it was a surprise to us all, but I suppose that's to be expected of beings as long-lived as them. They would rather try and create peace than cause more senseless violence. However, that's not to say your kind won't be punished.

He gulped at that. What kind of punishment?

Two weeks from now, you will report to your local town hall and speak with the guard unit assigned there. Once you have spoken to them and revealed who you are, you will be asked to reveal all information regarding your disguise, job, current home, and whatever else they ask of you. You will report to them at least once a week so that they may keep tabs on you. When you have proven yourself, you will eventually report to the Princesses themselves.

And then what..?

He couldn't see it, but he could feel her grin. Well now, that would ruin the fun of it all.

Can I at least ask about Mother? Is she okay? What have the Princesses done with her?

You do not have to worry, your Mother is fine. You will be able to speak with her in due time. Now, I must be off. Do not forget what I have said.

With that, he felt the link go cold again. He shivered with its absence, once again reminded of the comfort the Hivemind brought him.

Still, at least he didn't have to worry about being smote in the middle of the streets anymore. Well, yet anyway. There was no telling what the Princesses had in store for him once he had 'proven himself.'

Never a dull day, huh?

Author's Note:

And that's it! Well, not entirely.

Sorry if this seemed a bit abrupt. I wanted to end this to signify the end of an arc. I've planned on making newer arcs their own stories, but I'm still not sure at this point if I'll do that or just add them onto this story. For now though, I want to call this little part of the journey complete. I've got some things planned for the future that I can hopefully make come true.

I hope you enjoyed this little experimental ride of mine.