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Who needs sleep

Hush now little children, don't you cry. I wouldn't hurt a fly. I tell you this is true, but sadly I lied to you.


As god of chaos, Discord's job is a little bit more than just freezing lakes and turning villages upside down. He is also in charge of who lives and who dies.
After all, what could possibly be more chaotic than death?

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"The sound of wings..." (quote)

5982330 sorry. I'm not familiar with that and the only things that popped up with a quick google were Amelia airheart and neil gaiman. Would you mind pointing me to the origin of the quote and, if it's not painfully obvious, why you posted that specific quote please


Correct, Neil gaiman :)


Sorry for the cryptic comment :D

I like this. It makes a lot of sense. Discord isn't as chaotic and wild as he seems. He acts that way to help him forget, if but for brief moments, what he really does.
He is crazy, though. You would be, too. Century after century of being the one designated to break the strings of life, death after death, on and on, forever. Yes. I like this very much.

7121877 I'm glad you enjoyed it and hopefully it inspires a headcanon that will sweep through the fandom and end up painting discord as a tragic lost soul, or more likely, just provided a bit of entertainment.

I think you put this in the wrong group, what does this have to do with Caribou at all?

7739399 i was trying to add a different story from in the group folder and and had never done it before and accidentally added this one. i removed it when i realized what happened.

EDIT: check here https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211678/the-caribou-hunters-club/thread/290491/dont-know-how-to-add-stories-to-groups

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