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This was great to read and help out with during the livestream! I'm glad it turned out well and I hope you get a marvelous reaction!

Also this.

I gasped and begged, “Braeburn… Braeburn, can I cum now? Please?”



Thanks! And thanks for coming to the stream. It was awesome having you guys there, and good luck with your own. :twilightsmile:

And yes, Soarin's a his best when he's begging. :rainbowwild:

Dude, I cannot hesitate to say yet again how much I loved this story. Truly one of the best M/M clopfics I’ve read. :ajsmug: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a SoarBurn done so well. I can’t wait to get started on Sensation after reading this!

Oh, and dat cover art… Amazing and perfect. :heart: BGN is such a great artist. Both of you, keep up the good work!

Mission accomplished. :rainbowwild::raritywink:

Thanks again for everything, Bad! And yeah, BGN is fantastic. He whipped this up for me in, like, a day. He's amazingly fast, and his streams are a lot of fun, to boot!

Awesome! A great side story to Sensation that both stands on its own and has some good insights into the characters of the mane plot. The ice idea is intriguing. Both entertaining and educational! :raritywink:

I was summoned by Bad Seed with the promise of amazing gay porn. After reading the story, I have this to say...

Full disclosure. I'm a picky bastard. I've mostly stopped reading new clopfics because I usually fixate on mistakes, thinking about what could be improved. It can be frustrating, and I've mostly just given up on being able to enjoy them anymore. My porn stash is well-established, and it's rare that I add new stories to it.

This is something new to add to it, because god damn that was good. This is like the first clopfic I've read in months where I didn't really see any need or potential for more detail. You've got a fine understanding of that already, I can tell.

It was a great depiction of Soarin's perspective. This story took place entirely within his head, and it felt like it for every second. It didn't really stumble or break the mood at any point. The reader felt what Soarin did. A wonderful use of first person.

The use of ice... Now, that was inspired. It was present enough to be a major addition to the story, but not so overdone that it was intrusive for anyone who might not care for it.

It was something I've never really thought of before, but the contrast between that and the heat of everything else, and in doing to increasing the intensity... Quite a nice idea, I have to say. It's good to see relatively obscure kinks like this getting written about, and portrayed so well.

The whole domination/submission aspect was very nice. It felt real, and it was intense. Just like it should be.

Another thing is that in stories like this, I often see consent being handled... questionably. That wasn't a problem here. It was established from the very beginning (the safeword) and Braeburn occasionally broke character to make sure it was okay. While there would normally be some risk of that breaking the mood of the story, that was no issue here.

Now, what else to say? Picking it apart for everything you did right would take too long, so just rest assured that you did well.

As for mistakes? Well, they were quite few. The only things I noticed were the occasional missing space, period, etc. I'm about 90% sure that was due to the use of suggestions mode in Google Docs when the story was being written. It's something to watch out for before publishing, as often the person making the suggestion will accidentally select too much.

Still, those were minor quibbles. You made this all work really well. I don't think I could have done this any better, and I've got a lot more clopfics under my belt. I think you're really onto something here, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

Didn't braeburn mount him at least once?

Forget it, next chapter!

Glad you enjoyed your experience! :raritywink:

I think I'm just gonna keep rereading this whenever I have a bad day. :rainbowlaugh:

Again, thanks so much for checking out S:LP and for all the kind words. Having never really done something like this before, I wasn't sure how it would turn out, and the fact that someone like you read and is talking about it has made my week (and probably much more). Here's hoping the next one's even better, whatever it ends up being. :ajsmug:

I can't tell you how happy I am that you guys care about continuity. :heart:

Hope the Main Course was as satisfying as the Appetizer!

Quick note..

“Please…. Hnnng! Please…”

This drives me nuts in the wrong ways...

Story number one hundred something i shouldn't read in public.
Sex story number two i really shouldn't read in public.......

Hope to see some more of the sides stories.


This drives me nuts in the wrong ways...

You misspelled "right." :raritywink:

And yep! I'm planning on doing at least one more side story (probably Fire Streak's next), but I want to get chapter 24 done next, and I've got a few more projects that need attention.


(I was actually speaking of the structure)

Yay! Can't wait for you to fulfill that clear promise of many side stories and more stories in general!


I'm... still not totally clear on what you meant by "structure." :rainbowlaugh:

And yes, there will be many more stories to come. I won't stop unless Hasbro officially ships Soarin' and Rainbow Dash, in which case I would just wallow in despair for a few centuries. :raritydespair:


No wais, I'm not allowing some stupid in-show facts stop this! Alternate universe!!!! potential forever sadness

A couple hundred words in and I. Know. You're worth afollow


Awesome! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story as well. :twilightsmile:

I liked this story. I think this is one of the best stories with this ship. Good job.:twilightsmile:

Thanks, Rainy! I've read a lot of Soarburn myself, and that means a lot!

dear Celestia...that was Hot
i really like this story the beast SoarBurn story ever i would like to see more bottom Soarin in the future.
but i also have a challenge for you you free to say no but i would like to see what you do with it.
Fancy Pants X Big Macintosh it's a ship i fell in love with but sadly there's no story's with this to.
i think it would make an interesting story Fancy Pants the most powerful Noble in all of Canterlot falling in love with a simple farm pony.
what do you think?

Hi, Blue-Hart! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for letting me know! As for the FancyMac idea, I agree that you could make a great story from it. I have several other projects on my plate right now, but if I ever want to write another clop pairing, I'll definitely consider it. :eeyup:

cool thanks i hope your other other projects go's well by the way have you ever read "Stallions on Strike!" it's a realy cool story that i think you will like hers a link

OH!! MY!! GODDESS!!! I didn't think it was possible, but I am even more gay for Braeburn after reading this!!
*staring lustily and drooling* Uh huh...
I also think you broke Avid. Where can I find this Braeburn? I want him.
Loved the ice idea. It's not really well known that, used properly, ice is extremely erotic.
Dom Brae must now be canon.
*nods vigorously*
Not really much more to add to what has already been said.
Now to get caught up on Sensation.
Luv ya to bits Vivid. May your quill never run dry.


Love ya', too, Avid. :raritywink: Thanks for checking out the story! I'm glad it pushed all the right buttons for you. And don't worry: I'm sure we'll see Dom Brae again. :heart:

5984635 I think he did... No he definitely did... Did he? :rainbowderp:

You'll have to read to find out. :trollestia:

well it was an enjoyable read, I liked the hole thing, you really know how to play with the atmosphere and use the other senses of the mind to make your story more vivid and other clop fic's that I have seen so far. I am looking forward to see more of your work.

Thanks, Mix-Up! I try to keep a balance. It looks like you've started on the main story, too, and I hope it lives up to your expectations!

I gasped, as something wet and fleshy prodded at my tailhole.

Was it free car insurance?

Disregarding that definite free car insurance, I enjoyed this litlle side-story! (not in that way) I like how for a small side-story clopfic, how much detail there is in it, as it does show how the setting is set up, rather than the story being just sex the whole way. And as well as having a few things to relate and add to the main story, but without absolutely needing to read this side-story, so good job with blending it all in!

Although I dunno what happened with the scarf. Maybe they threw it away. That'd be a horrible way to waste such a great scarf!

But in all, this was a nice side-story, and I'd love to see more! :raritywink:


I know I sound like a retard, but I loooooove bgn and I wanna see the art done by him, but how? xD

Hey there! No worries. If you search for "BlueGuyNow," you should be able to find him. One of his main blogs is here: The New Red Chair.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you enjoyed it, no matter which way that is. :raritywink:

Don't worry. They're keeping that scarf for a loooooong time. :heart:

6941470 No I know but, I wanna see the art specifically for this story. I loooooooved it <333

Hello! Sorry it took so long to get this to you. The original image wasn't posted online, so I had to post it myself. The cover image is a cropped and edited version of this (click here).


This needs more comments.

Well thank you for yours! :scootangel:

Comment posted by Bruno deleted Mar 29th, 2018

So, I had first read this way before reading Sensation. After reading it, this just got that much better.

It's always nice when we can get new meaning out of an old work. Thanks for taking another look!

Got a few chapters into the Sensation hardcover book and couldn't go to bed without a Soarburn clopfic, so finding yours was perfect! First one I've actually read without skipping the foreplay ;) good to know I have a hard copy of some sexy stuff that isn't 50 shades lol

Thanks so much for buying the book! And I'm so happy you enjoyed the clopfic. :heart:

darn, link doesn't work anymore.

If you DM me your email address, I can send you the file (assuming I can find it)

This is one of the sexiest, hottest stories I have ever read-- straight or gay.

Thanks, LunaJack! Glad you enjoyed it.

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