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If you have ever wondered about the types of fairy tales ponies read in Equestria, this story collection is for you. They are similar to some fairy tales you might have heard of on our world, but with a pony twist.

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I will be adding more stories as I complete them. These are just the first two in the collection.

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Author's Note: Not all of the stories in the collection will be set in modern Equestria. Only those stories that involve the mane six. These are only the first two stories in the collection. More will be posted soon. The reason I decided to have Mirror Mist travel to the Equestria Girls universe is because when I saw the Equestria girls movies, the concept of Twilight Sparkle traveling through a mirror reminded me a lot of Alice In Wonderland. So I decided to run with the idea for the Alice In Wonderland story.

Some of the fairy tales take place in modern Equestria because it makes sense to me, seeing as the mane six have done many praiseworthy things which most likely have ended up in various books in the world. So it makes sense to me that some ponies around the world might make stories about them, and maybe even fairy tales. I have at least ten stories for this collection in the works, but it is slow going because I am also working on another project at the same time, so just be patient. I'll get them up as fast as I can.

6007578 I am happy that you liked it. ^^ I have a lot of other chapters planed but they are kind of being put on hold at the moment so I can work on other stories. Thank you very much for the favorite as well. XD

Wait, who's Looking Glass?

As in,

Looking Glass did as she was told

6480429 Oh thanks for catching that. That was the name I originally had for Mirror Mist before I changed it. I revised that part of the story.

I love this! Seriously I swear your work should get featured because it is creative and awesome.

7762191 Thank you so much for the kind comment. I am happy that you are enjoying my stories. :)


You're welcome! I really do enjoy your stories! They're awesome!

7763499 I very much appreciate the compliment. And I am happy that you enjoy reading my stories. Keep on being awesome. :)

In the movie Hoodwinked the wolf said a line that ring true in this world.'Never trust a bunny.'

8023997 You've got to watch those bunnies every minute or they are up to something. :p

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